Is It OK To Kill Fundamentalists in Video Games And Other Musings On Religion

The new trailer for Far Cry 5 is out and it’s causing a lot of hubbub. Specifically because for the first time, the focal point of the game is killing Christians. Fundamentalist, wacko-David Koreshian Christians for sure, but Christians nonetheless. American Christians in rural Montana.

What I like about it is that it’s a daring commentary on a country that feels flipped on its ear. A year ago at this time, the United States was at best ‘leader of the free world’ and at worst ‘a democratic nation.’ Now, with Sauron controlling an elderly imbecile through a Russian Palantir, we’ve…slipped a bit.


In one sense, that makes our inevitable comeback that much better.

But in another sense, it gives us reason to pause, and consider how the fox came to run the hen house in the first place? In answering that, the religious right has to shoulder a percentage of responsibility.

Now, before this descends into chaos, let me couch everything in sanity by saying this: there is absolutely nothing wrong with religion or spirituality in and of itself. In fact, some of the most comforting emotions humans can experience can involve the feeling of being one with a higher entity or being ‘watched over’ by a benevolent deity. No one should ever fault anyone for their faith. It can be a wonderful, wholesome thing. Let me also say that all of my family in every direction is Christian. Some of them are born-again. Some of my close friends are very devout. Many of the best all-around people I have ever known have had a deep connection to religion and they practice what they preach. Religion, as a guide, often provides people with a time-tested road map by which to live their lives. It certainly doesn’t prevent people from being introspective and ‘good.’

Nor does it automatically grant them those qualities.

Where I tend to chafe against organized religions — any organized religion — is when it begins to advance its perceived superiority over people who don’t necessarily subscribe to that particular doctrine. A certain deity is perceived to say X, therefore we will make rules for civilization that say Y.

No, no, no.

We purport to have separation of Church and State here in America, but we still swear our President in on the Bible. That always shocks me. And this past inauguration featured two Bibles! I would bet my bottom dollar that current head of the executive branch has never read any part of the Bible. The two Bible-swear in was the sports car equivalent of tiny-penis compensation. Look how big my Holiness is!

To close the inauguration ceremony, we listened to several prayers by various men of the cloth and it struck me more than ever as an incongruity. How must areligious people feel watching this ceremony? Or how about members of other religious faiths? It’s not notable that, in 2017, people pray for divine guidance for our leaders. What is notable is that we do it in an official government ceremony which purportedly represents all Americans. What does that mean that, as part of our American version of a coronation, that the existence of a higher being is just presumed?

American public school children pledge allegiance to a flag that is Under God. Every bill from the American public mint says «In God We Trust», which is the official motto of the United States of America. Is it a systemic misinterpretation of separation of Church and State, or possibly, an intentional one?

Either way, some people are tired of the ambiguity around it.

Take the Pope, for example.

I really like this Pope, much more than I have any of his predecessors. Because I think he and I would agree that the worst part of faith-based organizations is not the faith. That’s the best part. It’s the frauds who profess to care about the faith and then live their lives in a completely different fashion.


I’m with that. I’m with that so hard.

Because I grew up in a very religious household. I went to not one but two churches every Sunday because my dad was Lutheran and my mom was Greek Orthodox. So that’s two Sunday schools and two Holy Communions and I also worked in the Altar at my mom’s church. And what turned me off more than anything over the years was how simple it was for people to pretend to be pillars of the community while acting utterly cruel and petty in their personal lives. I still see it all the time.

And of course, that double standard was brought to a head with the various, stomach-turning breaches of trust in Catholicism.

In my personal case, the two ‘Shepherds’ I admired the most were both drummed out of their respective religions for having affairs. What a pisser. One was this young, handsome Protestant minister who used to preach out of a small church in New Hampshire. He had a knack for public speaking, and every weekend he’d comment on a current social issue and weave it in seamlessly with a Biblical teaching, but not in a preachy way. It was like a friend. It was like, here’s how I think of it. How do you think of it? Is there another way to look at it? He took crusty old parables and made them feel fresh and relevant. And people would bring lawn chairs and sit in the parking lot. They had to spring for these crummy stereo speakers and wire them through open windows just so people could hear the sermon outside. You couldn’t even see him if you didn’t get there early. I never heard a full accounting of the whys, but I gathered that he was having sex with several parishioners and they ran him out of dodge. The other guy was this Orthodox Bishop with these crystal clear eyes. Holy eyes. Angelic. He would sing in Greek with this booming voice and you could almost feel the Holy Spirit in his presence. He didn’t feel completely human. He was more like a warrior priest from a different era. When he looked at you, you felt like he had somehow been on the other side. It was awe-inspiring. I think they found out that he had a second, secret apartment with a woman and that was curtains for him.

We could debate at great length about the importance or lack of importance of celibacy in conjunction with ordination, and different religions view it differently, but suffice it to say that the closest people I had to role models were summarily kicked to the curb. So, that wasn’t awesome for me.

One of the reasons I was so shocked about the Republican victory this past November was the very real difference between Trump and Hillary with regard to religion. She was an actual Sunday school teacher. He is the living embodiment of the seven deadly sins: envious, gluttonous, greedy, lustful, proud, lazy and wrathful. And the Pope rightly questioned his sincerity.

