Taylor Swift Kicks the Sh*t Out of Andy Samberg in Her New AT&T Commercial

Taylor Swift may love innocent things like her cats and cookie dough, but she can also kick your ass when needed. In a hilarious new commercial for Taylor Swift NOW, a curated video catalog for AT&T customers, the «Look What You Made Me Do» singer lets fans follow along during a «typical» day in her life. In addition to playing with her cat Olivia and getting food stuck in her sweater, Taylor runs into Andy Samberg in the hall of her recording studio. After calling him «Andy Sam-jerk,» she basically just beats him up and kicks him through a wall. Andy better be careful, because he could be the next victim of a hidden reference in one of Taylor’s music videos.

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Open Post: Hosted By Christian Bale’s Cheney Brows

'The Promise' Screening in New York

Everybody knows Christian Bale is one of those method actors who loves to go all in on extreme physical transformations for his roles. As previously reported, Christian is set to play Dick Cheney in an upcoming Adam Mckay joint and from the looks of things, he’s already been sucking up milk shakes and skipping leg day (and arm day, and ab day, and basically every day but donut day) at the gym. Above is what Christian Bale looked like back in April. Here’s what he looks like now:

Sigh. I so wish Dear Leader Michael K could be here to weigh-in on this emerging eyebrow situation but since needs must, I will do my best. Did Christian get a skin graft and move his eyebrow skin to his upper lip and his butt skin to his brows? If you look at the side to side picture comparison, Dick has fucking eyebrows to go with his evil beady-little eyes, so why come did Christian do this to his face? He’s got the smirk werkin, though, I’ll give him that. But I’m really confused by the brows. I think Christian is pranking up, and his next movie is actually a remake of 1995’s Powder.

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Forget Daddy, Javier Bardem Is the Mother! of All Hotties

There’s just something about Javier Bardem that makes our hearts beat a little faster. The Spanish actor, who is married to Penélope Cruz, has been in the spotlight for over three decades and has only gotten more gorgeous over time. From his swoon-worthy smile to his chiseled jawline, it’s hard to resist his brooding good looks. As he promotes his upcoming psychological thriller Mother! with Jennifer Lawrence, look back at some of his sexiest appearances over the years.

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Experience Ultimate Tranquility at the Spa at Salish Lodge

Out west, everything is huge. The oysters? Like saucers. King crab legs? Long as your arm. The amenities at the Salish Lodge — a 45-minute drive from Seattle, and a recent much-needed pit stop before dropping off my daughter Lucy at college 2,700 miles from our Brooklyn Heights home — are no different. From the jumbo-size beds and Jacuzzi tubs to endless forest views, this hotel goes big. But the property’s most prominent feature is undoubtedly the adjacent Snoqualmie Falls, whose 270-foot drop dwarfs Niagara by over 100 feet.

As soon as we – my husband, Lucy, older daughter Maggie, and I — arrived, we headed toward the falls, wending our way to the bottom through a mile of forest and snacking on wild blackberries along the way. En route, we spotted a storybook’s worth of native fauna: jumping fish, dozens of ducks, and lazily circling raptors above the treetops—but sadly, no bear or Sasquatch sightings.

Back at the lodge, we partook in all the creature comforts the hotel has to offer, beginning with breakfast of eggs Benedict with crab and salmon instead of ham (Predictably, the portions were gigantic). To top it off, our server drizzled a perfect “waterfall” of honey — harvested from Salish’s own hives — onto hot, buttery biscuits.

Salish Lodge

Next on the agenda: the spa, which channels the surrounding great outdoors with its woody scent and locally sourced, ingredient-rich treatments. Maggie got the honey and oatmeal facial (using more Salish-sourced sweetener). Lucy chose the antioxidant-filled “Damn Good Coffee” facial– named after the catchphrase of Kyle MacLachlan’s character in Twin Peaks, which was filmed at the lodge – and chased it with a body rub infused with local Rainier and Bing cherries. Between treatments, the fam gathered under a mini-waterfall in one of the spa’s two hot mineral baths.

