20 NSFWBDs React To Texas A&M-UCLA Game That’ll Probably Get Kevin Sumlin Fired

It’s the game that will likely get Kevin Sumlin fired. By now you know what went down last night in Pasadena. Sumlin and SEC fan were planning on making fun of the Pac-12 on Monday. Planned on calling UCLA soft, can’t stay with SEC speed and that, once again, the dominant SEC wins because it just means more.

And then Josh Rosen went on one of the greatest 4th quarters in big time college football history. I don’t have the CFB history book in front of me, but these numbers are pretty much going in this guy’s bio one of these days. The BDs were super impressed.

And the BDs are done with Kevin Sumlin. They want to know how you give up a 34-point lead with like 2:00 left in the 3rd quarter. They’ve seen enough and want Sumlin to become the first SEC coach to get the ax this fall.


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Michelle Obama, Blue Ivy, and More Recreate Beyoncé’s Iconic «Formation» Look For Her Birthday

Beyoncé rang in her 36th birthday on Sept. 4, and what better way to honor the queen herself than by recreating her iconic «Formation» video look? On Monday, a handful of Beyoncé’s friends and family, including Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, Blue Ivy Carter, and JAY-Z’s mom, Gloria Carter, paid homage to the superstar by dressing up as her in an off-the-shoulder black top, a wide-brimmed black hat, and two long braids. The photos were shared on Beyoncé’s website, along with a message that read, «Happy birthday Beyoncé / From your family and friends.» Consider us shook.

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Chris Evans Reuniting With His Dog Is the Purest Joy You’ll Ever Experience

Chris Evans isn’t shy about loving his rescue dog, Dodger. The Captain America actor counted down on Twitter until the end of his latest press tour, when he could finally go home and see his best friend again . . . and man, the joyful reunion was everything we’d hoped for and more! It seems that Dodger was just as pumped to see his owner as Chris was, and the video of the reunion that Chris posted to Twitter is beyond sweet. Prepare to get teary as the two roll around together on the floor, and you won’t be able to help giggling along while Chris can’t stop laughing.

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This Week on ‘Twin Peaks’, It All Comes Down To This

The characters of Twin Peaks have seldom swallowed the oddities of their world without question, but there’s still a moment of laughter to be found in one of them outright asking ‘What the fuck just happened?’ All things considered, a lot did happen and most of the bows were neatly tied by the time our two part finale came to a hypnotic ending. Of course, if you were looking for clean resolutions in a show where a man with a garden glove punches a spherical representation of evil and David Bowie was recast as a talking teapot, you’ve come to the wrong place. This was resolution in the abstract: Sometimes baffling but no less satisfying if you’re willing to put the work in.

A quick reminder: This show is and has always been the story of Laura Palmer. It’s her voice, through past and present, living and dead, this world and beyond. David Lynch has received a lot of criticism over the years regarding his obsession for dead girls and the violence inflicted upon them by a cruel world. No less than Roger Ebert never got over what he saw to be unforgivable misogyny in Blue Velvet, and even this hardcore Lynch fan has questioned the ultimate necessity of some of the violence this season (mostly everything done by general waste of space Richard Horne). Yet credit must be given to Lynch and Frost for giving arguably the most iconic dead girl of her pop culture generation back her voice, time and time again. There was the secret diary, Fire Walk With Me and now this season, where Laura is the sun everything else orbits around. In this finale, we see her story pieced together from flashbacks of Fire Walk With Me to the current narrative, and you can’t help but sense that this is Lynch’s penance. He finally gets to give Laura the story he never got to with the original seasons. Yet he also never lets the audience forget just how she came to be the whodunnit case of the TV decade. We can hear from her repeatedly, see the scars and watch the inevitable and it will always be that: Laura Palmer will always be dead. Dale Cooper can try, but he can’t save her. Sarah shatters the glass encasing that iconic photograph of her daughter, the one that lingers in the opening credits of every episode (and thus ensuring Sheryl Lee’s name is in every closing credit), but it doesn’t free her. There’s a reason her scream is almost as iconic as her face.

Fittingly for a two part finale, this was a story of two halves. The first episode wrapped up things in Twin Peaks, dispatching of Evil Cooper quicker than many had anticipated, and getting the gang together in the sheriff’s department for a moment of unquestionable victory. There were moments of sweet joy amidst the pain. A new Dougie was fashioned to ensure completion of the Jones family; Andy and Lucy got to be heroes of the moment; The real Diane returned to the world, now with a striking red bob haircut and without the potty mouth. And it all happened in the first half hour of the first part. ‘Anti-climax’ isn’t the right term, but it is a stark reminder from Lynch and Frost that there will never truly be an end to this all.

