47 Supersexy Pictures of Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is one of Hollywood’s sexiest starlets with hot roles in everything from Underworld to Van Helsing to Total Recall. Aside from the big screen, there’s no denying that we’ve kind of developed a huge style crush on her throughout the years. See all of her hottest photos, from her stunning red carpet shots to her red hot bikini photos.

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Review: Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’ Is the Channing Tatum F*cking the Floor in ‘Magic Mike’ of Heist Movies

The opening 10-minutes of Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver contains one of the five best action sequences I have ever seen in my life. Ansel Elgort plays Baby, the wheel-man for a revolving group of bank robbers. But this movie is not about the heists: It’s about the getaways. The three bank robbers (Jon Hamm, Jon Bernthal, and Eiza González) run out of the building and jump in the car, and Baby — who is always listening to music through a pair of headphones because it drowns out the ringing in his ears owed to tinnitus — speeds away with the cops in pursuit. What unfolds is an energetic, kinetic, insanely fun, crowd-pleasing car-chase sequence choreographed to The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s «Bellbottoms» down to the note. It’s unbelievable, and words could never do it justice. It is a legendary sequence. It will be iconic one day. If the entire movie consisted of only that sequence, I would have walked away grinning ear-to-ear, feeling as though I had witnessed some movie-making history.

In fact, I saw Baby Driver the first time a few months ago at SXSW, and a crowded movie theater erupted in applause after that opening sequence. But I don’t trust festival screenings. We’re all infected by a fever at those things, and we often let the mood of the crowd dictate our feelings about a movie. So, I saw Baby Driver again this week with a smaller, more reserved audience. At the end of that opening sequence, a long-haired rando in front of me started slapping his knees and clapping, oblivious to the decorum of a theater with fewer than 20 people in it. I was right there with him.

It really is that good. It’s an impressive, eye-popping, heart-pounding, incredibly fluid series of zigs, zags, spins, fishtails, and U-turns. Ansel Elgort controls his car like Channing Tatum controls his body in Step Up. It’s practically sexual, and you can actually see the movements: It’s not obscured by quick cuts and fancy editing: It’s like a motherfucking car ballet set to The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. It’s Wow multiplied by Holy Shit.

The rest of the movie is pretty goddamn great, too.

As it turns out, Baby is not exactly a willing participant in these heists. He’s paying off a huge debt to Doc (Kevin Spacey), the brains behind the operation. When Baby was a teenager, he boosted one of Doc’s cars, and it had a treasure of stolen goods in it, so Doc is forcing him to pay him back by being the wheel-man in a series of heists. Baby has just one more to pull off, and he’s square.

But of course, it’s never that easy.

When Baby’s not driving getaway cars, he’s a good kid with a big heart, who takes care of an elderly deaf man (CJ Jones), makes his own mix-tapes, and moons over his late Mom. Unfortunately, in the heist after the final heist, Baby ends up in a crew with Buddy (Hamm), Darling (González) and the mentally imbalanced Bats (Jamie Foxx) that eventually goes off the rails in spectacular fashion. Meanwhile, Baby has also fallen in love with a diner waitress named Debora played by Lily James, and if Baby can just extricate himself from his criminal element, he and Debora can ride off into the sunset.

The storyline is fine, but mostly it’s a canvass upon which Edgar Wright paints a series of incredible car chase sequences that makes you realize why the Fast & Furious crew have to drive expensive sports cars. Edgar Wright has nothing for which to overcompensate in Baby Driver, and he’s as capable of staging a getaway in a mid-sized sedan as he might be in a Maserati. Baby Driver is not about the cars; it’s about what Edgar Wright does with them, and what he does will blow your brain receptors out.

That said, Baby Driver is not without its problems. Edgar Wright still has no idea how to write women, and Debora here is just another manic-pixie Ramona Flowers in a different outfit — the romantic elements feel like something out of a different era. Lily James is lovely, but she’s less a character than a plot device. Meanwhile, as much as I hate to say it, Jon Hamm is badly miscast here. I don’t buy what he’s trying to sell, and without ruining any of the surprises, I’ll just say that Bernthal — who has a glorified cameo in the movie’s opening sequence — would’ve been a much better choice for Hamm’s role.

