A Small Dose of Justice for Brock Turner, Rapist

You remember Brock Turner, rapist?

Piece of malevolent shit rapist Brock Turner, who faced basically none of the repercussions that should have been coming to him after ruining a young woman’s life?

Well, he’s still out there, living his not-nearly-punished-enough life. But the universe does sometimes provide a few doses of karma here and there. For instance, check out this book featured on Amazon.

As you can see in the header of this post, it’s called ‘Introduction to Criminal Justice: Systems, Diversity, and Change’.

If you click through on the link for the book, which is here again, and then click on the ‘Look inside’ link just above the book’s picture you’ll be treated to a preview of the textbook. There’s a field then on the left: ‘Search Inside This Book’.

Click in that, type ‘brock’, and hit enter on your keyboard.


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