Time is a circle, the future is the past, and no matter how hard he tries, Dale Cooper, as good as good can be, can’t fix everything. We desperately want him to. Even the most hardened Lynch fan can’t help but yearn for truth, justice and the American way. Of course, the America of Lynch is one where malice is barely contained by the postcard friendly sheen of the surface. The most recognizable images of Americana are thrown back at us in mystifying, unnerving ways: The freedom of the open road turned empty and sinister in barely lit nights; The great American countryside steeped in death; The old school motel the gateway to a new beyond. Dale Cooper is the lawman we hope for when darkness prevails, and watching him stride into the sheriff’s department of Twin Peaks, exuding authority from every pore, is satisfying to the point of schmaltzy, and this story can never be truly happy. Strip away the backwards speaking, the diner dancing, the nuclear explosions and the doppelgangers, and we’re left with a very simple story: A dead girl and the man who tries but will never rescue her.

Credit must be given to Kyle MacLachlan, an actor so frequently underestimated by critics and audiences alike. This season, he’s put in some of the greatest work of his career, embodying several iterations of the character that made him famous: Evil Cooper, the ideal good Cooper, Dougie Jones, an unknown man named Richard, and more than I could even count. You see the shifts in the subtlest of moments: The shrug of a shoulder, the tightening of the mouth, a change in his stride. I have absolutely no idea what episode he could submit for Emmys consideration, but this is a performance deserving of all the awards.

Sheryl Lee is also a performer of superb magnetism. Her still face, forever young and innocent, has plagued this world (and David Lynch himself) for decades, so when we see her again, older and scared and not Laura Palmer, it’s a shock to the system. Once again, she can tell her story but she has no idea it’s even hers. After Diane leaves Dale, he finds ‘Laura’ living as Carrie Page, and begs to take her back home. Fortunately for him, Carrie’s in need of a quick escape, with the dead man on her couch still and slowly rotting, because violence will always follow her. Their drive back to Twin Peaks is long, drawn out, mostly quiet and close to agonizing. The build-up cannot pay off, we know that, but the cruelty of seeing Laura return home, only to find strangers in the house who have no idea who Sarah Palmer is, pierces a hardened mind.

It’s the look of grief on Dale’s face that tips it over the edge, if this even is Dale (he’s more stilted and flinty than the effervescent Dale we saw heading back to Twin Peaks in the first place). He’s spent 25 years working, waiting, fighting for this happy ending and it was never going to be (‘What year is this?’ he asks before Laura/Carrie screams and the lights go out). It’s intensely cruel but could it ever have been any other way? Perhaps there’s a timeline where Laura isn’t murdered but would her life have been any safer or happier? Would she have been free from her father or the drugs or the sex or the inevitability of Twin Peaks itself crushing her soul? The fates aligned to create Laura as a way to stop BOB, and whatever the result of that blazing end battle, life still goes on and cannot go back. The cycle may repeat itself but it’s always going to hurt.

I’m sure that ending will be infuriating to some. I can already hear the cries of disappointment from many fans, those who futilely hoped Lynch wouldn’t Lynch out with this abrasive experiment. I understand their confusion — we never did get a conclusion to Audrey’s story, for one — but what we got has given me more pleasure and thought than anything on TV in years.

I was humbled to go back to Twin Peaks. It wasn’t the same but it never could be. I’m not sure I even wanted it to be the same, to be honest. That would have been dishonest.

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The Seagram Building’s New Restaurant Makes a Splash

The Seagram Building’s culinary renaissance continues with the Pool, the latest restaurant to open in the iconic space once occupied by the Four Seasons restaurant. Now operated by Major Food Group, the it-restaurateurs behind Carbone, this multi-tiered dining complex is already home to the Grill, a steakhouse opened in May. The Pool, by contrast, focuses on seafood, with top-tier varieties like halibut, Montauk striped bass, and Portuguese turbot hand-selected by executive chef and Major Food Group cofounder Rich Torrisi, who was once named one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs.