After pausing for complimentary strawberry smoothies, we moved on to the massage rooms, where I unwove tension I didn’t know I had (the “tranquility” massage with lavender aromatherapy is as knot-melting as it sounds). As I listened to the roaring falls right outside the room, I felt my travel-induced kinks disperse, and even the anxiety of leaving my daughter thousands of miles from home lessen.

Salish Lodge

In our blissed-out post-spa state, we had dinner at Salish’s Dining Room, showcasing hearty Northwest cuisine. My husband and Maggie shared a 28-ounce, 28-day-aged porterhouse with horseradish crème fraîche dipping sauce. Lucy started with sweet corn and crab bisque before moving onto (enormous) sea scallops with peach compote and seared bacon. With trout on my mind since our hike to the river, I ordered a subtle and delicious grilled whole fish stuffed with (yet more) crab.

As hummingbirds sipped nectar in the nasturtium outside our window, we toasted (with Salish’s private label Chardonnay and Merlot) to our perfect day, to Lucy’s last days of childhood, and to the great, big west.

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Is ‘Top of the Lake: China Girl’ This Year’s ‘True Detective: Season 2’?

I loved the first season of Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake. We described it here as «A Winter’s Bone meets Twin Peaks version of The Killing.» It was a weird, atmospheric slow-burn murder mystery, and while it wasn’t the most accessible show, it was hard not to appreciate it if only for the beautiful cinematography, Elizabeth Moss’ acting, and a finely crafted story.

The good news about Top of the Lake: China Girl is that Elizabeth Moss is still very good, Gwendoline Christie is a joyous treat, and the season itself is less weird and more conventional, which makes it far more accessible. It’s an entertaining six episodes of television — I’d say that it’s far more enjoyable to watch than the first season.

But structurally, it is not good. It’s a goddamn mess. The central murder mystery ends up being something of a McGuffin, subplots trail off into nowhere, and the way that coincidences pile up to serve the plot is next-level absurd. It’s a season of television that needed to be workshopped in the writers’ room for a few more months before being handed over to production. In some ways, the fall off in writing feels similar to the difference between the first and second season of True Detective. Again, I found the second season of True Detective entertaining and occasionally well acted, but it was not good. Likewise, there are some really great scenes in China Girl, but the sum of its parts falls on its face in the end.

There are going to be some minor spoilers here (not for the ending or anything) because in order to demonstrate how absurd the coincidences are, it’s necessary to lay out the plot. Set four years after the original season, it sees the body of a young Asian sex worker stuffed into a suitcase wash up on a beach. Robin (Moss) ends up investigating the murder. Meanwhile, we learn that Robin also has a daughter of her own, a product of rape when she was very young. That daughter, Mary (Alice Englert) is nearly 18 years old now and she wants to meet her biological mother. Robin and Mary do connect, but we also find out that Mary’s much older, skeezy abusive boyfriend Alexander (David Dencik) is heavily involved in the brothel from which the Asian sex worker was employed. With the aide of Alexander, many of the sex workers are also working as surrogates. Elsewhere, Robin is paired up on the case with a earnest new partner, Miranda (Christie), who also happens to be pregnant, and her pregnancy may or may not have something to do with the sex workers who act as surrogates (I won’t say anything else, lest I spoil it). In other words, the two women Robin connects with in this season also happen to be connected to the murder of a sex worker working as an illegal surrogate.

As a crime story, it’s an outright mess.

However, thematically, China Girl is still a very rich and rewarding series. It’s as though Jane Campion came up with a lot of very good characters, and she knew exactly what she wanted to say about these characters, but she couldn’t figure out how to work it into the crime story. That’s OK if you’re coming into China Girl not expecting the story to work, because the series says a lot about the bond between mothers (both biological and adoptive) and their daughters; about harassment in the workplace; about the power dynamics between men and women; and about the psychological need some have to bear children.

Look: I loved the first five episodes of China Girl. In fact, I was raving about them to friends before I watched the final episode. It’s gripping, moving television, and the relationship between Robin and Mary and Mary and her adoptive mother (Nicole Kidman, who is terrific) vacillates between exhilarating and heartbreaking. It was only after I got so heavily invested in Campion’s murder mystery that I turned on the series after realizing in the finale that it was going to crash and burn. I love to follow clues, but I find it frustrating when they lead to nothing. Indeed, the ingredients exist for a great case here; I wish I’d known in advance that Campion had little intention of serving it. Unfortunately, instead of appreciating how wonderful and well acted so many moments in the series are, I left feeling bitter that Campion had frittered away so much with a muddled, bizarre, and nonsensical finale.



