Prabal Gurung Says Plus-Size Collaboration Caused ‘Snickering’ in the Fashion World

At the premiere of Straight/Curve, a documentary about body image and the people working in the fashion industry to change the beauty standard, designer Prabal Gurung shared some fairly distressing but not entirely unexpected news about the way the fashion industry still feels about plus size clothing.

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Brittany Snow and Anna Kendrick Are the Best Pitches a Girl Could Ask For

The Barden Bellas are coming back for another round when Pitch Perfect 3 hits theaters this December, but we’re also just looking forward to seeing all the stars reunite. Even though Skylar Astin and Ben Platt won’t be making an appearance this time around — the latter is a little busy making audiences cry on Broadway — there is one friendship we can’t wait to see more of: Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow‘s. Not only do the ladies play best friends onscreen, but their offscreen moments are just as sweet. Whether they’re goofing off on set or laughing it up on the red carpet together, it’s clear these two are best pitches.

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Harrison Barnes and Brittany Johnson’s Wedding Registry

You guys probably don’t pay much attention to Harrison Barnes now that he’s no longer on the Warriors, but he had himself a solid debut season with the Mavs. 19 points, five rebounds, and 46 percent shooting from the field — there are certainly worse ways to spend $ 94 million (see Chandler Parsons).

And now that he’s proven to everyone that Mark Cuban didn’t light millions on fire, Harrison can move on to more important things… like his upcoming July 29 wedding to Brittany Johnson.

If any Mavs (or Warriors) fans are feeling generous, the two are registered at Williams-Sonoma and still need quite a few gifts.

Our picks:

  • Wüsthof Gourmet 23-Piece Knife Block Set – $ 599
  • All-Clad Stainless-Steel Professional Pasta Tongs – $ 35
  • Epicurean Pizza Peel – $ 39
  • Reversible Meat Tenderizer – $ 29

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Review: Kumail Nanjiani’s Real Romance Revealed In ‘The Big Sick’

Out of Sundance, the praise burst forth for comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his touching rom-com The Big Sick. Fast and furious came claims that Nanjiani is the new internet boyfriend, the new thinking woman’s crush, etc. etc. To that, us Overlords say, ‘New? Honey, where have you been?’

We’ve not only been preaching the gospel of «Hot Kumail for years around these parts, we’ve also been crushing on his real-life wife/co-producer/co-writer of The Big Sick, Emily V. Gordon. We’ve been psyched for The Big Sick even before we were invited to the set (a rarity for the site known for scathing reviews by bitchy people!) Finally, after months of hearing Sundancing colleagues rave about the rom-com to change all rom-coms, I saw The Big Sick. And guys. It’s just what we expected. It’s cute, funny, and vulnerable, The rest of the world is finally catching up to crushing on Nanjiani and Gordon.

The Big Sick follows a struggling stand-up comic named Kumail (Nanjiani) and the aspiring therapist Emily (Zoe Kazan), who catches his attention with a well-intentioned heckle. They hit it off instantly, but between her busy class schedule and his trying to get a comedy career off the ground, now is not the time for a relationship. Still, their chemistry can’t be denied. Nonetheless, their relationship hits a wall when Emily discovers Kumail’s Pakistani parents—who know nothing of her—are pushing him into an arranged marriage with a good Muslim girl. Before they can deal, she falls into a coma that strands him at her side, with her parents who hate him for breaking her heart (Holly Hunter as a no-nonsense mom and Ray Romano as the flustered dad).

Longtime fans of this charming nerd couple know this is pretty much Nanjiani and Gordon’s real-life story. But the partners in life and comedy are smart enough to tweak some details to amp up the drama and laughs. As a loyal fan of the now defunct Meltdown, I worried no onscreen «Emily» could muster the effervescent natural chemistry Gordon shares with Nanjiani. But Kazan nails the tricky part, playing a sharply witty, sex-positive, confident young woman. You root for their happy ending from the moment she gives Kumail shit for a napkin-centered pick-up line. And acting out his own love story, Nanjiani finally gets an onscreen role more complicated than his many, many supporting turns.