Dining Room
Photo credit: Scott Frances

Once you’ve taken in the original Phillip Johnson-designed interiors and artwork by Alexander Calder, start your evening with one of the bar’s carefully formulated cocktails. The Cucumber, made with absinthe, lime and cane sugar, pairs perfectly with the raw bar’s catches of the day, from prawns and oysters to sashimi. Or, to truly channel the restaurant’s opulent pedigree, go for the menu’s most prized caviar, the golden osetra.

Dover Scale dish at The Pool
Photo credit: Daniel Krieger

For a main course, the Dover sole is the showstopper, served deboned with a simple yet flavorful butter and parsley sauce and a spritz of lemon. And with the Pool’s encyclopedic wine list, from 200-year-old varieties to an indulgent Château d’Yquem, there are plenty of nightcaps to choose from. But don’t leave before dessert: the layered coconut cream with pink grapefruit and matcha or chocolate custard make perfect endings to this fine dining extravaganza.

Main image credit: Scott Frances

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Open Labor Day Post: Hosted By Two Chunky Pool-Floating Raccoons


It’s Labor Day, that magical day of the year where you either kick back and relax or you realize summer is pretty much over, freak out, and try to cram in as much summertime fun as possible in 24 hours before you’re forced to return back to reality. Whatever you choose to do, I think we can all relate to these raccoon brothers who spent their last days of summer floating like fat little roly-poly bags of fur in a swimming pool.

Tastefully Offensive points us to this video of pet raccoon brothers Waylon and Willie from Orange Park, Florida. Waylon and Willie won the raccoon lottery; they were adopted by a human with a swimming pool, and it appears they’re well-fed. No digging through the dumpster behind Krystal for them! Waylon and Willie are no doubt spending their Labor Day in the pool. Come to think of it, I’m spending my Labor Day in a similar way! Except instead of a pool, I’m in a river way up in Northern Ontario. Instead of fat raccoon buoyancy, I’m floating on a gut full of hot dogs and corn. And instead of paddling around a pool floatie, I’m furiously struggle swimming away from this one snapping turtle that’s got my number (seriously, pray 4 my toes).

The only way Waylon and Willie have got me beat is that they’ve got a nice old man to help them in and out of the water. I bet that nice old man also gives them little poolside back massages while they sip non-alcoholic sparkling raccoon wine. Keep living that spoiled raccoon life, Waylon and Willie! And to all the humans, Happy Labor Day!

Pic: YouTube


Box Office Report: Yikes, That Is Bleak

Remember how we said last weekend was the worst weekend ever at the American box office? Well, this week told them to hold their beer and boy did thinks sink even lower, somehow. This was a very weird week for film releases, as it was the first time in 25 years that distributors didn’t open any wide releases (meaning anything above 1000 cinemas). The Labour Day weekend stretch is a notoriously tricky one for Hollywood, but even by their lowered standards, this was a dark time.

How dark? Well, The Hitman’s Bodyguard is still number one, taking in another $ 12m or so, and that makes it, according to Deadline, ‘the only pic to hold the top spot for three weekends in a row this summer.’ The top 10 itself didn’t change much at all, thanks to the sheer lack of competition: Annabelle: Creation is still number 2, Wind River holds strong at number 3 after its wider release, and that coupled with number 4 Leap! gives The Weinstein Company some breathing room. None of this week’s new releases cracked the top 10. None of them managed to make more than Despicable Me 3, a film that’s been out for 10 weeks.


That didn’t bode well for Marvel’s latest experiment, the IMAX premiere of its latest ABC series Inhumans. Who would have imagined that people wouldn’t want to spend $ 15+ on a ticket to see something on IMAX that they can watch for free if they wait two weeks? It didn’t help that early word was damning and even hardcore Marvel geeks struggled to muster enthusiasm for something directed by the guy behind The Scorpion King 3. While increased IMAX prices probably helped, opening in 393 locations and taking in less than $ 2m is not what Marvel had in mind when they planned on making their mixed TV division more cinematic in scope. Steven Spielberg’s classic sci-fi film Close Encounters of the Third Kind received a 40th anniversary re-release, but that took in just under $ 2m, lower than industry estimates.

And then there’s Tulip Fever. Oh, Tulip Fever. How entertained you have made me with your delayed releases, desperate marketing and ability to turn Harvey Weinstein into Gil from The Simpsons. Yes, the film does indeed exist — so I’ve been told — and it sank with a paltry $ 1.55m over the four day period from 765 theatres. Weinstein scrambled hard in the week leading to its release, desperate to drum up some sort of interest in the movie — hey, Alicia Vikander’s mum’s friend liked the film! It’s a little sad that the film wasn’t even bad enough to warrant the mystique it garnered through The Weinstein Company’s inability to release the damn thing.

