40+ Photos to Justify Your Decades-Long Val Kilmer Crush

I spent many hours of my youth watching Top Gun — specifically, the volleyball scene, which was probably the first indication that I was into dudes. While many Top Gun viewers lusted after Tom Cruise‘s Maverick character (who, I’ll admit, also filled out his jeans quite nicely), I always crushed harder on Val Kilmer, who played Iceman.

After that, I set out to familiarize myself with Kilmer’s entire film catalog, starting with his role as a teen heartthrob in the comedy Top Secret. My crush deeply intensified at age 13, when Kilmer transformed himself to play Jim Morrison in The Doors, and I continued to admire his acting and his unconventional choice of roles over the years. (Side note: how hot is the name Val Kilmer?)

Sadly, 57-year-old Kilmer has been out of the public eye for a while; he acknowledged his battle with throat cancer publicly for the first time in May 2017. But he recently resurfaced to reassure fans that he’s «still got it» should he be called up for the Top Gun sequel.

I’ve taken this as an opportunity to take a walk down memory lane with 40+ photos of Val Kilmer to remind myself that my decades-long crush is completely justified.

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‘American Gods’ And The Inescapably Destructive Nature Of Belief

Spoilers for seasons one, but no book spoilers. Book spoilers in the comments will be deleted.

American Gods wrapped its first season on Sunday night, but you’ll forgive me if I waited until Odin’s day to discuss the central figure in the show: belief. Specifically, an aspect of belief in the Gaiman world that hadn’t occurred to me while reading the book or during the first seven episodes. Humans unquestionably created gods. We know this because humans unwittingly created the new gods Media, Technical Boy and Mr. World. Which would then also make it safe to assume that we created the old gods Jesus (in his many forms), Ostara, Mad Sweeney (winky face emoji), and, yes, even Odin. If there is an all-powerful, all-knowing, capital «G» God in American Gods, it can most accurately be described as humans’ seemingly unmitigated power to believe magical beings into existence. Magical beings who then unrelentingly fuck with us.

If it weren’t for the pesky fact that humans made the god, the arrangement of which Mr. Wednesday speaks at the end of the season finale would make sense. Humans have something the gods want in the form of worship, and the gods have something we want in the form magical powers. So we have to pray and make sacrifices, and then the gods, on the equivalent of a coke-fueled tirade, proceed to show the world just how big and powerful they are by sending wind or unleashing prisoners on a slave boat to burn that motherfucker down or helping immigrants steal apples and lace (leprechauns are an exceedingly specific god). Under those rules, the gods’ behavior in the face of our neglect makes sense. They’re just doing what they need to do to get by. Only we have determined the rules for how they get by.

We, theoretically, could have set up a system where the supernaturally powerful gods were at out mercy. Remember, the mechanism by which gods are created ins’t worship itself, but belief. So we could have believed in a god who more than anything else wished to stay as far away from humans as possible. Zorya Utrennyaya could have promised that she would bring the sun each morning, if we would just leave her alone for one goddamn night. If you’re a parent who has ever bribed your child so you could just sleep for twenty more minutes, I’m sure this agreement is familiar to you. The reason we didn’t set up our relationship with the gods that way is because we weren’t aware we were creating them. We unknowingly manifested the new gods, and have sustained them with our devotion. And belief, at its core, is inherently destructive.

Now I’m not arguing that belief, belief systems, or religion is bad, mind you. I said destructive. Because destruction is the counterpart, and therefore inescapable result, of creation. If humans can create magical beings with only our belief, we will also need to acknowledge that we’re destroying other gods by refusing or forgetting to believe in them. Or more overtly destroying them by tearing down their temples and places of worship so others are more likely to stop believing in them (so sorry about that again, Bilquis). And we do this because belief and devotion only feel good if it’s at the exclusion of other beliefs. No one’s ever gotten any joy out of shouting «We’re number perfectly average! Everyone has varied strengths and weakness, but statistically we’re overall fairly equal!» We’re right because we love our god, and we love our god because we’re right. Despite the fact that the gods are responsible for most of the tragedies on the show, the humans are the real assholes because we made them that way.

