Jennifer Lawrence Says She Got Into A “Bar Fight” In Budapest


Jennifer Lawrence went on Late Night With Seth Meyers to promote mother!, which is making audiences scream refund!  And it wouldn’t be a Jennifer Lawrence appearance without some goofy story about how she’s a wreck like the rest of us. Also, Jennifer and Seth were drinking wine during the interview and JLaw seemed way relaxed and it’s not like she’s a quiet drunk. So – fun story (via EW)! She says she got in a “bar fight!” Quotes are being utilized because it doesn’t sound like an actual bar fight. Traditionally, bar fights include fists being thrown, skulls being cracked, and the authorities being summoned. This involved a lot of beer being splashed around.

Jennifer was filming the upcoming “deadly KGB hooker” movie Red Sparrow in Budapest when she went out for beers with her Red Sparrow friends. And things ended up smelling like malt and hops after someone asked for a selfie with her. (3:37 below)

“I was like, ‘No, thank you. No.’ And then he was like, ‘Please, my girlfriend will never believe [me],’” the mother! star said, “and my friend was like, ‘If your girlfriend won’t believe you, then she’s not the one.’”

JLaw’s friend sounds funny. Unfortunately, Budapest Selfie Guy didn’t think so.

Aggravated, the man told Lawrence, “Fuck you,” and she turned into a girl on fire. “I don’t know, something in me just snapped. It couldn’t have been the alcohol,” she joked, “and I was like, ‘Did you just say fuck you to me?!’”

Jennifer then claims that she proceeded to pour every beer she could grab off their table over the guy’s head. The guy supposedly went to exit when she noticed he’d left his suitcase behind. She then said she poured beer on the suitcase. Her friend finally calmed her down.

“My friend Chris came up, grabbed me from behind, and he goes, ‘Don’t waste beer! Don’t waste beer!’ And I instantly relaxed,” she said. “I was like, ‘Of course! What was I thinking?’”

Celebrities are cute. But all that entitlement has rendered them clueless. You’re gonna get into a fight in a foreign country with some weird guy who brings a suitcase to a bar? And throw beer on him? She’s lucky it would have been an international incident if the dude had tried anything. If Maizie the Iowan tourist pulled that shit, who knows what he could pulled out of that suitcase! Knives, guns, a nuke! I obviously need to travel more.

You can watch the trailer for Atomic Blonde Meets The Black Widow Solo Movie Red Sparrow below.



Texas A&M Player Gave His Home Crowd The Double Birds

You can much sum up how Texas A&M’s season is going right now just by taking a gander at this video. They’re at home in what’s supposed to be one of the country’s best home-field advantages, they’re losing to Lousiana-Lafayette at halftime, and then cameras catch this double bird action.

I’m not sure what else could go wrong for Texas A&M at this point. Oh wait, it turns out that’s the brother of A&M’s top recruit.

At least this fake field goal went well



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Shakira Is the True Definition of a Golden Goddess in Her «Perro Fiel» Music Video

Every time Shakira releases a music video, you know it’s going to have two things: belly dancing and her in some seriously sexy outfits. Naturally, her latest one is no exception! The Colombian singer and philanthropist just released the music video for her song «Perro Fiel» — which translates to loyal dog — featuring Nicky Jam, and it’s definitely one to watch. Within the first few seconds, you get a glimpse of Shakira looking like a golden statue with her entire body painted gold (except her face) and wearing barely any clothes. Nicky Jam is also in the video, but our eyes were immediately drawn to all of Shakira’s outfit changes, to be honest (spoiler alert: at one point, she’s even wearing a red wig!).

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13 Halloween Costumes Inspired by the Hottest Pop Culture Moments of 2017

In the grand scheme of things, 2017 has been a bit of a dumpster fire — but we’ve also seen some silver linings in the way of triumphant sports wins, internet-breaking celebrity announcements, and hilarious social media memes, all of which would make perfect Halloween costumes. Here are the 13 pop culture moments that you should consider for your look this year.