Hopefully, the Fall season will revive the fortunes of the movie biz. This week, there’s some horror film about a creepy clown coming out that apparently people are interested in.

You can check out the entire top 10 here.

What film did you watch this week? Would you ever pay IMAX ticket money to see two episodes of an ABC series? Reynolds or Gosling? Are you still stunned that a movie expects us to believe Dane DeHaan is the sexpot option over Christoph Waltz? Answers in the comments.


24 Hours With Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin

Success runs in the family for Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin. While she may be a seventh-generation descendant of railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt, Costin has been a singer in her own right for over a decade, sharing stages with Vanessa Carlton, Mya, and more, and releasing a string of dancey singles including 2014’s Billboard-charting hit “Body Needs.” After touring the world and working with internationally acclaimed directors, musicians, and writers, she is ready to take her winning streak to the business world.

Costin’s latest venture is a LinkedIn-style social media platform for professional creatives called SoHoMuse. “SoHoMuse is where creative working professionals in all verticals can connect,” says Costin, who cites dancers, musicians, writers, and actors as potential users of the platform. “With complete freedom and control over their content and profiles, users will be able to control the public and private ways in which they are perceived by other professionals.”

The inspiration, says Costin, arose from her own experience in the music industry. “As an artist, there have always been a lot of restrictions within the business. I remember being told I should have pink hair or blue or or abbreviate my name; I was unable to be the best of myself,” she says.

To start off, the website has enlisted with 100 influencers from various industries to set the tone of the platform and to develop the by-invitation-only membership, ensuring a high-quality creative ecosystem. Ultimately, Costin says, SoHoMuse wants to streamline the creative process and give artists access to fellow talent from across the globe.

With a multifaceted career spanning across tech and music, this New York City-based scion is busier than your average heiress. Click through the gallery to see how Costin spends a busy day in her hometown.

Main Image Credit: Vital Agibalow

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JAY-Z Pulls the Ultimate Husband Move, and Leads a «Happy Birthday» Serenade For Beyoncé

Sept. 4 marks Beyoncé’s 36th birthday, but the singer got a head start on the festivities at Budweiser’s Made in America Festival in Philadelphia on Sunday. During JAY-Z’s headlining set, Queen Bey got a special shout-out from her husband as he told the crowd, «Shout out to Beyoncé. Beautiful Bey is in the house tonight. Happy Birthday my love.» And things only got sweeter from there. JAY-Z then led the audience into singing «Happy Birthday» to Beyoncé, who was spotted dancing in the stands with pal Michelle Williams.

On Monday morning, Beyoncé’s mom, Tina Lawson, posted an Instagram photo of her and Beyoncé hanging out at the festival together, along with a heartfelt birthday message. «36 years ago God Chose me out of all the women in the world to be your mother!» she wrote. «How blessed could I be? Not because you are a super talented, smart business woman and one of the biggest superstars! Its because you are the kindest most generous, thoughtful, intuitive, loyal, humble, funny, grounded, grateful and loving human being. I am proud to be your mom ❤️Happy Birthday Baby! I love you with my whole heart❤️» Aw!

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Erika Costell Destroys A Beach, Ric Flair Back From The Dead & Red Bull Bro Does 1440

Instagram Photo

CFB isn’t done for the weekend. Now we get Tennessee-Ga. Tech from the Mercedes at 8 on ESPN. We need a better game than what we saw Saturday night from that new stadium. By the way, doesn’t it feel like they’re still playing at the Georgia Dome? I can’t tell a difference. You’ll also get the U.S. Open Sweet 16. And baseball. And golf!

IG superstar Erika Costell destroys a beach

Ric Flair’s back from the dead!

Horrible MLB ankle injury…don’t watch this…I warned you

Red Bull bro does 1440-degree front cork…& you don’t even have to watch a commercial to see it..click!

Buy Patrick Willis’s house for a cool $ 5.5 million

Toledo’s wacky legend Opal Covey gets TV time for mayoral race

Whole Foods gets sued for this f’d up chicken

Here’s Miranda from Texas A&M

Your Moment of Flair Because Ric’s Still Alive and It’s Time To Get These Rolling Again

Fried Chicken Sandwich of the Day

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