Twitter Shuts Down a WashPo Reporter Who Tried to Normalize Trump After Last Night’s Speech

I don’t know who came up with «The Ratio,» but it is fool-proof in determining whether a tweet has gone bad. The Ratio, as GQ says, is «if the number of replies to a tweet vastly outpaces its engagement in terms of likes and retweets, then something has gone horribly wrong.» It makes total sense — likes and retweets express approval or agreement. Replies are generally people yelling at you.

Check out The Ratio on this tweet. As of publication, it has 432 retweets and 14,000 replies.

That’s a bad tweet. This would have been a bad tweet after the convention, when it was apparent that Trump would never pivot. This was a bad tweet after the election, when it became apparent that Trump would never be «presidential.» This is a terrible tweet the week after the man drew a moral equivalency between Nazis and those protesting Nazis.

Twitter wasn’t having it.


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