Brian Windhorst Confirms Weed Odor in Cavs Locker Room

Believe it or not, there was some good content from “First Take” this morning as our favorite NBA Insider Brian Windhorst confirmed the Cavaliers locker room did indeed smell like marijuana after their Game 2 loss. The Undefeated’s Mike Wise tweeted about the “reefer aroma” Sunday night, but not everyone was buying the story — luckily Windy was also in there to catch a whiff:

If Windy says weed was present, there’s no doubt it’s true. You might remember him reporting on marijuana usage during the Cavaliers’ victory parade:

Or this old tweet from the Pepsi Center back in 2012:

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Bellissimo! John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Enjoy a Fun, Kid-Free Italian Getaway

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt will be celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary in July, and the couple got a head start on the milestone by returning to where it all began: Italy! The couple was spotted off the coast of Tuscany for a relaxing beach getaway this week — on Monday, John went shirtless and Emily sported a pink printed bikini as they lounged on a yacht and took a dip in the ocean. Emily was also photographed doing a little shopping and checking out cute kids’ shoes at a nearby shop.

Back in 2010, Emily and John tied the knot at George Clooney’s waterside estate in Lake Como, and since then, they’ve shared countless cute moments on the red carpet, starred in huge films, and welcomed their daughters, Hazel and Violet, in 2014 and 2016.

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Hoodie Has No Time For Tom Brady Concussion Questions

via NESN

It’s only June but we know for certain there is already one person in Bill Belichick’s dog house — Gisele Bundchen. That’s just what happens when you go on CBS and randomly drop an unreported Tom Brady concussion bombshell.

Boston media questioned Hoodie about concussions this morning and surprise, surprise… the mastermind pivoted like a pro and deflected to the team’s medical staff:

There you go. Players don’t go to Hoodie when they’re injured so he has no idea what’s going on.

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Selena Gomez Does Date Night With The Weeknd After Praising Ex Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd stepped out for a night on the town in NYC on Monday. The couple were spotted walking hand in hand while arriving for a romantic dinner at Rao’s restaurant, with Selena sporting a slinky silver slip dress. Ahead of date night with her current boyfriend, Selena stopped by Sirius XM’s The Morning Mash Up to talk about the One Love Manchester benefit concert, which took place in the UK over the weekend. Of the event, which was hosted by Ariana Grande and brought out moving performances by Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, and Selena’s ex Justin Bieber, the «Bad Liar» singer praised his set, saying, «I thought Justin did great. It was really beautiful.»

Justin broke down in tears while singing the hits «Cold Water» and «Love Yourself» during the show, telling the crowd, «I’m not going to let go of hope. I’m not going to let go of love. I’m not going to let go of God. Put your hand up if you’re not going to let go.»

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17 Badass Facts You Should Know About Literal Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

After nabbing smaller parts in movies like the Fast & Furious franchise and Triple 9, Gal Gadot is poised to take over Hollywood thanks to her starring role as Wonder Woman, the HBIC of the DC superhero universe. Since we’ll be seeing plenty of the 32-year-old while she plays the titular hero in three blockbusters over the next few years, there’s no better time to bulk up on your knowledge of the charming Israeli actress.

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Rihanna Has A Message For Anyone Talking About Her Weight

Cannes Okja carpet

Last week, Barstool Sports got in trouble after one of their writers, Chris Spagnuolo, posted a piece titled: Is Rihanna Going To Make Being Fat The Hot New Trend?. In it, Chris joked (a term I’m using very loosely here) that Rihanna looked like she was wearing a sumo suit, and hoped that her new look would inspire hot girls to “look like the humans in Wall-E.

It didn’t go over well, and Chris Spagnuolo claimed he was getting cyberbullied by Rihanna’s fans. He has since been suspended indefinitely, and the post has been deleted. Although the blog’s founder released a statement saying it was pulled because it wasn’t funny enough.

Now, we all know that if Rihanna is in the right mood, she will drag a bitch. But she must have either been feeling merciful or figured her fans were doing a good enough job, because she didn’t really come for Chris Spagnuolo. Instead, she Instagrammed a meme about herself featuring Gucci Mane and a play on every basic girl’s favorite inspirational Marilyn Monroe quote.


A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

I love any time that Rihanna slaps back at someone. The thing is though, that meme is a bit incorrect for more than just the reason that current-day Rihanna looks NOTHING like former Gucci Mane. I bet if you took a quick poll of straight guys and lesbians, there would be a sizeable number that would raise their hands and enthusiastically volunteer to take on Rihanna at her 2007 Gucci Mane, her 2017 Gucci Mane, and her 2011 Gucci Mane. (That would be the year he got an electric ice cream cone tattooed on the side of his face). Yes, they might cringe a little at the thought of doing someone with a terrible face tattoo. But as long as it was attached to Rihanna, they’d no doubt be willing to pretend it wasn’t there. Hey, I’m sure some of us have excused a lot worse for a lot less sexy.