Or think about it like this. We have the ability to create, using only our minds, literally any form of magically powerful being we want. Humans have, over time, created an uncountable number of these gods. We can make them do almost anything we want. And what we make them do most is punish us. Self-destruction is apparently a great color on us.


Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Justin Theroux

There are times for eloquent prose, spirited debates, or extensive dialogue. This is not one of those times. This is a time for a single gif. The King of All Gifs, if you will. Maybe some photos as well. But mostly just the gif.

The One True Gif.gif

OK. Fine. Some background. You might remember him from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion or Zoolander or Alias, or Parks and Recreation, or The Girl on the Train. Oh, right, also The Leftovers. And lots of other things. But you’re not even reading this, are you? I don’t blame you.

Hey boo, haaayyy:

He is very good at itching his neck after a haircut:

He can rock a leather jacket like the baddest motherfucker in town:

He’s an expert doggo snuggler:

He’s proficient in the use of, uhm, let’s go with exercise equipment:

He’s also an expert lounger:
JT 5.jpg

He does damn fine Bond cosplay:

He’ll pull you up when you are down, girl:

He is the perfect representation of TDH (tall, dark, and handsome):

Once more, from a different angle, because I love you and want you to have nice things:
Gif Deux.gif

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Ohio Woman Hits Daughter’s Boyfriend With Cue Ball In A Sock After He Hit Her With Charcoal Grill

You see the smile on Regina Williams’s face? That’s the smile of a woman who knows how to drop a man with a cue ball and a sock. I have no idea where Regina got a cue ball in the hood, but she found one and figured there was one way to end an argument with her daughter’s boyfriend.

He caught an L via that cue ball. I’m trying to think of a non-weapon weapon that would hurt like a cue ball to the head would hurt. Lucky it didn’t kill him.

“What are you in for?”

“I killed some mufuccaka with a cue ball.” That would end the conversation. Nobody would mess with you in the pen because it shows ingenuity.

From Cleveland.com:

A Cleveland woman accused of hitting a man over the head with a cue ball said she attacked him to protect her pregnant daughter, police say.

Williams and her daughter, who is 8 months pregnant, got into an argument with the daughter’s 22-year-old boyfriend, the report says. Williams told police that the boyfriend ripped off her screen door and struck her with a small charcoal grill, the report says.

As he headed outside, Williams struck the boyfriend over the head with an object in a sock, according to his statement to police. Williams later admitted the item was a cue ball, the report says.

Damn right she admitted it was a cue ball. She probably told them to print that in the papers. That’s something you take pride in. If he’s going to hit you with a small charcoal grill the least you can do is return a cue ball over his head.

[HT: @Koslo47]

This all brings to mind one of the greatest fight scenes in cinematic history. Seagal. Cueball. Sock. Party time.

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Prince Philip Is Laid Up In The Hospital With An Infection 


Princess Charlotte could be in the process of covering her nose after smelling a royal fart (that was dealt by Princess Beatrice, her face is an ocean of fart guilt), but I’m pretty sure she’s sneezing, which could mean she was sick, which could mean she passed something to her great-granddaddy. See, this is why I instantly turn into Julianne Moore from Safe when a child near me so much as gets the sniffles.

Prince Philip spent the day at Royal Ascot yesterday, but by nighttime, an infection fucked with him so bad that he was shuffled off to the hospital. Buckingham Palace released a statement today saying that 96-year-old Prince Philip is getting treatment for an infection and is in “good spirits” (which might be code for “making the nurses uncomfortable with his signature cracks.”) Because he’s in the hospital, he had to call in sick to work today.

“The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in London last night, as a precautionary measure, for treatment of an infection arising from a pre-existing condition. Prince Philip is in good spirits and is disappointed to be missing the State Opening of Parliament and Royal Ascot.”

Last month, the other Royal PP announced that after August, he’ll be officially retired from making public appearances. He’s also been hit with the sicks, like heart and stomach issues, throughout recent years.

Without her man by her side today, THE QUEEN gave a speech at State Opening of Parliament today and she was also at Royal Ascot. WWMS (What would Morrissey Say)? London is apparently hotter than a Prince Hot Ginge jizz shot, THE QUEEN is 91 years old and her man is in the hospital, and yet she still showed up to work, did her job and provided her subjects with a heavy dose of fashion by dressing like a really ladylike Peep.