The movie uses Kumail’s stand-up act and an overambitious one-man-show to explore his conflict over the culture clash of his Pakistani parents and his American peers. He loves his parents, respects their culture, but is not devoutly Muslim or particularly interested in marrying a woman he barely knows. There’s a lot of ground to cover, but The Big Sick does so with compassion, being sure to offer Kumail’s onscreen family’s perspective on their choices. Notably, the arranged marriage issue isn’t presented as nearly as damning as Kumail’s decision to hide it completely from Emily. It’s when she stumbles upon headshots of wannabe brides that their relationship melts down, leaving him to pick up the pieces with her fiercely protective mother. And imagine having Holly Hunter mad at you. When she narrows her eyes, it’s shocking Kumail doesn’t explode from her laser-focused ire.

Playing Kumail’s comedy club colleagues, Bo Burnham and Aidy Bryant brings sparks of spicier humor. Burnham ditches his stoic shtick to play a more acerbic stand-up, and his performance is sure to get him cast in more of the Apatow crew’s films. But Bryant had me rolling, wishing her comic—who shares entries from her childhood diary of being big-busted and all-the-awkward—gets a spinoff of her own. When she responds to a shitty situation with, «I felt one of my eggs die…I felt it,» I let out a laugh that would be best suited to a haunted house. Comedian Kurt Braunohler holds it down as Kumail’s socially awkward roommate, and Romano digs deep to pull off of some of the film’s biggest dramatic turns. While his acting here is far more nuanced than Everybody Loves Raymond, the former sitcom star still comes off a bit forced in the face of Nanjiani’s naked vulnerability and Hunter’s fiery momma bear.

Through this uncomfortable bonding with Emily’s parents, Kumail comes to realize what he wants, in his work, in his love life, with his family. And it’s a riveting narrative. But as is the case with so many Apatow movies, things go a bit off the rails in act two, wedging in cautionary tales from supporting characters, and letting gags go long, chasing a joke that’s not always worth the effort. I mean, this is a rom-com that’s nearly two hours long. After a first act that’s rollicking and romantic, with a city-kid wit, Kumail has no Emily to talk to, and so the film loses focus scouring for others to weigh in on his every move. Still, the third act gets things back on track with a sharp but not saccharine conclusion.

All in all, The Big Sick is darling. Nanjiani and Kazan create an onscreen couple as charismatic and compelling as Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. The humor is warm yet whip-smart, playfully poking at modern dating, race, and one really risky but hysterical 9/11 joke. Those who know the joys of Nanjiani and Gordon will be satisfied, as they’ve channeled their enviable and geeky romance into a quirky love story that folds in The X-Files, Night of the Living Dead and The Abominable Dr. Phibes. Those who are new to them will be easily enchanted by their script that’s big-hearted and hilarious, a cast that’s all-around charming, and a happy ending that’ll have you grinning so hard it hurts.

The Big Sick opens in limited release on June 23rd. A national rollout will follow July 14th.

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Let’s Take a Second to Talk About That Hot Guy From OITNB

If you found yourself turning to Google to learn more about the actor who plays Josh on Orange Is the New Black, you’re not alone. As you binge-watched season five, the guard who stripped during the talent show probably caught your eye for obvious reasons, but let’s not forget about the guy who actually won that talent show simply because he’s hot. Actor John Palladino plays Josh, a PR rep for the company that owns Litchfield, and thanks to some interesting plot lines, we’ve already been blessed with a few shirtless scenes. Learn more about the handsome Orange Is the New Black actor, then check out fun pictures of the cast hanging out in real life.

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Warner Bros. Concludes That No Sexual Assault Happened During The Filming Of “Bachelor In Paradise”


When Chris Harrison closed up the third season of Bachelor in Paradise last summer, little could he have imagined the sort of mess the fourth season would bring. Forget about bottles of piña colada mixers filled with ants and beach chairs that smell a little too much like beach ass; production on the fourth season began with accusations of possible sexual assault between two contestants from a Bachelor in Paradise producer. But Warner Bros. says it’s now over and they want to move on.

