There Are Probably People Who Had Worse Luck with a Law Degree, But Not Many

American Ninja Warrior on NBC at 8:00pm ET.

So You Think You Can Dance on Fox at 8:00pm ET. This is one of those sentences that you can place the emphasis on any word in the sentence and it still works. It’s just the level of disdain or disbelief that changes slightly.

Kids Who Kill on A&E at 9:00pm ET. This is a two-hour special entirely focused on child killers and their personal stories, interviewing the prosecutors and defense attorneys from each case along with child psychology experts. It sounds really creepy and morbid, but I know that some of y’all are into that thing.

Whose Line is it Anyway on The CW at 9:00pm ET.

Better Call Saul on AMC at 10:00pm ET. Third season finale.


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