Pics: Wenn.com 


George Clooney Sold His Tequila Company For $1 Billion


George Clooney, his best friend Rande Gerber and real estate mogul Michael Meldman must like tequila so much that a few years ago they decided to make their own brand called Casamigos. Now, George, Rande and Michael are rich people, so they didn’t make their homemade booze in the basement next to a rolling clothes rack full of winter coats like normal people They had a full-on operation down in Mexico, and eventually it got big enough to sell for $ 1 billion.

People says that Casamigos was bought by British drink company Diageo. CNBC says that Diageo paid $ 700 million upfront, and if Casamigos continues to do well, they’ll pay another $ 300 million over 10 years. George released a statement about the sale. He and his partners aren’t going to take the money and run; they’re still going to be very involved with Casamigos.

“If you asked us four years ago if we had a billion dollar company, I don’t think we would have said yes. This reflects Diageo’s belief in our company and our belief in Diageo. But we’re not going anywhere. We’ll still be very much a part of Casamigos. Starting with a shot tonight. Maybe two.”

I don’t know how much of that $ 1 billion George and Randy will see. But George is a new father to twins, and I’m sure he and Amal Clooney have already started setting aside money for their future. Any extra Casamigos cash will no doubt come in handy. College tuition is already beyond expensive, so I have no idea what it will cost 18 years from now. Like what, $ 6 million, $ 7 million a year? Sounds about right.

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Addison Russell’s Wife Melisa Files for Divorce

Almost two weeks after torching husband Addison Russell for cheating, Melisa Reidy officially filed for divorced from the Cubs shortstop Wednesday.

As you can see from the press release below, Melisa hired Thomas T. Field of Beermann Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove LLP to handle her divorce (and will also not speak to the MLB in regards to her friend’s allegations of domestic abuse):

In case you didn’t see Melisa’s now-deleted IG post, which she dropped during the Marlins-Cubs game on June 7, here’s what she wrote:

Being free to be able to make your own choices for your own happiness beats being cheated on, lied to, & disrespected any day. #herestonewbeginnings #onlygetsbetterfromhere

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Friendship Goals: Taylor Swift’s Squad Versus Leonardo DiCaprio’s Posse

According to an onlooker, reporting to the New York Daily News, Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his long-awaited Oscar win by partying with his close friends Lukas Haas, Tobey Maguire, and Vincent Laresca. Drinks were shared, pipes were vaped, and the crew chanted, ‘Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack!’ into the warm California evening. All of this seems rather tame by modern celebrity social standards, but Leo’s infamous «Pussy Posse» remains a quiet staple of the scene. Only this week, DiCaprio and Maguire (who recently split from his wife) were spotted grabbing lunch in New York City with Orlando Bloom, signaling a new addition to the ranks, which has at previous points included Lukas Haas, David Blaine, Kevin Connolly, Harmony Korine, and the irritating little brother from Teen Witch. Together with Maguire and Bloom, still fresh from his split from Katy Perry, the paparazzi photos were subdued, casual, and oddly uncool.

The return of the Posse to our memories reminded me of the notable absence of another ensemble of celebrity friends: The Taylor Swift squad. Following a public dragging by Kim Kardashian and a cringe-worthy showmance with Tom Hiddleston, Swift has smartly kept a low profile. Her newest relationship with another British actor, Joe Alwyn, has been reported on sparingly, and thankfully lacks the twee orchestrations of the Hiddleswift Summer, wherein the most visible private beach party of all time included personalised tank-tops and Instagram ready posing with fellow loved-up couples. If Swift is hanging with her usual crew, which includes model Karlie Kloss, actresses Ruby Rose and Jaime King, and singer Lorde, then she’s locked it down.

Taylor Swift Squad 1.jpg

Friendship can be a powerful thing, fostering much needed communities and a sense of solidarity during tough times. It’s also a conveniently handy public relations goldmine. Swift knew this better than most when the time came to promote her album, 1989. This was a change for her, a step into straight pop after years with a foot in the country scene. The album features some of her strongest song-writing, and works hard to be more than a series of songs about being wronged by men, as many had accused her previous output of being. It became a game for the social media era to piece together the clues in her songs and liner notes to decipher which song was about Jake Gyllenhaal or Harry Styles or any number of famous men she’s been connected to. That’s a narrative Swift exploited frequently, but there was more to gain from a sense of solidarity, so why not make it one built on the power of female friendships?

