Ariana Grande May Have Had the Most Dramatic Transformation Yet

Ariana Grande has had one whirlwind career, and her transformation has been just as dramatic. The 23-year-old singer first got her start on Broadway in 2008 and eventually became a Nickelodeon starlet when she landed a role in the popular series, Victorious. In 2013, she released her first solo album, and has been keeping the jams coming ever since. While her hair and style has gone through many different stages, one thing has remained constant: her undeniable talent and powerhouse voice. See just how much Ariana has changed over the years.

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Steph and Ayesha Curry Are the Cutest Couple in the NBA

When it comes to NBA couples, Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha’s love is a slam dunk. The pair met at church when they were teenagers, and though they didn’t start dating right away, they got married in 2011 after three years together. They have two beautiful daughters, Riley, 4, and Ryan, 1, and besides sharing adorable photos of their sweet family on Instagram, they also post the cutest couple moments. See the sometimes goofy and always aww-inducing Instagram snaps of the all-star couple.

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Steph Curry’s Adorable Daughters Steal the Show — and Our Hearts — at the NBA Finals

Stephen Curry had his two adorable daughters, Riley and Ryan, by his side after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Championship in Oakland, CA, on Monday night. After the 29-year-old point guard helped lead the Golden State Warriors to victory at Oracle Arena, he reunited with his family, including wife Ayesha and their gorgeous little girls; Steph held on to 1-year-old Ryan as he celebrated with his team on the podium while 4-year-old Riley showed off her signature charm for the cameras — how cute are their coordinating dresses and bows?

Hot on the heels of the Warriors’ win came the news that they would not be celebrating with a White House visit, which is customary for championship-winning sports teams. According to multiple reports, the team unanimously decided to boycott a meeting with Donald Trump. Keep reading to see Steph and his family celebrating the Warriors huge accomplishment!

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Want a Piece of History? People Are Selling Fyre Festival Merchandise on Ebay

Fyre Festival attendees certainly suffered when they arrived in the Bahamas and found a dirty island filled with rabid dogs and no shelter in sight. And now some of those festival-goers are trying to make a little coin on Ebay with merchandise from an event that is going down as one of the most disastrous—if not the…

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Paulina Gretzky Gives Birth to Second Child

Phase one of Dustin Johnson’s busy week is complete, as Paulina Gretzky underwent a C-section on Monday to deliver their second child. ESPN’s Ian O’Connor was all over the DJ-Paulina baby beat and came through with the first picture of the baby boy:

Next on DJ’s Father’s Week itinerary: fly out to Erin Hills and repeat as US Open champion. According to Golf Digest, DJ has already played two practice rounds and has a presser scheduled for Wednesday — perhaps we’ll find out what the new baby’s name is.

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Teacher Erin Elizabeth McAuliffe Accused Of Getting It On With Three High School Kids

I wasn’t going to address the Erin McAuliffe, 25, teacher sex scandal story because there are so many others on the internet who traffic in this crime genre. BC used to dabble in that genre but normally when it revolved around a cheerleading coach fooling with one of her cheerleaders or some teacher fooling around with one of her football-playing students.

You know, sticking to sports.

But here we are with the story of Erin McAuliffe because the readers are demanding an investigation even though this has been covered by the Daily Mail and the usual suspects.

Here’s the story:

Police say their investigation started on May 5 when administrative staff from Rocky Mount Prep notified police of a possible inappropriate relationship at their campus. The information was related to a math teacher having inappropriate sexually related contact with three juvenile male students off campus, a press release from Rocky Mount police said.

Detectives with the Rocky Mount Police Department began an investigation and interviewed numerous students and faculty of the school before the arrest on Thursday. Rocky Mount police Cpl. Mike Lewis  told the Telegram that one of the students was 16 years old and two of the students were 17 years old at the time the incidents occurred.

According to her LinkedIn page, Erin graduated from Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC where she had a 3.49 GPA.

Now we need to hear how this all went down because it’s not like Erin can’t hop on Tinder or go to a bar and hookup with 30 guys if she needs sex. I mean, did she get caught up in a wave of emotions while tutoring the football team? She wouldn’t be the first recent grad to fall victim. How in thee hell do you just go ahead and throw it all away knowing that someone is eventually going to say something.

I know the logically reaction to these situations is that we should just hire 30-something degens who are so nerdy that they’ll never get sucked into a compromising situation with underage students. The problem is that even the 30-something degens are susceptible.

We had a student teacher in high school my senior year who we talked into drinking with us on like a Friday after school. It might’ve been our last day. There were 30 guys who wanted to bang her. But I’ll give her credit, from everything I know she just drank with us and that was it. She’s probably teaching somewhere in Ohio right now living a pretty normal life. No clue.

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Dipshit Missouri Lawmaker Beheads Chicken on Facebook Live to Announce Anti-Abortion Bill

Missouri State Rep. Mike Moon is a politician who has compared abortion to the Holocaust, proposed adding an exhibit on abortion tools next to the slavery exhibit in Missouri’s State Museum, and filed legislation to give an embryo the rights of a person. On Monday, Moon pulled another gross stunt in the name of the…

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Bro Proposes to Girlfriend at Columbia Fireflies Game, Gets Rejected

Love was not in the air during Monday night’s Charleston RiverDogs-Columbia Fireflies game, as one bro learned the hard way that stadium proposals lead to nothing but a fast track to splitsville.

As you can see from the video below, our bro’s masterplan seemed to be going well with the Fireflies’ groundscrew doing a little dance number before setting him up, but it all went to hell shortly after he got on one knee to pop the question:

Real talk. If Tim Tebow was somehow involved there’s no way that chick grabs her purse and runs off — automatic yes.

On a related note, Tebow went 0-3 with a strikeout in a winning effort over the RiverDogs.

Stadium proposals always seem to go well… not

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Scarlett Johansson Was Seen On A Date With Colin Jost

New York Premiere of ROUGH NIGHT NY

Several weeks ago, Scarlett Johansson was reportedly seen at a Saturday Night Live after-party putting some mouth moves on Weekend Update’s Colin Jost. Last week E! News asked Colin if he had anything to say about the Scarlett rumors, to which he replied: “What?! No way. No, I’m good.” He also said he was “very happy” in his personal life. Colin didn’t want to talk about it, and that sort of made me think it could have just been a drunken party hookup. As it turns out, it might not be so casual.

A source tells Page Six that ScarJo and Colin were seen having a “chill” dinner in Manhattan on Saturday night.

“They were really chill and super nice. They were holding hands and having drinks.”

That’s nice they were super chill. Nothing ruins a date faster than a tense stress ball who snaps at the waiter, complains about the vodka selection, and sends their french fries back because they taste “too potato-y.

So if Scarlett and Colin really do become a thing, then that means they’ll need a corny couple nickname. Let’s see….ScarJost. Josthanssin. Colon Scar. Honestly, I know Scarlett hates the nickname ScarJo, but it’s looking like the most obvious choice here is ScarJo. Sorry, Scarlett.

Here’s more of Scarlett and the rest of the cast of Rough Night at the NYC premiere last night. Scarlett’s date was her granny look-alike Geraldine Dodd. But was she also chill? She looks chill.



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