Those issues aside, however, I can’t stress enough just how wildly fun Baby Driver is. It’s the most crowd-pleasing movie of 2017, a soaring, zig-zagging, viscerally exciting, crackling crime caper with a lot of soul, an impeccable soundtrack, and personality that goes on for days. It’s the best movie of Edgar Wright’s career, and I say that as someone who has seen Shaun of the Dead no less than 10 times.


Buy This Georgia Bulldogs 1981 Jeep CJ-7 — $36,500

via Craigslist

I gave Intern Danny the first crack at this badass Georgia Bulldogs 1981 Jeep CJ-7 I found on Craigslist, but unfortunately he doesn’t have $ 36,500 to drop on a new ride. Pretty sad considering he’s our resident Georgia guy and this little mural of bulldog puppies playing with a football is mega adorable:

via Craigslist

Nonetheless, now is the time for the rest of you Georgia fans to pounce while this thing is available. The Internet tells me Georgia is actually a chic pick to win the SEC East next year, so this Jeep seems like a no-brainer for Sanford tailgating.

Details from the Craigslist ad:

It has a super strong small block 350 4 bolt main with less than 50 miles on the restoration.
New upholstery
New paint with custom airbrush work
New stereo
New gauges
New wheels and tires
This jeep runs drives and rides like a new one.
Whether you want to go tailgating, to a car show or just a night on the town this is the right jeep for you. If you are looking for a nice jeep this is the one for you. You will not find another jeep this nice. The pictures will speak for themselves.


Additional photos of your Georgia dream ride:

via Craigslist

via Craigslist

via Craigslist

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All the Times Britney Spears Worked Her Bikini Body, B*tch

Britney Spears has been turning heads for the past couple decades, and we’re not just talking about her iconic statements on stage. Whether it’s photo shoots, vacationing with her sons, Jayden and Sean, or sexy outings with her former flames, the singer never misses an opportunity to flaunt her famous figure.

In the last few months years, Brit has relaxed in a two-piece while vacationing in Hawaii, danced under a waterfall, and basically wore a bikini while performing on stage at the Billboard Music Awards. Read on to see more of her hottest swimsuit moments, and then check out the ultimate celebrity bikini gallery.

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Marvel Studio Directors – Shane Black

It must be good to be blessed with the double whammy of talent and having friends in high places. Shane Black was infamous in Hollywood in the 1980s and 90s for writing the scripts of high-octane action films such as Lethal Weapon and Lethal Weapon 2, The Last Boy Scout and Last Action Hero. He was one of the highest paid screenwriters in the business, having been paid $ 1.75 million to write The Last Boy Scout in 1991 and set the record for the highest paid script ever upon receiving $ 4 million for The Long Kiss Goodnight in 1996.

After a near decade hiatus following a career downswing, he remerged with his directorial debut Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in 2005, starring Val Kilmer (Top Gun) and Robert Downey Jr. (Soapdish). The film garnered rapturous critical reviews, quickly achieved cult status and got Robert Downey Jr. back in the good graces of Hollywood after a very messy and public drug addiction fallout and incarceration. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang arguably paved the way for Downey Jr. to land the role of Tony Stark/Iron Man. As the living, breathing avatar of Iron Man, RDJ could ask for a roasted white elephant to eat for breakfast and Marvel would have it cooked and delivered for him the next day, so when he put forward the idea of Black directing the third and final Iron Man film, Marvel listened. Good move on their part — they kept their key talent happy and scored a director who would bring a new spin on the franchise after a mediocre sequel.

While Iron Man 2 made slightly less domestically than Iron Man, $ 312 million (2010) in comparison to $ 318 million (2008), Iron Man 3 was the first Marvel film release since the juggernaut that was the Avengers and was the final film of the Iron Man franchise. This unique set of circumstances led to the film rocketing out of the gate with a massive box office for Iron Man‘s final solo outing, making $ 409 million domestic total and $ 1.2 billion worldwide box office.