Two events signaled Swift’s weaponizing of the squad: The 1989 world tour and the music video for Bad Blood. Swift’s tour, which played to countless sell-out audiences, turned into the ultimate catwalk, where the best and brightest could be seen appreciating Swift’s companionship. Look, there’s Heidi Klum! And the US Women’s Soccer Team! It’s Mariska Hargitay and Cara Delevingne! Now it’s Uzo Aduba and Gigi Hadid! Slow down, now it’s Serena Williams and Kendall Jenner! And there’s Lena Dunham and Hailee Steinfeld! Men did occasionally appear, often to duet with her as Nick Jonas did, but the objective was one of female empowerment, however diluted it may be presented. Every night seemed to bring with it a shiny new celebrity to adore, and a fresh swath of glowing headlines for Swift. Most of the time, these celeb pals didn’t do much — they danced, they waved, they looked like competition winners on stage with their favourite singer — but that wasn’t the point. This was a pure power play by one of pop music’s most precise schemers.

Being ourselves at the VMAs.

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

That went into overdrive with the Bad Blood video. Everyone knows the song is about Katy Perry, based on the most asinine of supposed feuds between the two, and Swift wanted everyone to know she was going to win that battle. Releasing a good diss track would be too much — and Bad Blood is most certainly not a good song — but the real death blow came from the video, which featured an overlong hype campaign where posters featuring the array of guest stars were released to fan fervour before the final show was released. Select squad members appear — Steinfeld, Hadid, Delevingne, Kloss — along with older women who really should be above all this — Hargitay, Jessica Alba, and Cindy Crawford — to tell the story of sexy spies and double crossing. It’s elaborate and thin and glossy, like all the best supermodels. It’s also staggeringly inauthentic, which is a major problem for Swift’s squad. Even if some of these friendships are real, they can’t help but play out like a performance.

For DiCaprio, the posse was just as performative, but for different means. A now infamous New York magazine profile by Nancy Jo Sales established the Pussy Posse to outsiders, focusing on then 23-year-old Leo and the young actors who orbited his rising star. The familiar markers of the Leo Life where there: Stories of young models «all over him», the flurry of celebrities eager to sit in his presence («He’s got rock stars, Puff Daddy, Donald Trump, going over to his table to sit with him»), impromptu trips to Vegas, and the occasional prank. Like Swift, the opposite sex was not entirely excluded from the fun, as Sara Gilbert took on the Shirley MacLaine role to this Rat Pack of the boy band era.

It would be easy to call them a frat, but that wouldn’t do the dynamic justice. This was a callback to the days of Frank, Dean and Sammy with a dewy-eyed freshness, and it was clear who was King. Leo was always defined in his group as The One: The most talented, the most handsome, the one with the best roles, the one with the hottest girlfriends, the one who had a real chance of becoming one of the greats. That seemed to define the Posse, who Sales describes as being part enraptured, part envious. At one point in the profile, someone says:

«The Titanic stuff has caused this big identity crisis. Some of them have completely lost their careers. All they do now is hang out with Leo. If Leo wants to go to Paris, it’s let’s go to Paris. Las Vegas? No problem.» DiCaprio was heard exclaiming to his table at Tomoe on Oscar night, «Let’s rent a plane! I want to go to India!» «The people closest to him have Leomania worse than anyone».

Both Swift and DiCaprio exude power in their assembled parties: Swift from the clout she radiates that ensures the most beautiful and inspiring young (mostly white) women surround her to appeal to her demographic; DiCaprio through the sheer charisma that keeps those closest to him returning time and time again to sample a morsel of his shine. Why make enemies when you can neutralise the threat and welcome them into your inner circle? Luka Haas, a posse member, was someone Leo beat out for roles in This Boy’s Life and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Lorde’s first mention of Taylor Swift in the press was a dig at her being «too flawless and unattainable», but one big bunch of flowers sent to her by Swift to congratulate her success later and the pair became as thick as thieves. Let’s not forget the Nicki Minaj incident, a minor flurry that exposed some of Swift’s white privilege regarding the music industry, but was solved just in time for the pair to perform hand in hand at the MTV VMAs.