Meet Bailey From Bryant University

It’s all about the Chiefs and Patriots tonight, so obviously we had to stick with the NFL Opening Night theme and go with Bryant University student and Pats cheerleader, Bailey, for our College Girl of the Day. This is Bailey’s second year on the squad and you already know there’s a real chance for a second Super Bowl appearance.

Off the field, she’s a Finance and Marketing major and former winner of Miss Massachusetts Teen USA (2014).

[Bailey- IG]

Know a college girl BC readers need to meet? Let us know: mail@bustedcoverage.com or IG/@bustedcoverage.

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Bama HS Teacher Sonya Bailey Accused of Having Sex With Student

Another day, another teacher getting popped for doing the nasty with a student. You’d assume these guiders of the youths would chill a bit and get side action that won’t ruin their lives, but resisting the urge is apparently a real challenge.

Just ask former Bama high school teacher Sonya Bailey, she earned a hard F in the daily “don’t bang a student” exam and was arrested last Monday for allegedly having sex with a student — as well as sexting. The 51-year-old is now facing three felony charges… details from AL.com:

Etowah County sheriff’s officials on Tuesday announced the arrest Sonya Ann Wilks Bailey, 51. Wilks was taken into custody Monday, and is charged with one count of a school employee engaging in a sex act with a student, one count of second-degree sodomy and one count of second-degree rape. All three crimes are felonies.

Bailey allegedly sent sexually-explicit photos and engaged in sexual acts with a student while employed with the Etowah County Board of Education as a teacher. Authorities did not say where she taught, but according to a school website, she was a commerce and information technology teacher at West End High School.

You’re not gonna believe this, but Sonya was canned shortly after her arrest.

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Room Request! Cloud Camp

The Broadmoor Hotel – a 99-year-old Colorado Springs institution and the longest-running Forbes Five Star property ever – sets the glamping bar high – really high. Eight miles from the main campus, and up a 3,000-foot incline, sits a luxury outpost built by the Broadmoor in 2014 called Cloud Camp –11 cabins and a main lodge perched atop Cheyenne Mountain and accessible via an unpaved road (preferably in one of the Broadmoor’s complimentary Cadillac Escalades). As if the camp’s 10,000-foot elevation weren’t secluded enough, the property also includes the Fire Tower Suite – a detached cabin slightly higher up the mountainside (145 steps, to be exact). Here, General Manager Lisa Thomassie guides us through this unforgettable aerie.

What’s the most requested room?

The Fire Tower Suite.

Cloud Camp
Photo credit: Kevin Syms

What makes it so special?

Once you’ve climbed the wooden steps past boulders and large trees, you’ll find the Fire Tower Suite, built on the stone foundation of a historical fire tower. The suite boasts its own private hot tub and incredible views of Pikes Peak and the surrounding Rocky Mountains. It has two levels and only two rooms — a sitting room and a bedroom with bathroom.

Photo credit: Kevin Syms

Cloud Camp has all-inclusive daytime and evening camp activities such as hiking, archery, board games, campfires, and afternoon cooking clubs, where guests join chef in the kitchen as he prepares various sauces and dishes for the evening’s dinner. Meals are served family-style in the lodge’s main dining room, which is adorned with Native American artwork and authentic Western pieces from the resort’s collection (the resort’s owner has the largest Western art collection in the world).

What is the rate?

The Fire Tower Suite starts at $ 1,300 per night, all-inclusive. It is typically only available April through the end of October due to weather. However, new for this year, you can reserve the entire Cloud Camp property for the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukkah dates are available) starting at $ 40,000.

Photo credit: Kevin Syms

Interesting tidbit?

Cloud Camp has a fascinating history. It’s located on the historic site of the Cheyenne Lodge, which was built by Broadmoor resort founder Spencer Penrose during Prohibition so he could have a place to drink and party with his friends.

Photo credit: Kevin Syms

Celebrity guests?