5 Secrets to Make Curls Stay in Any Hair Type (Even Yours!)

Given the number of rollers, curling irons, and flatiron on the market designed to curl hair, you’d think by now getting long-lasting waves would be easy. But many of us still struggle to make a curl last more than a few minutes. The good news is there are usually some very simple ways to stop your curls from dropping or falling out completely. Whether you have fine hair that always falls flat, or super straight locks that just won’t bend, we can help.

1. Change the State

The best way to make a curl stay in hair that is not naturally curly is to change the state of the hair as you curl; do this by going from wet to dry or from hot to cold. A wet set is more gentle and will always last the longest as the hair dries in shape. To do a wet set, wash and towel-dry hair, add your chosen holding product, then create your curls either with velcro rollers, your fingers and clips, rags, or bendy rollers (don’t use heated tools on wet hair). Let the hair dry completely before removing. For quicker results, going from hot to cold will have the same effect, using hot rollers, steam rollers, curling iron, flatiron, or something similar.

2. Use Product, Always!

When you’re trying to get your hair to do something it doesn’t naturally do, you need to give it a helping hand. Don’t expect a curling iron or GHD flatiron to work miracles on its own. Use some product! Firstly, for hot tools you’ll need a heat protector like L’Oreal Paris Studio Pro Heat It Hot & Curl Heat Spray. Then choose a holding product that will give added oomph. If you hair has a natural wave, a curl-enhancing mousse like Schwarzkopf Got2Be Twisted Curl Mousse will help to provide hold and lasting power. But if you have straight hair, you’ll need something really powerful. Superdrug Setting Lotion Extra Firm is like liquid hair spray. It’s not the most glamorous product, but it will definitely help to hold a curl.

3. Let It Set

One of the biggest mistakes we make when trying to create a lasting curl is to use a tool like a curling iron, wand, or flatiron. These are great for ease of use and will give a nice temporary curl, but those curls will drop very quickly, especially if you have fine hair, or very heavy, long locks. You can still use your heated tools for a longer lasting curl, just add in one extra step. Clip each tonged coil to your head as you curl it, letting it sit on the head until it’s completely cooled down. This goes back to point number one: you need to change the state to set the curl. Speed things up with the cool-shot button on your hair dryer, and only shake the hair out when it’s stone cold. Your curls will last twice as long this way.

4. Leave Your Rollers In For as Long as Possible

Hot rollers are great for retro waves and styles that require lots of body, but most tutorials tell you to leave them in for only 10 or 20 minutes. This is fine if you’re using them for volume or to smooth hair ready for an updo, but if you want curls that last through a night of dancing, then you need to let those hot rollers cool completely . . . which in our experience can take up to a couple of hours in thick or long hair. Plan ahead and keep your rollers in as long as you can. And don’t forget to use a styling product!

5. Adjust Your Cut

If you have particularly thick or long hair, you’ll probably struggle to get a DIY curl to stay in. The longer your hair gets, the heavier it is and the harder it’ll be to get a uniform curl to stay. You may find the ends go frizzy and curly, but the lengths fall flat. You have a few options to fix this. Firstly, get lots of layers chopped in — especially around the front — to reduce weight and give the hair some bounce. You should find that these shorter sections curl better. Secondly, chop your hair a few inches shorter. The simple truth is super long hair will not curl easily if it’s naturally straight. Finally, if you can’t bear to face the scissors, try twisting wet hair into a bun (or two buns for very thick hair) and sleeping on it, or try headband curls; dampen your hair, part it as usual, and put a narrow stretchy headband over your head so it sits halfway down your forehead and quite high at the back of the head. Starting from the front, take a section of hair from below and wind it up and round the band over and over again, adding more hair each time as you move around the head (as if you’re creating a big croissant with your hair). Leave this in for as long as possible — overnight is best. When you pull out the band, your hair will sit in bouncy, full curls!

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Meet Kelsey Barrett — Girlfriend of Florida P Alex Faedo

It goes without saying, but most people don’t give a damn about the upcoming MLB Draft. You know, a 40-round grind loaded with unknown players from random high schools and JuCos is a tough sell for the casual baseball fan — not to mention MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds talking out of his ass and providing nothing insightful.