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These Sexy Armie Hammer Pictures Will Make You Wish There Were 2 of Him

You’ve certainly seen Armie Hammer’s gorgeous face before and, thankfully, you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of it come award season. While he is easily recognizable as Serena’s ex on Gossip Girl, John Reid in The Lone Ranger, and the obnoxious Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, he is causing major buzz for his performance in the coming-of-age drama Call Me by Your Name. Aside from being a well-seasoned actor, the 31-year-old actor is also incredibly easy on the eyes. From that bright smile to that gorgeous hair, it’s hard not to swoon over his good looks.

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Jamie Lee Curtis Is Returning For The Supposedly Final “Halloween” Movie


I’m not sure this is possible. The last time we saw Laurie Strode, (SPOILER ALERT) she had been brutally stabbed by her brother Michael Myers and then fell into a bush (?!?) to her death. Variety reports that the original scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis will return for the eighth and reportedly final installment of the Halloween film series. I’m not counting the two Rob Zombie-made flicks because those were unnecessary and everything looked like it had been filmed through a thin layer of grime and trailer park septic tank sweat.

There’s no title as of yet, but it will open on October 19, 2018 and Halloween’s creator John Carpenter will serve as a consultant. Jason Blum will produce. Blum already gave us Get Out (fantastic), Split (way less fantastic but still fun if only for James McAvoy’s big foam boobs), as well as The Purge (it was a fun idea at first) and Paranormal Activity (the first one was ok) series.

They’re not deviating from the formula.

Curtis’ character will have a final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Jamie Lee Curtis appeared in the original Halloween and played Laurie Strode in three more movies – 1981’s Halloween II, 1998’s Halloween H20 (which always sounds like she was fighting Michael in a submarine or on a raft), and 2009’s abominable Halloween: Resurrection. (I’d like to point out that the last one featured Michael Meyers battling Busta Rhymes.)

Jamie Lee tweeted about her return to the series. She doesn’t sound overjoyed but hey – it’s a gig. Listen, anything’s better than lying for Activia.

“Same porch. Same clothes. Same issues. 40 years later. Headed back to Haddonfield one last time for Halloween. Release date 10/19/18.”

As Jamie tweeted, this will be the 40th anniversary of Halloween. I hope there’s a 50th anniversary movie in which Jamie Lee battles Michael Myers with one of those ingenious walkers that can also function as a chair.

Pic: Twitter


Deshaun Watson Ethers A Louisville GameDay Sign With One Tweet

As you all know, Lamar Jackson won the Heisman last year. Coming into this season, it seemed as if a lot of the national media was overlooking Lamar as a 2017 Heisman candidate probably because they limped to the finish line HARD last year.

Deshaun Watson was also a Heisman finalist in 2016 and lost to Jackson, so naturally, there were going to be a lot of signs this morning behind the GameDay set noting that. It makes sense, your QB beat out their QB for the most prestigious individual award in sports.

The only problem is that Clemson won the national title last year. I mentioned this yesterday:

It’s tough to make Heisman jokes when the team you’re making fun of won the title by beating Bama, of all teams. So when Deshaun Watson sees that GameDay sign at the top of the post this morning, all he needs is one tweet to shut everybody up:

Game, set, match, folks.

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The Judge of the Tobacco Valley

Two years ago, I joined five friends on a once-in-a-lifetime cattle driving adventure. It was described to us via email this way:

You guys will be working with 140-150 heads of cattle and will be doing vaccinations on this trip. Mills says this trip is actually his favorite and he thinks this is the best season for you guys to be going so it sounds like it will be amazing.

The weather is getting quite chilly at night. Down into the 30s. Daytime temps are in the upper 60s to about 70. Pack layers for sure. There will be a heater in your tent, but you’ll have to leave the tent to use the outhouse so be prepared to bundle up.

It was all of that, for sure. Outhouses and cattle drives and bourbon.

Lots and lots of bourbon.