Black’s Iron Man 3 was an acquired taste and wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but overall most critics and fans agreed it was much better than the messy Iron Man 2 (if only Marvel had let Maya be the villain!!!). He also directed the Western pilot Edge, starring Max Martini (The Unit, 13 Hours), Ryan Kwanten (Home and Away, True Blood) and Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck, The Handmaid’s Tale) for Amazon’s pilot season in 2015, which did not get picked up.

Black leveraged his Iron Man 3 goodwill to make The Nice Guys, a 1970s LA neo-noir action comedy original feature (originality sure is becoming the rarest Pokemon of all in in the film industry) starring Russell Crowe (Gladiator) and Ryan Gosling (The Notebook). Featuring the best Crowe performance in years and Gosling playing a weasely sad sack rather than the Golden Boy, The Nice Guys was one of the funniest, most original films of 2016, but despite critical raves it was a commercial flop upon release in May 2016, making only $ 57.3 million worldwide on a $ 50 million budget. Why can’t we have nice things!!!??? It is flops like these that feed Hollywood’s erroneous belief that nothing but franchises and intellectual property-based films make money grrrrrr! He also wrote the pilot of Fox’s Lethal Weapon television reboot in 2016, which stars Damon Wayans (The Last Action Hero — the irony!) and Clayne Crawford (Rectify), and has been renewed for a second season.

Verdict: 7/10. While The Nice Guys crashed and burned commercially, Black hasn’t let it slow him down. Fox hired him to direct the reboot of the Predator franchise, in which he had a small part as Rick Hawkins in the original film. Life really does come full circle in the strangest ways at times, doesn’t it? With an eclectically excellent cast of Boyd Holbrook (Logan), Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight), Keegan-Michael Key (Key & Peele), Sterling K. Brown (The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story), Olivia Munn (The Newsroom) and Jacob Tremblay (Room), I’m betting Black will bring something special to the table. He is also attached to direct the Doc Savage reboot and adapt 1970s action pulp series The Destroyer for Sony. Some one may accuse Black of selling out, but at least he is doing so with properties that fit his style and oeuvre. To me, it looks like he’s balancing the industry politics of personal taste and business pretty darn well.


Kate Middleton Bonds With an Adorable Little Girl During a Museum Outing

By now, Kate Middleton is a pro at looking happy and enthusiastic at every single event she attends, even when she probably would rather be at home in her pajamas watching The Crown. But her latest outing was probably a lot of fun for her, because it dealt with her major in college. The Duchess of Cambridge graduated St. Andrews University with a degree in art history, and on Thursday, she visited the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Kate was on hand to open new areas of the art museum and to unveil a commemorative plaque in Sackler Courtyard. While Kate obviously made time to chat with those who helped bring the project, which is the museum’s largest in the last 100 years, to life, she also chatted with an adorable little girl. After accepting a beautiful bouquet or flowers from the girl, they smiled at each other and shared a few laughs. Don’t you just wish you were Princess Charlotte sometimes? No? Oh, uh, neither do we.

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Maybe the Cancellations of ‘Freaks & Geeks’ and ‘Firefly’ Were For The Best

Say you had a time machine, and could make actual changes to history (meaning, no arguments about paradoxes, please). And once you’ve solved the world’s major crises (war, poverty, making Cadbury eggs available year-round), you’ve got enough TimeFuel left to save a television show that was cancelled far too quickly. Which one do you save? And perhaps more importantly, how does it affect the future of entertainment?

For the purposes of this experiment (and so we can project into this alternate future with even modest accuracy), we need to make a few assumptions, so let’s go with these rules which I have very carefully thought out and definitely did not just make up:

1. The show must have been cancelled after a single season. (Which means I can’t save ‘Pushing Daisies’ or ‘Sports Night’ or ‘Happy Endings’. I hate the rules already.)
2. The rescued show will now run for eight seasons, making it a success that we can probably agree ran long enough for us to be satisfied. (This also means I won’t be considering more recent cancellations whose run we’d still be in the middle of in 2017, like ‘Enlisted’ or ‘The Grinder’. Seriously, is it too late for me to change the rules?)
3. The show’s principles (creator, main cast, etc.) will not leave the show during the run. Yes, I know people can/do leave shows all the time, but we can’t project all possible outcomes here, hence the limitation.
4. Because people cannot jump to another show, we will assume the worst case; that is, if a cast member/writer/producer is deemed essential to that show or movie, we will assume that it is never produced (or, at a minimum, is changed enough that I can speculate that it would not have been the same/nearly as good).