However! Team BC will try to get you guys to at least care about the first round by dropping some prospect WAGs. Today, we have Florida pitcher Alex Faedo, who is one of the top college arms in the country and surefire first rounder.’s scouting report on the righty:

Faedo started the spring closer to the bottom end of his 90-94 mph fastball, but as he got his feet under him, he was sitting 93 mph and touching 95 more consistently with good sink. His slider has continued to look like an out pitch, though some feel he’s been throwing it too much. Faedo threw his changeup more over the summer, showing a good feel for it, and it should give him a solid third offering in the future. He tends to be around the zone, though he’s more control over command.

MLB Pipeline has Faedo ranked as their 11th best available prospect while Baseball America has him 10th.

Off the field, Faeodo is dating fellow Florida student Kelsey Barrett.

[Alex Faedo- IG]

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Will Travel for Baby Blues

Joana Couto has always loved her grandmother’s green eyes. “Since I was a child, every time I’d visit her I’d just be mesmerized by them,” she says. “I wished I had her eyes.” And on November 15, the 32-year-old made her dream a reality when she flew to India to have artificial green irises surgically implanted.

In the past, the naturally brown-eyed Londoner experimented with colored contacts, but had found the shades of green too Halloween-ish and the process of popping a lens over her cornea too uncomfortable. Desperate for a solution, she scoured the web for ways to permanently alter her eye color. Finally, she stumbled on a story about R&B singer Tameka “Tiny” Harris, who had her eyes surgically changed to “ice gray” by a company called BrightOcular. “I thought, ‘Wow,’” says Couto. “It’s actually possible.” She immediately picked up the phone and made an appointment.

Since the first BrightOcular iris implant surgery in 2010, it has been performed over 3,000 times. The average cost of the procedure is $ 6,500, and in addition to India, the surgeries are currently offered in 14 countries around the globe. The most popular colors chosen by patients include ice gray and Couto’s choice of olive green.

While the BrightOcular implants are a U.S. design, the FDA has yet to approve the procedure domestically—with case-by-case exceptions for certain eye complications like iris abnormalities—and the technology is currently undergoing the approval process for a CE mark in Europe. Spencer Vessa, a rep for the company, says they hope to commence trials with U.S. ophthalmologists in the next two to three years. But until then, patients seeking the elective surgery are flocking overseas to places like India, South Africa, and Latin America.

On November 16, Couto landed in New Delhi and met with her surgeon, Dr. Udbhav Dorwal, MBBS, DNB, who performed a series of tests to confirm she was a viable candidate for the procedure. “We have to make sure there are no diseases in the eye and that there is enough space over the iris for us to put in the implant,” explains Dorwal, who notes that “not every eye can accept the implants.” Couto was sent back to her hotel with antibiotic eye drops to prepare herself for the operation.  Four days later, she arrived at IBS Hospital for her operation.

The procedure was done using topical anesthesia, with Couto lying down on the operating table. Dorwal made a 2.8mm incision into each cornea and, using an injector, implanted folded artificial irises made of medical-grade silicon. “The entire process took 30 minutes, about 15 minutes per eye,” says Couto. An hour later, she was back at the Eros Hotel New Delhi ordering a Caesar salad from room service. The only restrictions were to avoid getting water in her eyes and to administer a series of drops until the incisions healed properly over the next three to four weeks.

Four days after the surgery, Couto is back in London, eager to show off her new emerald features. “You probably think I’m crazy for doing this,” she says, as our Skype video chat loads. “But I’m really happy with it. It completely changed my face. I think it just looks so much better!” The Portuguese entrepreneur was experiencing post-surgery blurriness in her left eye, but Dorwal had reassured her that this was a normal part of the recovery and it has since resolved itself. Couto also admitted to being overly cautious about the healing process; she was wearing shades on a 24/7 basis. “I’m sleeping with sunglasses on—it’s quite funny!” she exclaims, laughing giddily.

Her friends and family have joked that she looks like “a different person,” but in truth, Couto says she feels more like herself than ever before. “I can’t believe that what I had wanted for so long has happened,” she says. “It’s almost like I know myself in the mirror now. I can’t stop looking in the mirror!” She blushes a little, allowing for how it sounds.

Toryn Green—the former front man of Fuel and New York–based rock band For the Taking—also underwent the procedure in 2015, and is equally happy with the results. “I’d needed vision correction for most of my life, so I’d grown accustomed to being photographed in blue contacts during concerts or TV appearances,” he says. “After I had laser corrective surgery, I didn’t need contacts anymore, and I was back to my natural hazel eyes. BrightOcular gave me the opportunity to have the color I’d grown used to, without ever having to wear contacts again.”