It’s hard to talk about either Swift or DiCaprio and their respective friends without talking about how we view male and female friendships. Men are given the benefit of easy going camaraderie, and a rather simple assumption of their aims, bound together by booze and boobs and boisterousness. They don’t get smeared as catty or bitchy or inherently untrustworthy in the way women’s friendships do. A gathering of women in common interest inspires talk of covens and insidious scheming. We’re constantly questioning the ulterior motives (which I’m perfectly aware I’m doing here too) or wondering when a man is going to inspire the break-up fights. DiCaprio’s posse never lost the sheen of desirability for a certain demographic of men, even though they have been accused of some unsavoury activities.

Leonardo Dicaprio Pussy Posse 1.jpg

One incident documented in the Sales profile involves actress Elizabeth Berkley ignoring repeated invites to join the posse’s table at a nightclub as she was already with her boyfriend. When confronted on this by Berkley’s boyfriend Roger Wilson, posse member Jay R. Ferguson screamed homophobic slurs at him. This escalated into threats of a fight, with Leo reportedly overheard saying, «Let’s go kick his ass.» Before a fight could break out, someone punched Wilson in the larynx, causing permanent injury. His assailant was never found. Sales notes the panicked responses of the posse and Wilson’s assertion that «they were protecting him». It’s not hard to piece together who they believe did the assault.

And then there’s Don’s Plum, a no-budget indie movie featuring DiCaprio and key Posse members Maguire and Connolly, directed by R.D. Robb. Originally intended as a short, the film was edited to feature length but prevented from a proper release by DiCaprio and Maguire, who sued the producer to keep it off screens, at least in North America. This was allegedly because some of the improvised dialogue was said to reveal personal experiences and tendencies of the pair that could dent their public images, which were on the rise following Titanic. The film’s now on YouTube, and it’s the kind of aimless indie film you’d see ten of at any given Sundance. It’s also really misogynistic, chock full of women being treated like objects and called «whores». That seems like slim pickings in a decade where we saw Leo get an Oscar nomination for playing a drugged up wife beater who snorts cocaine out of women’s arseholes, but the lo-fi casualness of Don’s Plum is easy to define as real for this posse, so perhaps that’s why the pair fought so hard to stop people from seeing it.

Leonardo Dicaprio Pussy Posse 2.jpg

All of that makes Swift’s own dealings rather frivolous by comparison. She’s a mean girl, not a douche bro, and the limits for each are very different. Yet where Leo fights to keep his posse out of the headlines, Swift is savvy in keeping hers front page friendly. Few celebrities manage their image with such precision as she does, and you can see that in how she engineers her squad’s social media presence. She knows when to call the paparazzi, but sometimes the personal touch is best. Look at the Summer of Hiddleswift. We all remember the tank-top and ocean frolicking, but remember that holiday was a 4th of July celebration. Everyone’s Instagram photos were released within quick succession of one another, revealing the super coolest red, white and blue weekend of patriotic prettiness you could imagine: Tom Hiddleston leading a bevvy of blonde beauties down a waterslide; the carefully arranged series of Polaroids revealing Swift and Hiddleston’s kiss; A trio of models in matching striped bikinis waving the flag in practiced poise. It’s fun by way of a military procession. If people bought for one moment that Hiddleswift was real — and it hadn’t all come during the glorious Kimye Snapchat spill — then it would have been mightily effective work. As it was, the veil slipped, as evidenced by Ryan Reynolds breaking the rules in one Instagram shot by hinting at bafflement over the entire performance.


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

The 1989 era saw the peak of #SquadGoals. Everyone wanted or needed a squad, and a vague gathering of pretty people or things in one space inspired hashtag frenzies. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen were Squad Goals. The cover of the Hollywood Reporter’s actress roundtable was Squad Goals. Burger King’s meal deal was Squad Goals. Friendship became an aim, a sign of status and something to inspire envy. For Swift, that worked well when she needed it to, but things are a lot quieter now, and different things are expected of her. Many criticised her for her suspect silence during the 2016 Election and a weak token tweet for the Women’s March (contrast that with Kim Kardashian, so often pitched as the «whore» to Swift’s «Madonna» in that insidious complex, who endorsed Hillary Clinton, fundraised for Planned Parenthood and has become the most famous opponent to deniers of the Armenian Genocide). The Hiddleston romance did nothing to quench claims of her inauthenticity, and even she seemed aware of her being overexposed, and so she took a step back. Bye bye to the Squad, and some of those former members felt no need to cry loyalty.