Everyone on board? Seatbelts fastened? Cool.

Let’s Start With Everyone’s First Choice: ‘Firefly’ (2002-2003)

Of course, we need to start with ‘Firefly.’ It’s that show that we all wish had gone on and lived a long, prosperous life. So let’s do it! We’ll probably have to blackmail some Fox executives or hack the Nielsen ratings, but I’m sure we could figure it out.

Eight seasons later — it’s May of 2010, Firefly has just concluded a very successful run and we’re all bawling in front of our televisions now that Mal and Inara FINALLY figured out how to be together (and simultaneously have made us feel even worse for Zoe, given that they killed Wash halfway through the final season and we’re still dealing with that). It was beautiful and cathartic.

But what did we lose?

Obviously, there’s no ‘Serenity.’ Maybe that’s okay; after all, we got to explore so much more of The Verse that we probably don’t need it.

Joss could still give us ‘Dr. Horrible’, since it was produced during the 2007-2008 writer’s strike, and nobody was working for those months anyway. I suspect he might have been less itchy to produce something if he was in the middle of a show (which he wasn’t in our timeline), but let’s say it still happens.

But now there’s no ‘Castle’, because Nathan Fillion wasn’t available. Same goes for the movie ‘Slither’, which could have affected James Gunn’s career to the point that he is somewhat less likely to have been hired to make ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

‘Chuck’, too, is, at minimum, a different show, because Jayne was still wearing that homemade hat (which made him somehow more terrifying when Joss made him the main bad guy for season seven).

Joss is too exhausted after running three shows over fifteen years to create ‘Dollhouse’, but if we’re being optimistic, maybe he kept enough in the tank to still work on ‘The Avengers’, which he would have signed to work on a few months after ‘Firefly’ ended.

We lose or affect some other, smaller shows, as well; Gina Torres isn’t available to make ‘Standoff’ (which means possibly Ron Livingston and Rosemarie DeWitt don’t meet and get married). Morena Baccarin is never in ‘Heartland’ (the TNT show that I haven’t seen, not the long-running Canadian show that I also haven’t seen). ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ doesn’t get off the ground because they can’t get Summer Glau to play Cameron.

(A side note: ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ ran for two seasons so it’s not eligible under the rules here, but consider that if that show had gone for even one more season, Lena Headey WOULDN’T BE CERSEI. My point is, TV-repairing time travel is consequential, which we’ll see more of in a moment.)

Ron Glass’s career and life would have remained just as legendary.

So. Are all these changes to history worth it? Probably. But now let’s see what happens if we take things too far.

Here We Lose a Movie Star: Kitchen Confidential (2005-2006)


If you don’t remember Kitchen Confidential, or wonder why I would bother saving this show, hang with me for a moment. Created by David Hemingson in 2005 (based on Anthony Bourdain’s book), the show was a good-to-pretty-good sitcom set in and around the kitchen of a fictional high-end Manhattan restaurant.

For the most part, this is a show we could safely extend into the future: eight seasons later, it’s 2013, and Kitchen Confidential is finally ending its long-run anchoring Fox’s comedy block. While it’s never been a breakout hit, the show has served as a solid utility player, providing a stable ratings base to help launch weirder shows, like New Girl, and also plugging holes up and down the lineup, which means Fox didn’t have to keep inexplicably renewing ‘Til Death. Think of it like Fox’s answer (ratings and lineup-wise) to Rules of Engagement.

Although Hemingson worked on a number of other shows as a writer/producer after Kitchen Confidential was cancelled, the only show he created in the years since was the short-lived ‘The Deep End’, so for the most part, we don’t necessarily lose too much television just yet.

Jamie King would never have gone on to be in Gary Unmarried. Bonnie Summerville wouldn’t have been in Cashmere Mafia. John Francis Daley wouldn’t have joined Bones, but he wasn’t part of the original cast so we’re probably okay there. Owain Yeoman wouldn’t have been in The Mentalist, which perhaps would still have been more or less the same show, but that’s our one (potential) major TV casualty.

