Tom Herman’s Out Here Getting RKO’d By His Players…I’m Not Ready To Declare Texas Football Is Back

Let’s just call new Texas head football coach Tom Herman Jim Harbaugh Lite. I know, I’m supposed to like what Tom Herman has become at Texas because he brought Ohio State a national championship thanks to his offensive genius, but I can’t hammer Harbaugh for his schtick and then let Herman off the hook, especially after this weekend’s pool party where Herman let a redshirted freshman who didn’t play in 2016 — Demarco Boyd — RKO him at a pool party.

Uh, have some morals. At least let a senior RKO the coach.

I know what you’re thinking: BC — you’re a hypocrite. You want pageviews then bitch when Herman gives you pageviews.

All I’m saying is make this some sort of senior reward. Your reward for sticking with Texas through three below-.500 seasons is that you get to RKO the new head coach.

QB Shane Buechele was there with girlfriend Paige Loren looking like he’s been bulking up this summer under Herman’s new regimen. He was listed at 6-1, 191 last season. Looks like he’s going for a stout 205.

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