But more and more it became about the people we met there. And the person who really knocked our socks off was The Judge.

We met The Judge on our first day of driving cattle. It was his herd and we had to move them from one place to another.

That’s what we paid for. ‘Real cowboy stuff.’

I’m not sure how to adequately describe The Judge. He wasn’t a loud man…until he needed to be and then his «HOOOOOOW-UP!» to get the cows moving could wake the dead. It was basically the loudest sound any of us had ever heard come out of a human being.

While the herd was moseying along at a bovine clip, he’d ride alongside you and listen to your woes and chuckle softly. He had presence. You always knew when The Judge was nearby. He sat on his horse like he meant it, and was as comfortable there as you or I would be on a sofa. Laugh lines on his eyes and quick with a warm smile, he seemed to take you in and accept you in one glance. That’s who you are. Okay.

The Judge was tough. Tough as the roots of a mountain. Rough as a rusty nail. He had hands that knew real work and eyes that never missed a thing. I remember sitting on horseback, talking to him and a stray turned off behind him at like 6 o’clock and he just whistled and it came back to the herd. I was like damn. Daaaaaamn. How’d he see that?

We were a bunch of artists on holiday. A director, a novelist, a photographer, a screenwriter, an entrepreneur and one idiot who writes on the web. To us, being around The Judge was like riding into battle with Charlemagne.

As we got to know him more, he got even better. It doesn’t always go like that. As the layers of his life were uncovered, we heard more and more about his days as a Judge, and being a school guidance counselor and the things he loved about Montana and the city of Eureka where he lived and worked and raised a family and made a life, ten minutes south of the Canadian border. He loved that high country.

The more we asked the more he told: and we asked about everything. He was fascinating. You could hear real pain in his voice when he spoke about people he’d had to convict, about how hard he tried to get them help, to give them chances, but how some people couldn’t get out of their own way. He was a fount of hard-earned wisdom. I can’t remember another human being I’ve ever met like that, where I was hanging on his every word.

Magically, he seemed to genuinely like our gang. That was like being inducted into the cowboy hall of fame. He hung out with us after ‘work.’ I remember we had purchased a bunch of various types of alcohol when we arrived in Montana, and when we had the yankee indecency to offer The Judge some orange-flavored moonshine, we thought he’d politely decline.

Instead, he was like «Sure! I’ll give that a try! I’ve never had that before.»

We poured him a finger and he sipped it and smiled and enjoyed every last drop of it. He surprised us like that time and time again.

When several of us were tossing a football at a bush in an impromptu accuracy competition, it was The Judge who was like «hell with this! Let’s play some real football!»

My friends and I looked at each other. Uhhhhh…

We were camped on a sloping mountainside with rocks jutting out of it like dinosaur teeth, and as my friend put it «ankle-breaking fissures» everywhere. It was a hospital visit waiting to happen. That didn’t stop The Judge. He went out for a pass, executed a textbook stop & go and my friend hit him deep for a gorgeous, arcing touchdown.

The Judge. He was approaching seventy years old at the time.

The Judge brought us to his home. We met his wonderful wife, Sue, who was an angel on earth and clearly well used to The Judge being one of the boys. She drives the school bus in Eureka. And we saw the mountain lion that The Judge had shot dead as it stalked his herd. He has it in his house. This is a picture I took of it.


That’s another world to me. First, killing a lion, and secondly, having it in your home. You would have thought it would be creepy, but it wasn’t. It all just sort of…fit.


The Judge brought us to a Eureka Lions football game, where his son was the Varsity Football Coach. I remember wondering what a boy would be like who was raised by this man. He was basically the ideal human being. Strong, smart, handsome and kind. A true chip off the old block. But at that game we finally saw the dark side of The Judge. There was something that he hated with every fiber of his being:

The Libby Loggers.


The team from Libby, Eureka’s archrival. Libby is a city. Eureka is a town. The Libby Loggers think they’re hot stuff. Damn if The Judge didn’t hate those ‘knotheads’, as he called them.