I have to apologize to you here, because up to now, I’ve willfully omitted one fact about Kitchen Confidential: the lead of the show, who I cropped out poorly in the previous image, was this guy:


In 2005, Bradley Cooper wasn’t a big name yet. He had a number of memorable supporting/recurring roles in film and TV — Ben in Wet Hot American Summer, Will Tippin in Alias, Sack Lodge in Wedding Crashers (I haven’t seen this in a while, but HOLY CRAP WAS THAT REALLY HIS NAME?), and of course, Student With Question on Inside the Actor’s Studio — but Kitchen Confidential was Cooper’s first leading role. And considering this was still the early part of his career, it’s entirely possible that he would have spent this period of time focused on (and enjoying) the perks of being a lead on a major network television show, which means a good amount of success, fame, and money, but also less time for projects like The Hangover, The A-Team, Limitless, and Silver Linings Playbook.

Certainly, some of these might have still been made (The Hangover, in particular, had a short enough production that it’s plausible they could have fit it into Cooper’s schedule). But it’s entirely possible that the success of Kitchen Confidential would have given us Bradley Cooper, TV star, instead of Bradley Cooper, movie star.

And if that’s the case, does he still end up in American Sniper? Does he still voice Rocket Raccoon in the Guardians movies? And most pressing of all, does Aloha get quietly (and mercifully) shelved because they can’t find the right lead to play opposite noted Asian, Emma Stone?

These are tough questions, fellow time travelers, but thankfully, this show wasn’t beloved enough for us to do this kind of potential damage. The next one, though, might be.

Oh Crap Did We Just Destroy an Empire: ‘Freaks and Geeks’ (1999-2000)


Now that we’ve seen the dangers of saving a less celebrated show, it’s time to turn our attention back to the one of the greats: Freaks and Geeks. Be warned: this show is one of the most dangerous for us to mess with.

But everyone loves the show. We yearn for more. And how bad could it be, right?

Eight seasons of Freaks and Geeks gets us to 2007 (never mind that they wouldn’t have been in high school for the entire run of the show, let’s just assume we followed them to college or something and it was still great). Paul Feig has been so busy running the show that his directing career doesn’t take off as quickly as it should have, meaning he may not have gotten to Bridesmaids in time to launch himself to successful comedy director status.

John Francis Daley, ironically enough, never gets to Kitchen Confidential, and as (arguably) the second most important character in that show, might accidentally cost us Bradley Cooper.

But more consequential (for him, at least): if Freaks and Geeks survives, he never goes to The Geena Davis Show, where, at fifteen, JFD met his future writing partner Jonathan Goldstein (who was a mid-level writer on the show), which means they never work together on major feature films like Horrible Bosses, Vacation, or Spider-Man: Homecoming.

(Before we move on, I want to reiterate that point. John Francis Daley, AT FIFTEEN YEARS OLD, was impressive enough to be a fairly successful TV writer that, several years later, that same TV writer would agree to team up with him, elevating both of their careers. At fifteen, the most impressive thing about me was that I managed to pass my driving test with the maximum number of point deductions.)

I’d suggest that James Franco doesn’t get to the Spider-Man movies, but let’s be honest, he would’ve somehow found a way to be on Freaks and Geeks and everything else at the same time anyway, because James Franco is a shark and cannot stop moving ever. (Although if it turns out James Franco can, in fact, turn down work, it’s possible he isn’t in Annapolis, which may unintentionally cost us a great action director.)

It gets worse. Jason Segel doesn’t get to How I Met Your Mother, potentially costing us a wonderful, long-running show, as well as the NPH renaissance.

But perhaps the biggest consequence of all: if we save Freaks and Geeks, we may accidentally destroy much of what Judd Apatow has built over the past fifteen years.

As a writer and Executive Producer on a successful, beloved show, would Apatow have left that security, working with people he likes, to create Undeclared? Even if he did, he wouldn’t have been able to take Seth Rogen and Jason Segel, since they’d be committed to Freaks and Geeks (which subsequently slows/alters Rogen’s writing career, as Undeclared was his first writing job). With a demanding full-time job, Apatow may not have found the time to write and direct The 40-Year-Old Virgin or Knocked Up.