Production on Bachelor in Paradise was suspended, and an investigation was opened to find out if contestant Corinne Olympios was too drunk to consent to a pool hook-up with fellow contestant DeMario Jackson. DeMario acted unworried about the accusations, but had contacted a lawyer and wanted the tape of the incident to be released. Corinne said that she’s a victim and blamed production for not stepping in. Corrine also got herself a lawyer. Warner Bros. released a statement earlier today regarding their investigation, and they say no evidence of sexual assault was found. via E! News.

“As we previously stated, we recently became aware of allegations regarding an incident on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. We take all such allegations seriously. The safety, security and well-being of the cast and crew is our number one concern, and we suspended filming so that the allegations could be investigated immediately and thoroughly. Our internal investigation, conducted with the assistance of an outside law firm, has now been completed. Out of respect for the privacy interests of those involved, we do not intend to release the videotape of the incident. We can say, however, that the tape does not support any charge of misconduct by a cast member. Nor does the tape show, contrary to many press reports, that the safety of any cast member was ever in jeopardy.”

Warner Bros. says filming on the fourth season will resume, and that certain policy changes will be implemented to protect and ensure the safety of all participants. Sources tell TMZ that it’s known if Corrine or DeMario will be back.  Whoever does return can probably expect a much more sober (no pun intended) shoot. Some of those policy changes will no doubt include spending the first three days in Mexico listening to Warner Bros. team of lawyers going over workplace behavior policy guides and alcohol tolerance documents. Welcome to Bachelor and Several Attorneys in Paradise.

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You Must Watch This Brazilian Romcom About a Fashion Vlogger and a Gaming Vlogger Who Fall in Love has languished in my Netflix queue for a few weeks now, simply because its description was so absurd to be irresistible: “When a fashion blogger falls for a video game vlogger, their romance goes viral. But separating their virtual life from reality gets complicated.” The alleged premise, clearly, was an act…

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Sammy Sosa Still Looking Quite Ghostly

As you can see from the above photo, it doesn’t look like our boy Sammy Sosa has spent much time this summer catching some rays. I really didn’t think it was possible for Sammy to get much whiter than he already is, but here we are — Slammin’s apparently so white that he tucks his polo into his goddamn jeans. And that red fedora? Yeah, it only accentuates the Michael Jackson vibe he’s apparently going for.

You must be wondering to yourself, “Why the hell is Slammin’ and his red fedora posing with nurses at a hospital?” No answers on our end — we’re just glad the pics exist.

Looking even whiter for this red carpet event:

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Cheat Codes Are Breaking All The Rules

The Cali-boys of Cheat Codes include Matt Russell, Kevin Ford and Trevor Dahl. They gained a ton of notoriety with their 2016 hit “Sex” that samples the chorus from “Let’s Talk About Sex” by Salt-N-Pepa but they are much more than your average DJ trio. 

“We go out there and we’re singing, dj-ing, hyping and rapping; probably everything you should be doing it one show. But it works for us,” member Matt Russell says of the trio’s unconventional performances.

Cheat Codes

Based in Los Angeles, Cheat Codes have been making music together since 2014 and most recently released a single “No Promises” featuring pop-sensation Demi Lovato. “We performed with Demi in Sao Paola, Brazil last year. At the time it was the biggest show we ever played,” Russell says. “After the show, the Brazilian fans were quick to hit up our social media and suggest a collaboration.” Fast-forward to 2017 and Cheat Codes spent a few short hours in the studio with the powerhouse that is Lovato to lay down the vocals on “No Promises.” 

“We knew her voice would be so perfect for the song and since our fans suggested the collab, we have to thank them,” Russell adds.