Kendall Jenner, obviously siding with her sister, insisted she was never really a member of the Squad; Most of them only seemed part of the picture when the picture looked good, and Lorde remarked (a tad insensitively, as she herself admitted) upon the unglamorous limitations a splashy celeb friendship has, although she claimed this had nothing to do with Swift. Some still rush to her defence, like Ruby Rose taking a swing at Katy Perry, whose own attempt to respond to Bad Blood fell flat. Swift is said to be working on a new album, which may bring with it a bright new wave of public friendship. In an interview with Vogue, she remarked that the best way to respond to press criticisms was to simply live your life, stating, «If the rumor is that you have fake friendships, all you have to do is continue to be there for each other.» Whether or not she chooses to publicise that is another matter.


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

As for the Pussy Posse, it lives on, but it cannot fight time. They seem to get together for special nights (and Leo remains the shielded one), and new members swirl around the epicentre, like Orlando Bloom and Jonah Hill, but this isn’t a dynamic of coolness and attainability that can retain its edge when its members are pushing 40. Some grew up, got married, had kids, got divorced. DiCaprio has begun to look like the holdout, with his assembly line of girlfriends always stopping at the age of 25. When even the golden bachelor of Hollywood chooses to marry up and have twins, DiCaprio becomes the true heir to Jack Nicholson, with whom he was often compared as a rising star. His dating habits inspire eyerolls, but he smartly keeps out of the press unless it’s for a film, his environmental activism, or getting that damn Oscar. His between-projects dadbod and vaping men inspire giggles but not cruel ones — he’s still too likeable for that, despite it all. The last of the Pussy Posse standing will always be the one who stayed on top.

Fight night with the boys in Vegas… BIG night!!!!

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D’Angelo Russell’s Ex-Girlfriend on Nets-Lakers Trade: “L O L”

No lie, when Adrian Wojnarowski reported that D’Angelo Russell was traded for Brook f—king Lopez just so the Lakers could get rid of Timofey Mozgov I squealed a little bit. Now Lakers fans know just how Clippers fans feel whenever Doc Rivers decides to pointlessly give away assets all willy-nilly — yes, I’m petty AF.

And apparently so is D’Angelo’s USC volleyball player ex, Niki Withers, who took to Twitter shortly after the Woj bomb to drop a nice “L O L”:

Of course that tweet got the attention of sensitive Lakers snowflakes…

Pretty sure Niki is pre-law so she’s probably going to be just fine in life, salty Lakers fans. She did include one last parting shot:

USC volleyball just gained a fan, no doubt.

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ScarJo Was Seen Holding Hands With Her Lawyer

71st Annual Tony Awards

Scarlett Johansson was recently rumored to be in the middle of a casual date thing with SNLs Colin Jost. Well, ScarJo is single, and the prerogative of such is to mingle, and it looks like she’s found a new person to mingle with. Those of you who ordered them monogrammed his and hers ScarJost hand towels might want to check the return policy on your receipt. On the upside, I’m sure Leslie Jones will be quite pleased with this news. Leslie, quick – go get that tall glass of vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast while ScarJo is distracted with another man!

ScarJo was papped in NYC with her lawyer Kevin Yorn last Friday night, and the placement of those hands tell me they weren’t hanging out with the intention to discuss legal stuff.

There has been no confirmation from”sources” saying they were on a date, so right now it’s all speculative. The only other hint we’ve got is from The Daily Mail. They say Kevin is a big shot entertainment lawyer with lots of A-list clients, like Ellen DeGeneres, Matthew McConaughey, and Liam Hemsworth. We’ll know for sure that ScarJo’s date wasn’t that serious if Kevin is seen holding hands with Matthew McConaughey. I doubt we’ll see that. But maybe that’s something Kevin Yorn might think about working into the lawyer experience? You’re paying lawyers enough, and it would be nice to get a little something extra out of it.

Pic: Wenn.com


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