He was gracious and kind and comforting and capable, but he had nary a kind word for the Loggers.

By the time we left, The Judge felt like family. I asked my friends what they remember of him and they all reflected my general feeling that he was one of a kind. One of them wrote this:

«I think it was day one of the cattle drive that we went out to move his cows from A to B.

But it was day two, I think, where I saw the thing that has stuck with me most about The Judge.

We were moving cows down a paved road next to a fenced in field. And one of the calves got himself on the wrong side of the fence and was about to get all tangled up.

The Judge, casual as can be, hopped off his horse, over the fence, and lifted the calf up and over it — untangling the little fella at it was bleating for its mommy.

The calf went happily clomping away. The Judge got back on his horse and trotted past my slack jawed face.

This was a man who was almost 70 years old.

I remember thinking — and I think I actually said this to someone — that what I just witnessed was the most manly thing I’d ever seen. And was ever likely to see. And how I’ll never be a man like that. My god.

But mostly I just remember what a good person he was. Easy to laugh. Kind eyes. Hard working. Alive and awake to the world. Simple without being plain. Honest. True.»

We got word, earlier this week, that The Judge had passed away in his sleep.

We sent flowers, of course, and did the thing where we share memories via email, but I felt like a man this amazing needed one more final goodbye. I wanted more people to hear about how kind and honest and intelligent and true to a code that he was. He loved his wife the way you’re supposed to, with his whole heart. He adored his children and grandchildren. He led by example, and walked the proverbial walk without ever needing to talk about it. He redefined what the word ‘cowboy’ meant to us.

His name was Terry Lee Utter and he was a legend. A man among men. Someone who spent his entire existence on this planet helping, teaching, protecting and doing good. Though we only knew him for a short time, he left a lasting impression on all of us. His memory will always inspire us to be better human beings, better fathers, better partners and better sons.

He’ll be laid to rest tomorrow in Eureka, Montana. Home of the fighting Lions.

As we walk the road of life, certain people make an indelible impression. Certain people come along and change a part of you forever. Eureka has lost a Lion that they can never replace. A man from a different era, carved out of rawhide and iron. But because of who he was and what he represented, those of us who knew him will always walk a little straighter and scoff at adversity.

I hope I’ve done him justice by bringing him into your lives, even for a moment.

Y’all would have loved him.


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This Year’s Hottest Pop Culture Halloween Costumes For Men

It’s time to plan your Halloween costumes, and if you are grasping out at straws for ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We have plenty of pop-culture-inspired ideas for women, so now we have the list for men. Of course, anyone could be Pennywise this Halloween (but please be careful with that costume, it’s very scary). Besides that It costume of the season (I had to), here are the other timely pop culture costumes that would make for the coolest Halloween get-up!

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Brawl Breaks Out After High School Football Game, Cop Shuts It Down By Pepper Spraying Everyone

Here’s one way to shut down a post-game high school football brawl: just walk over calmly and empty a can of pepper spray on the crowd.

You’ve seen these high school fights before, they happen all the time. You could wake up on any given Saturday morning in the Fall and find a video of high school teams going at it. What I bet you haven’t seen, though, is this pepper spray technique. Old buddy in blue shut that thing down with the QUICKNESS.

Details from the Review-Journal:

Clark County School District police used pepper spray to break up a fight on the field between Canyon Springs and Basic football players after the Pioneers’ 20-15 victory over the Wolves on Friday night at Basic High School.

The brunt of the spray was directed toward a group of Canyon Springs players and coaches, though at least one Basic staffer was targeted.

Several Pioneers, including coach Gus McNair, screamed in pain as they walked back to their sideline. McNair’s prepubescent son also was hit with pepper spray and cried for several minutes.

Now, maybe he could’ve tried a little harder to break it up before he decided to burn everybody’s eyeballs. The fight had barely gotten going at that point, but you can’t deny the effectiveness. Expect to see this method used more often.

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