As far as fans are concerned, member Kevin Ford reminisces on one of their greatest shows for both the fan and the trio. “At Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores, the crowd was super hype,” Ford describes. “It started pouring rain as soon as the lyric ‘I just want to dive in the water with you’ in “No Promises” played. It was the most perfect production,” he says.

Cheat Codes

A Cheat Codes performance is famously “lit,” as the guys would say. From jumping to singing, it’s tough to lose track of the importance of performing. “We want to show people that you can do literally anything you want. You can break all the rules and make it up as you go. That’s what we do,” Russell confirms. 

Russell fumbles around trying to find the words to express the quote “You have to fall before you can fly” and eventually puts it all together. “It sounds cliché but it’s true,” he adds. “When you jump off the cliff, you’re falling first before you’re actually flying.”

It surprises me how profound these laid-back California guys can be. They continue to explain how grateful they are to be given any opportunity to perform and show people that you can follow your dreams and succeed. 

They are most definitely following their dreams. With a busy schedule ahead of them, Cheat Codes recently released a single called “Stay With You” featuring up-and-coming artist Cade. Find the trio at Lollapalooza in Illinois and on tour throughout Europe this summer.

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Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Socialism

I look around I look around and I see this year’s Pajiba 10 already brimming with quite ridiculous levels of lion-moistening hotness. The wit and fire of Briga Heelan; the inhuman smoulder of Jason Momoa—what could I possibly be asking you to consider placing alongside those?

Motherfucking socialism, that’s what, son!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, or I can at least take an educated guess. It’ll be something along the lines of:

‘What’re you on about, Knava? The Pajiba 10 is a ritual objectification of celebrities, not abstract political concepts. Why do you defile the ritual, you commie infiltrator?!’

Fair point, well made. But really, this contest is all about desirability. And I don’t know if you noticed, but socialism? She’s like so hot right now. Everybody wants to be seen with her. Because after four decades of the tightening noose of neoliberalism Western societies are realising that perhaps the line we have been sold about the necessity of deregulation and the primacy of capital is actually just a steaming pile of Kushner. The public are waking up, and they are angry and horny for change.

Look: The United States of America got so sick with neoliberal fever that it got to a point that a racist and misogynistic clown businessman ended up as its supreme leader. The French saw off a rising neo-fascist infection, albeit by electing to stick a neoliberal band-aid on a gangrenous foot and hoping that that would solve the underlying problem. It won’t. And over here in Britain, a brief temperature check shows us that the body’s white blood cells are rapidly, though belatedly, kicking into action in an effort to reverse the worse of the damage that has been done.

Socialism is the hot nurse making sure you’re okay as you wake up in the bed, confused and disoriented. You have been out for years; dozing under the Grima Wormtongue-like spell of Milton Freedman. She has the cure for what ails you. I’ve been calling her ‘she’, but that’s just for ease of writing; socialism has no one gender. It is, as a matter of fact, of all genders, because it is all of us. You remember how hot that Sense8 orgy shit was?


No barriers of colour, sex, gender, creed, religion, or sexuality; just a desire to look out for others and to make sure that they’re ok—mmm, socialism.

Representative, progressive taxation designed to fund national infrastructure that is used to give everyone a fair shot, no matter what their initial station in life?

Mmm, socialism.

Free, universal education and healthcare ensuring that no one is left wanting for two of the most fundamental needs in this world?

Mmm, socialism.

A unionised workforce granting its constituent members the power of collective bargaining in its dealings with the bosses and making sure that those whose labour creates wealth actually get to reap the benefits of it?

Mmm, socialism.

A non-imperialist foreign policy built around dialogue and mutual co-operation?

Mmm, socialism.

A deep and instinctive, policy-backed understanding that a true measure of a society is how it treats its weakest and most vulnerable and that the strongest and most powerful should be expected to pay their fair share?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, goddamn socialism.

I’m sorry, I’m getting all hot an bothered over here. As they say around these parts: I’ll be in my bunk.


Petr Knava lives in London and plays music


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