But not all stories of artificial iris implants have happy endings: Research shows that these types of surgeries have not always had the best track record. 

In 2013, Toronto–based ophthalmologist Dr. Allan Slomovic treated a 25-year-old patient who had undergone an iris implantation procedure in Panama that had left her severely visually impaired. “I saw her after she had bilateral advanced Glaucoma from the surgery and required several cornea transplants,” he explains. “She was an artist who ultimately had to abandon her profession because of this cosmetic surgery. She’s in misery!”

And a 2011 study by the American Journal of Ophthalmology advises that anterior chamber iris implants should not be used for cosmetic indications. 

Dorwal, Couto’s surgeon, agrees that there are eye enhancement procedures happening around the world he would
advise against. For instance, some doctors use a laser to burn the melanin out of the eye as a means of lightening the iris. “That can lead to an increase in eye pressure and glaucoma,” Dorwal explains. “And that type of procedure is not reversible.” But after personally performing 137 BrightOcular procedures over the last two years, he maintains that these implants are a harmless and effective way to alter the color of one’s eyes. “I have not encountered a patient who has had any kind of reaction to the implant,” he says. “We are introducing something into the eye; we are not manipulating its physiology or the anatomy. So this is a very safe and reversible process.”

For Couto, at least, the benefits far outweighed the risks. Two weeks after her surgery, she says she couldn’t imagine her life without green eyes. The entrepreneur—who is in the process of seeking investors for her upcoming dating app (called Pacebe)—says her new look has given her a boost of self-confidence, especially in the singles world. Over Christmas, she visited her grandmother, surprising her with her upgraded eye color. “Everybody was incredibly happy for me,” she says of her family’s first impressions. “And my grandmother made a comment about how my eyes are so much more beautiful than hers!”

When we checked in a month and a half after the procedure, Couto was still beyond content with the outcome—so much so, in fact, that she’s even consider doing it again. “I’m thinking of changing the color already,” she admits. “My brother loved my eyes and is thinking of getting the surgery done. He wants to get smoky gray, and I will probably go back to match him.” But she’ll sit tight for “a few years,” she says. For the moment, she is enjoying seeing green.

Main image: Sabine Villiard/Trunk Archive

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Collective Retreats is Glamping Done Right

There is a lot to re-think about the hotel industry these days with the disruption of AirBNB and VRBO, as well as a new emphasis on creating special experiences—the kind of sparkly sunset photo ops millennials like to share on social media. One new player has responded by taking an old concept—luxury safari-style camping—and giving it an Americana spin.   

Simply put, Collective Retreats takes guests to scenic locales where brick-and-mortar hotels are unable to go. Accommodations are roomy canvas tents with real beds, antique furniture and an antler chandelier. Bathrooms are an adjoining teepee with flush loos and rain showerheads. Unlike the recent Fyre Festival debacle, this is “glamping” in a more thoughtful interpretation. 

Collective Retreats
Courtesy of Etta Meyer

Collective’s locations started in the West and are rapidly expanding. They are in or near: Vail, CO, Big Sky, MT, and—opening in June 2017—the Hudson Valley, NY. More are planned to open soon in Texas’ hill country and Sonoma County, California. 

The business model keeps an asset-light footprint (economically and environmentally) by partnering with property owners who have something to gain from a micro-boost in tourism. For example, Collective Vail is situated on a bluff above 4 Eagle Ranch, a recreational enterprise that offers access to horseback trail rides, ATV tours, a zip line course and a winery. The ranch has long been a day-trip destination for those staying in nearby Beaver Creek or Vail, but now has a direct source of on-site customers—thanks to Collective Retreats. 

Collective Retreats

From the guest’s perspective, staying at a CR gains you access to waking up in a picturesque, natural place, with a gourmet chef who prepares breakfast, lunch-in-a-box and dinner with locally sourced ingredients. Before you arrive, a concierge will plan activities ranging from an historical walking tour, to a horseback ride, to an in-tent massage. (Activities are booked separately.) 

The retreats are intrinsically intimate and romantic, inspiring visits from couples, birthday parties, bachelorettes, and, unexpectedly, elopers looking to wed and honeymoon all at once.    

Collective Retreats

What is next up for the Denver-based start-up? CEO Peter Mack reports they are starting to think beyond the tent with geodesic domes, tiny houses and treehouses (all in the research stage.) Yet the company’s primary feature is the specialness of their locations. In scouting potential sites, Mack has accessed properties by canoe, cross-country ski and helicopter. “We want to go to places people day-dream about while in their office,” says Mack. To which we say, giddy-up. 

$ 500 per night.

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