Nicolas Cage Made The Best “Superman” Movie, Despite That Movie Not Existing

42nd Toronto International Film Festival - Mom And Dad - Premiere

I know this sounds like some Jim Carrey-style existentialism, but stick with me here, it won’t require as many mental gymnastics as you might think.

In the mid-90’s, Nicolas Cage was cast as Superman in a Superman remake called Superman Lives directed by Tim Burton and written by Kevin Smith. If all of those names were kinds of alcohol, that sounds like the kind of cocktail you’d drink and wake up two days later in another state from. There are only a handful of janky production shots that exist. The story itself reportedly was about a Superman that couldn’t fly and who found a giant spider in the third act. Also, need I remind you: Nicolas Cage as Superman. It was obviously bound to be a mess, and it never got made.

While promoting his new film Mom and Dad at TIFF, Entertainment Weekly says that Nicolas Cage got into the Superman movie that never was. Mom and Dad director Brian Taylor said that to him, the “true Supermen” were Christopher Reeve and Nicolas Cage. Nicolas, looking like an illegal suburban iguana dealer, nodded his head in agreement, before going peak-Nic Cage and adding the following:

“And I didn’t even make the movie. I didn’t even get to make the movie, and you already think of me that way. But I would offer that the movie that Tim and I would have made, in your imagination, is more powerful than any of the Superman movies. I didn’t even have to make the movie, and we all know what that movie would have been in your imagination. That is the Superman. That is the movie. Even though you never saw it. It is the Superman.”

But of course a Superman starring Nic Cage and directed by Tim Burton would have gone down in history as the best Superman adaptation put to film. And the fact that it was a Superman movie made with Tim Burton is irrelevant. Literally anything Nicolas Cage’s insane face shows up in is guaranteed to be a perfect disaster. Like, Nicolas Cage’s The Wicker Man is a piece of hay-scented garbage, but it’s the best Wicker Man. It works with any movie, too. A remake of It’s A Wonderful Life starring Nicolas Cage? Sign me up. A reboot of The Wizard of Oz starring Nicolas Cage as Dorothy? Please for the love of god, someone buy the production rights to this.

Here’s more of Nicolas Cage working some extremely questionable hair (where does the real hair end and the fake hair begin?) along with Selma Blair and director Brian Taylor at the TIFF premiere of Mom and Dad on Saturday.



HBO’s ‘The Deuce’ Review: David Simon Has Earned The Benefit of the Doubt

The Deuce is not an aesthetically pleasing show. It has that 70’s Mean Street grime and though there is a lot of sex and nudity, it lacks the artificial sheen and well-choreographed positioning that so often makes onscreen sex alluring. Dicks and boobs are reduced to irregularly shaped commodities in cold but dangerous transactions (every scene with a prostitute feels like it could end in murder). There’s nothing sexy at all about The Deuce, which tracks the rise of the porn industry from Times Square in the 1970s, birthed apparently from the convergence of prostitution and the mob (largely fictional, the series is based in part on the accounts of a New York man who worked for the Mafia in both bars and massage parlors during that decade).

The series has a similar novelistic feel to the other collaborations between David Simon and novelist George Pelecanos (The Wire, Treme), and the nearly feature-length pilot episode feels like the opening chapter. It takes its sweet time establishing context and building characters, peopling this new universe in a way that suggest that minor actions or throwaway lines will pay off in episode seven. It’s table setting, but it’s engrossing and meticulously observed.

James Franco plays twin brothers Vincent and Frankie Martino in the series. Vinnie is a hardworking bartender trying to keep his family together while his bored, mobbed-up wife steps out on him (Zoe Kazan). Vinnie is no angel, however. He’s sleeping with an adventurous college student (Margarita Levieva) who takes an interest in him (I’m already eyeballing her as the Bambi Woods of The Deuce). Frankie, often mistaken for his identical twin brother, is also left responsible for the $ 20,000 in gambling debts that his brother Frankie has piled up. We don’t know yet how Vinnie and Frankie will get involved with porn, but it’s not too hard to figure out how Simon and Pelacanos’ wheels are turning.

Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Candy, a prostitute who dares to work freelance (that is to say, without a pimp). It’s a little more dangerous, and clients are more likely to stiff her, but as we see in the case of Darlene (Dominique Fishback), it’s better than the alternative: Being abused, beaten, and cut by a pimp for showing a reluctance to turn tricks in heavy rain. The prostitutes feel like The Deuce’s equivalent of corner boys: Characters with whom we will invest emotionally only to have them ripped away from us. Candy, meanwhile, may be the burgeoning Stringer Bell, a detached businesswoman with a son she has to support who she keeps at arm’s length (the episode’s finest moment, in fact, comes when Candy delivers a stern lesson in economics to a young man who wants to take a second ride for free after he prematurely blows his load. After the lecture, Candy refuses, but she does eventually agree to allow the boy to sign over a personal check from his grandmother).