Elton John, Kevin Bacon, numerous heads of state and politicians, high-profile CEOs, athletes, and other artists.

One more fun fact?

Our mules, which you can ride to or from Cloud Camp, come from the Grand Canyon. They are largely “retired” and are the sweetest and most docile animals. They make for a very memorable arrival to the property.

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You’ll Never Guess How Aaron Rodgers Fixed Sam Dekker’s Sink…He Just Plugged It In

You might have seen this picture over the weekend where new Clipper Sam Dekker showed Aaron Rodgers getting down and dirty to fix his sink. It got a lot of play because people love seeing Rodgers truly embracing the grittiness of Green Bay by busting out the tool box himself and getting to work.

As it turns out, Sam Dekker might not be the brightest star in the sky because Aaron Rodgers gave a detailed explanation on how he fixed it. Answer: He just plugged it in.

Via the Wisconsin State Journal:

“I’ve actually fixed my own garbage disposal before. There’s incredible tutorials on YouTube,” Rodgers said. “So I did that at one point. Fixed it.

“Sam, he just got traded to L.A., I was hanging out with him Saturday. He was having some sink issues, asked for my help. He’s 23 years old. I know he’s engaged and taking the next step to being an adult, but he’s not quite there yet. So I went under the sink.

“What the tutorial told me was to test the switch first, (and then) what kind of rumble you hear or lack of rumble tells you what’s going on with the garbage disposal. So, I flipped the switch and nothing happened. (That) means two things: One, it’s completely broken and it needs to be changed out, or two, it’s not plugged in.”


“It wasn’t plugged in,” Rodgers said with a laugh. “So, that’s the picture of me holding the plug as I call him from the other room, and said, ‘Hey, idiot, it wasn’t plugged in.’

“He’s learning.”

And just like that we probably have another 100 blogs being written on how millennials don’t know shit these days. It’s okay, though, Sam has much better things to worry about like planning a wedding with Olivia Harlan and getting acclimated with his new team.

I think next time he’ll try plugging it in first.

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Police Visit Aaron Carter Three Times Over 24 Hour Period


Sadly it seems Aaron Carter’s recent little car accident might not be all that was going on with him this week. Apparently the cops were called to come to Aaron’s house on THREE separate occasions while he was busy tweeting about his wreck. Despite the fact that he says he is (prayer hands) “o.k.,” St. Petersburg PD has a different story. According to the anonymous calls they received, Aaron has allegedly been going around trying to buy a gun and threatening family members.

Call number one, according to TMZ:

According to docs obtained by TMZ, someone called St. Petersburg PD in Florida at 11:47 am Tuesday saying Aaron has been trying to buy a gun in the last couple weeks. Cops went to his house, but no one answered the door.

Ooh, didn’t we all know something wasn’t quite right about that “car accident“? This all happened on the same day Aaron was tweeting about his accident; Tuesday, September 5. The police visited Aaron a second time a couple of hours later and found him at home.

Call number two, according to TMZ:

They returned at 2:12 pm after another caller said Aaron needed a psychiatric evaluation because he refused medical attention after a car accident. Police discovered Aaron had indeed totaled his BMW, and broke his nose, but was otherwise fine.

I can only think of one reason to refuse medical treatment immediately following an accident, and it has nothing to do with a fear of needles. Aaron adamantly denied any wrongdoing when he was arrested on DUI charges in July claiming he had a prescription for the pot and besides, it wasn’t him, it was the one armed man.

TMZ, take it away with call number three:

The third incident came at 4:18 am Wednesday, when the caller said Aaron was threatening to harm family and others. Cops showed up, knocked on the door but someone shut off a light and closed the blinds.

Did they send him a DM on Twitter? Because I think that’s the only way he communicates. Aaron’s been very active since these visits from police. He hasn’t been sleeping much, but he has been live tweeting himself tinkering around with his computer, free-styling (“They knock on the door, they ask about me, they wonderin’ what, TMZ?“), and looking for a special someone (“Ride or die, where you at? Cuz you aint on, the internet”).

He’s also been playing Zelda, eating frozen TV dinners, and drinking milk straight from the carton. Can someone step in and help Aaron out? Because drinking milk like that might be one of his worst offenses to date.

Pic: Twitter


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