The consequences spread further as we get into Apatow’s producing work. Would he have found the time to help Will Ferrell and Adam McKay get Anchorman off the ground? Or Talladega Nights? Would Superbad have been made? Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Pineapple Express? And if we’re dismantling Apatow’s comedy empire from the bottom up, how much damage are we doing? What about the more recent fare he’s shepherded, like Girls or Crashing or Love? How much are we willing to sacrifice for Freaks and Geeks? WHAT HAVE WE DONE?

You know what? I think we may be better off without the time machine after all.

But I could be wrong.

So what show would you save? And what price would we all pay for it?

Dan Hamamura is a Los Angeles-based screenwriter. Follow him on Twitter.



I Survived The Pizza Hut All-American Experience At The College World Series – But Barely

So I just got home from Omaha where I spent Tuesday along with some fellow sorta out-of-shape bloggers and media types competing in the Pizza Hut All-American Experience that was held before Game 2 of the College World Series to celebrate the end of the road for Jason Fisher, the Pizza Hut All American who got the dream job of going to 30+ NCAA championships over one year.

The PH All-American Experience consisted of 11 former star athletes were brought in to serve as coaches for us media elites as we competed in 10 sporting events to crown an eventual champion.

5 teams, 4 media elites per team, 10 competitions.

And one of those competitions was a 40-yard dash. More on that later…let’s get to this list of the coaches Pizza Hut brought in so you get a better feeling as to how this all went down.

  • Joe Carter (Baseball)
  • Jay Williams (Basketball)
  • Tom Osborne (Football)
  • Lauren Crandall (Field Hockey)
  • Paul Rabil (Lacrosse)
  • Taylor Twellman (Soccer)
  • Paul Hamm (Gymnastics)
  • Noah Droddy (Runner)
  • Courtney Thompson (Volleyball)
  • McKenzie O’Connell (Golf)
  • Kris Tschetter (Golf)


• My team started at the Wiffle ball field inside the Creighton indoor practice facility (beautiful complex, by the way) where Joe Carter — guy who should be getting more recognition out on the sports TV/radio/internet circuit — started coaching, motivating and ball busting from the first pitch, but it was some of the best interaction I’ve ever had at a media event. Joe’s the man.

I hit 4 dongs before 10 outs — not a good showing and I’m pretty embarrassed by that performance. In fairness to me, the balls needed electrical tape and the bat was definitely not juiced.

• Next up, basketball with Jay Williams…how many shots from like 10 feet could you make in a minute. Think I had a score of 20 or so. I wasn’t in the prize money, that’s for sure. Jay’s awesome. Talks trash, makes it fun. We’re here to have fun and Jay’s constantly in on it.

• Then it was over to the football event where you had the choice to throw at a target from like 5, 10 and 15 yards. Higher point totals from the back line. Tom Osborne was standing five feet to my left as I’m throwing a football. Nothing intimidating about that. No biggie. Drained 4 from long range in front of Tom for a respectable 20 points. He seemed impressed with the rifle even at my age.

• Here’s what you’re waiting for…the 40-yard dash with coach Noah Droddy. Yep, the legend. The runner with the long hair, crazy look, the whole bit. He advised us to stretch a little bit, not to tear a hammy and then let us tear it up. Now I haven’t run a sprint in like 20 years, but this is a competition so I’m going balls to the walls. Time: 6.29.

However…they give you as many tries as you’d like while there’s time left in the stage of the competition so I go back to get it under 6. I take off, feel fine and then at about 20 yards the hammy locks. Never felt that before in my sporting life. Instant hobble. Like Griffey Jr. rounding 3rd for the Reds that one year. Lock job. Old guy hobbling. But I completed the final 20 yards on my left leg…gritty effort from me on that one.

Miscellaneous events:

• Sank 7 of 10 putts in golf; I was 5 for 5 before Carter came over and started talking trash.

• Broke a bunch of rules in field hockey. Had my first attempt DQ’d for using the illegal side of the stick. Second run was respectable. High level of difficulty, new respect for the field hockey ladies.