It’s a David Simon series, so obviously there is also a fair-minded cop (The Wire’s Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) in a force of corrupt ones to keep an eye on things (Ralph Macchio will play a cop in future episodes) and a newspaper reporter (Natalie Paul) to document the rise of the sex industry, because it’s never too early for Simon to plant the seeds for the fifth season.

It’s early yet, but I don’t love the James Franco characters, nor really see the necessity of having him play twin brothers (it feels like an unnecessary gimmick), but I will grant that he looks the part of a guy who is likely to become a 70s porn producer. Some characters are also more defined than others, but we’ve witnessed enough of Simon’s work to know that a minor character this season may end up the focal point in a future season. Mostly, though, I get the same sense from the pilot that I got from early episodes of The Wire: That something is cooking, and while I am generally opposed to dramas that do no hook the viewers immediately, Simon has earned our trust (it wasn’t until the fourth episode that The Wire fully grabbed me). The Deuce may be a slow burn, but there’s every reason to believe it will pay off.


Open Post: Hosted By Sloane Stephens Serving Up Her Real Tennis Inspiration

The 2015 ESPY Awards

I was crying into my chicken fingers on Thursday night after Sloane Stephens knocked Venus Williams out of the U.S. Open, but by Saturday, a new KWEEN had risen. Sloane beat Madison Keys in two sets to win her first major final, and she could not have been any less of a typical athlete about it.

The biggest upset came to Sloane herself when the announcer said she was pocketing $ 3.7 million in winnings. She was ranked 967th in the world six weeks ago, and Bleacher Report says she has made $ 4.5 million total from seven years on tour. To put it into perspective:

Sloane is giving us a mix of “Yes, I’ll take bbq AND honey mustard, and I know that costs extra” combined with “Snatched these winnings, and snatching your man is next on this bucket list.” Even better is how at the press conference, she didn’t even try and sugarcoat her reason to play tennis with the usual after-school special bullshit about friendly competition and building determination.

Sloane is going to have to buy an iPhone 7 Plus just so all the zeroes will fit the screen on her mobile banking app, and she’s out for more! Athletes normally act like NyQuil when it comes to the press, and you’re lucky if they say anything more profound than “I gave 110% out there today.” How can you explain your shitty golf game these days, Tiger? “I gave 110% out there today.” How was giving birth, Serena? “I gave 110% out there today.” How about those infidelity rumors, Kobe? “I gave 110% out there today.” Thank you for giving the people what they want, Sloane!



The Swede Smell of Success

Fashion and technology converged on the fringe of San Francisco’s Union Square last week for the opening of Stockholm-based Acne Studios’ fifth US boutique.

Mikael Schiller, Acne Studios Chairman, and CEO Mattias Magnusson celebrated the fashion house’s new tenancy with some of the Bay Area’s own resident powerhouses – Zynga Co-founder Mark Pincus, Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman, Pinterest Co-founder Ben Silbermann, Eventbrite Co-founder Julia Hartz, Dropbox Founder Drew Houston and Founder Ruzwana Bashir were all on hand to welcome the Swedish brand to town.

The Geary Street location’s unique design – and red accent color – was inspired by the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. “I wanted this store to have a special mood both for the location and for San Francisco itself,” explained Creative Director Jonny Johansson. “It is a large and beautiful space, and we have therefore kept the fixtures to a minimum.”

Acne Studios celebrates the opening of Geary Street store in San Francisco with entertainment provided by Spotify Premium
Photo credit: Drew Altizer Photography

What was once an old ice warehouse was transformed into a nearly 950-foot showroom, complete with a freshly-laid brick façade and floor-to-ceiling windows which highlight the “Golden Gate red” window and door frames, interior pillars and ceiling. A poured concrete floor and perimeter walls clad in milky off-white polycarbonate sheets give the boutique a raw industrial feel and are the perfect backdrop for showcasing the full men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections.

“It was quite organic,” said Schiller about choosing San Francisco for their latest store. “I felt there was a connection [to San Francisco]–it resonates with what we do.”

Spotify Premium provided the entertainment which included live performances from three-piece alternative band LANY and British singer-songwriter Jacob Banks. The soiree continued with a family style dinner at Mission Chinese where DJ Pippa Brooks (who famously spun for Hamish Bowles’ 50th birthday celebration in 2013) held court as food and drinks were stealthily passed through the crowd. The rest of the welcome wagon included creatives from other fields–celebrity stylist Mary Gonsalves Kinney, Spotify’s Dave Rocco and Sofia Hansson, Gagosian Gallery’s Charlie Spalding, interior designers Jay Jeffers and Michael Purdy, former Vogue editor Emily Holt, Wired’s contributing style director Lauren Goodman and fashion designer Marissa Thieriot.

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Bills Mafia Broke Out the Mannequin Bong

Already jonesing for the trashy fan videos we’re going to find at the Raiders’ home opener this Sunday? No worries, we have a little preview for what’s to come thanks to Bills fans who broke out their mannequin bong during tailgate festivities. That’s right, the Mafia was nice enough to hold the fort while Oaktown stomped all over that Titans hype.

No doubt this guy has been waiting months to crush this beer bong hit in front of his boys, and he more than handled his business:

And with our first mannequin bong blog of the season, we can officially say football is back.

More from Bills Mafia Week 1:

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Sadly Baker Mayfield Has Apologized For Planting the OU Flag

Baker Mayfield running around like a maniac and planting the Oklahoma flag at Ohio Stadium was easily the best thing I’ve seen in sports all year — and this is coming from a guy who lost money on the Buckeyes. Something about over-the-top, brash celebrations just do it for me:

But sadly, it looks like the Fun Police got a hold of Baker after the big game and convinced the quarterback who gutted Ohio State to apologize… “It did not mean for it to be disrespectful towards any Ohio State people at all”.

Come on, Baker. The only thing you need to apologize for is failing to firmly plant the flag.

Update: Lincoln Riley says Baker made the choice.

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Meet Morgan Mayberry – Baker Mayfield’s Girlfriend

Buckle up, folks. It’s Baker Mayfield’s Heisman and national championship to win if he can now run through Tulane and the Big 12 after planting the Sooners flag in the Horseshoe turf Saturday night in Columbus. And that means Baker’s girlfriend Morgan Mayberry is going to get some serious play on the Internet and on Fox/ESPN.

Morgan, whose IG is on total lockdown, has oklAhΦma in her bio so we’ll assume she’s a student in Norman where Mayfield is now the biggest thing since Jason White won a Heisman and a national title.

And here’s the incredible news for the Internet: Baker doesn’t seem to mind living a pretty public lifestyle. This is the best news of the fall. As you know, I’m an Ohio State fan and I couldn’t have asked for a better scenario if the Buckeyes were going to lose.

We have a legitimate QB and girlfriend to carry us through the fall.

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The Sweetest Moments Jason Ritter Shared With His Famous Father Before John’s Untimely Death

Legendary actor and comedian John Ritter passed away suddenly on Sept. 11, 2003, from an aortic dissection, but his memory lives on through his family. The Three’s Company star, who was only 54 when he died, was a loving father to four children, including actor Jason Ritter. Over the years, the two shared a number of sweet moments in the spotlight as Jason slowly but surely followed in his famous father’s footsteps. From presenting John with an award on stage to goofing off on the red carpet, it’s clear that Jason shared a very special bond with his dad. See their best moments together ahead.

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Keira Knightley Plays Stockbroker For the Day

Keira Knightley and a number of famous faces were out on Monday to trade in support of BGC Charity Day. BGC set up its charity day to commemorate the 658 colleagues and 61 Eurobroker employees who were tragically killed on September 11 by distributing 100 percent of their global revenues to Relief Fund and other charities around the world. Keira attended the event on behalf of the SMA Trust, a charity dedicated to finding a cure and treatments for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Past BGC Charity Days have seen the likes of Prince Harry and Prince William, Margot Robbie, and Jake Gyllenhaal reach for the phone to show their support. Read on to see Keira play stockbroker alongside Elizabeth Hurley, Danny DeVito, and Didier Drogba.

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Dwayne Johnson Professes His Love For Lauren Hashian on Her Birthday: «I’m a Grateful Man»

A post shared by therock (@therock) on

Dwayne Johnson is usually pretty private when it comes to his relationship with longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian, but on Monday, the actor penned a heartfelt tribute for Lauren in honor of her 33rd birthday. Along with an Instagram album of her birthday surprises, Dwayne wrote, «Surprise to my @laurenhashianofficial! 🎊🎉🎈👏🏾 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special, beloved, one of a kind girl. I had my trailer decorated as a surprise when she walked in as we sang some happy birthday.. But why stop there when we can have mo fun… as she was getting this trailer surprise, I had a crew go to our house and decorate so when she got home she was surprised yet again. We celebrated all weekend and to cap it off our lovely mamas performed a beautiful Polynesian hula for the honored birthday girl. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE, family, friends and all who was involved in creating such a phenomenal birthday weekend for Lauren. Amazing and so cool to see all the endless love that everyone has for this girl. Myself included.»

Dwayne also couldn’t help but gush about his love for Lauren, adding, «Happy Birthday darlin’ darlin’! I love you and you already know, but it’s appropriate I say it again, I’m a grateful man you were born. Now excuse me while I go destroy the rest of your cake. (liwdyn;) YM aka the surprise 👑.» Dwayne and Lauren have been going strong for nearly a decade now, and back in December 2015, they welcomed a beautiful daughter named Jasmine.

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