• Lacrosse was a shot speed competition. Paul Rabil has incredible patience watching a bunch of media elites launching balls all over the place. Incredibly difficult to get shot timing down. By the way, Rabil is the size of defensive ends I’ve been around at the Super Bowl. Guy is jacked. Never did see my mph score.

• Had a disappointing soccer performance. Hit 2 out of 10 upper corner targets for 10 points. Expected to hit at least 4.

• Spent :55 hanging from a bar in front of Ohio State legend Paul Hamm. 2 minutes is considered torture for elite athletes. Proud I lasted that long while running on fumes.

• Put together like 16 volleyball passes with my fellow media elite partner. It was the end of the day, we were gassed.

Odds & Ends:

• Great cast of characters brought together by Pizza Hut. I had no idea what to expect out of Joe Carter because we just don’t hear much out of him these days. Stole the show. Joe’s a character.

Instagram Photo

• Had the chance to go on the field and jump against the outfield wall at TD Ameritrade. Fairly out of body experience.

• Thanks to Pizza Hut for the suite tickets. Absolutely perfect view behind home plate in the second level. I still think the umpire made a horrible interference call on LSU in the 7th inning.

Instagram Photo

• I’ve heard mixed reviews about the College World Series and the environment compared to the Rosenblatt experience. The old timers around Omaha have Rosenblatt on a pedestal and it’s going to take possibly another 10 years to create TD Ameritrade memories. Everything around the new place feels so new. Just feels like Ameritrade needs to be broken in. The ballpark is incredible for only playing the CWS and Creighton home games.

• Went to an incredible underground tiki bar in downtown Omaha Tuesday night after the CWS. It’s called the Laka Lono Rum Club and you have to walk down stairs from the street into this bar most tourists will never find. Trust me, this place is a late-night treasure. Flaming drinks. Tiki gods everywhere. So good.

• Chase from The Chive (@GetAtCharthurexperienced the tiki bar and even bought the drinks…kid is going places…26, won 7 events at the PH All-American Experience.

• Shoutout to Mother Nature. It wasn’t 120 degrees this week. I’ve been told that’s usually a major drag on the CWS. Tuesday night was perfect.

• LSU fans saved the Finals. They were everywhere.

• Last thing…please make the CWS Finals a 5-game series starting on Thursday. ESPN gets extra nights to broadcast, the city would be absolutely electric knowing that you can come to town for a weekend and a Monday night Game 5 would be so much better than such a quick ending after two games like this week.

There it is…Florida wins the national championship:

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The Beautiful Way William and Harry Will Honor Diana on Her 56th Birthday

July 1 marks what would be Princess Diana’s 56th birthday, and her sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, will be honoring her in a beautiful way. The royal siblings will be taking part in a special service to rededicate her grave. The private event will take place at Althorp House, where Diana is buried, Kensington Palace confirmed to E! News on Wednesday. «The service, which will fall on what would have been The Princess’s birthday, will be conducted by The Archbishop of Canterbury and attended by her family,» the palace said. The Spencer family as well as Kate Middleton, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte will all be in attendance.

The rededication comes after the estate underwent major renovations, which were put into place following accusations that it had been neglected over the years. Back in 2014, Diana’s former chef, Darren McGrady, posted Twitter photos of the memorial covered in moss. «Sad to see Earl Spencer has neglected Diana’s resting place,» he wrote. «Please tidy up the vegetation on the island.» It also comes a few months after William and Harry announced that they’d be commissioning a statue of their mother in the public gardens of Kensington Palace to mark the 20th anniversary of her death in August.

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A Shirtless Mark Wahlberg Splashes Around Italy in Turtle-Print Swim Trunks

Mark Wahlberg enjoyed a relaxing yacht day off the coast of Italy on Tuesday afternoon. The actor — who is currently on vacation with wife Rhea Durham and their four kids — showed off his sexy body in turtle-print swimming trunks as he went for a dip in the crystal blue water and whipped around on a jet ski with one of his sons. Once he returned to the boat, he and Rhea were spotted sharing a laugh while taking in the beautiful ocean view. Mark announced back in March that he and director Peter Berg are moving ahead with Mile 22 as an action franchise at STX entertainment, so it makes sense that he’d squeeze in some quality family time before he gets back to work.

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