In response, Trump called the Pope — The Pope! — disgraceful.


He’s done, I thought. That’s it. No Christian is going to stand by as the highest profile person in Christianity is maligned. He’s done.

But, no. Not even close. American Evangelicals turned out in force, in record numbers, to vote for Donald Trump.


And I feel like this really opens them up to some very obvious questions. Like, is it more important to just claim you’re a Christian, or to actually adhere to Christian values? The two aren’t always common bedfellows.

The scope and consistency of their voting resolve is a large part of what turned the election. It wasn’t like they were fractured. The highest percentage of Evangelicals rang the Republican bell ever.


So is it just the saddest possible by-product of identity politics or is it something more sinister?

The unification of that particular voting block has called some to compare the American Religious Right to the Taliban. Others suggest that our current administration smacks too much of the Christian version of Sharia Law or a thinly-veiled surge toward theocracy, and that it’s not remotely connected to the majority of Americans, among whom atheism is silently growing. Nothing captures the frustrated resentment of people who perceive the 2016 election reflects a certain hypocrisy than this tweet storm:

But it’s the words and deeds of people who consider themselves devout Christians that really do the most damage to their viewpoints. Like the big tough guy who beat up a reporter on the way to becoming a member of congress. He thinks of himself as a religious man.


Frankly, it’s exhausting, and in my opinion, people like this do a horrible disservice to Christianity as an institution, and reflect the polar opposite of the teachings and kindnesses that the Bible attempts to promote.

But the most egregious and jarring moment in recent memory was during the recent Attorney General confirmation hearings when Jeff Sessions was asked if secular people had as much claim to the truth as religious people and Sessions answers «well, I don’t know.»

That should have immediately been the end of that. That’s insane. Straight up delusional. That’s why so many people are terrified of having what they perceive as a religious zealot as the highest law-enforcement official in the land. It doesn’t help that Mike Pence’s catchphrase is:


Just because someone is areligious or non-religious it certainly doesn’t mean they are unethical or amoral. Quite the opposite, in fact.


This chart, for example, shows the results of a recent poll about waterboarding, where you can see that the non-religious respondents came out against torture in significantly higher proportion to their religious counterparts.

But, equally chilling is this new Pew survey where 32% of Americans feel that someone needs to be Christian to be American.

While not surprising, it is conversation-worthy, especially when we have yet to have a serious dialogue about what it truly means to have Christian values in a country that is supposed to, at its very core, separate religion from governance. How would, for example, those same 32% of people feel if the next president decided to swear his oath of office on the Koran? Or the Torah?

Or how would the dollar bill look with the words There is No God stamped across it?

How about all children recite the words «Under Cthulhu» in the pledge of allegiance?

When you put the shoe on the other foot, it looks significantly scarier. And some would say that that’s precisely why religious people in America are digging in so hard, to prevent the shoe from getting anywhere near the other foot.

Incidentally, the only two presidents who refused to swear his oath of office on the Bible were John Adams and later his son, John Quincy Adams. They placed their hands on a book of law.

And isn’t that really the way it should be? Shouldn’t we be moving to create a society of inclusion and grace, where the best values of its citizens, both the religious and those who choose to be unaffiliated with religion, work in symphony to make for a better world for our children and grandchildren? There are amazing people on both sides of the church door. We need to find a way to celebrate both.

Or maybe that’s just the empty propaganda they write in the pamphlets about the USA. Maybe it will always be a rigged game and the best we can do to show our frustration is go to fake Montana on our Xboxes and attack some radicals. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to until Far Cry 5 launches in February of 2018.


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The Way Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood Met Will Reignite Your Hope For a Future With Leo

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have been living in marital bliss since 2010. The duo, who are parents to 2-year-old son Isaiah, have shared so many cute moments together over the years. While it’s hard to imagine things getting any sweeter than Carrie surprising Mike’s NHL team by singing the national anthem at his game or him supporting her at award shows, it turns out that the start of their love story is probably their best moment of all. During a 2016 appearance on The Tyler Oakley Show, the «Church Bells» singer was asked if she’s ever made out with a fan, including her husband. «No, he is!» she said. «I met him at a meet and greet.»

She further explained how it all went down on a 2012 episode of Behind the Music. After agreeing to be set up with the hockey pro by her bassist Mike Childers in 2008, Carrie had him come backstage to meet her in order to take some of the pressure off a typical blind date setting. She was immediately taken with the handsome athlete and quickly texted Childers three words that sealed the deal: «Hot, hot, hot.» We would have to agree, Carrie.

POPSUGAR Celebrity

F*ck You, Pay Me ‘Ebony’ Magazine

Every so often, the topic of being expected to write for free or better yet, being expected to write for exposure and only exposure, comes up as a topic of discussion on Twitter. When it does, many of the people discussing said topic make it abundantly clear that under no circumstances should you be expected to offer your talents and services to any organization that is only willing to compensate you with the promise of exposure to plenty of people who will want to read your work and hire you as a result. A promise that carries as much weight as Lauryn Hill promising that she’ll be punctual when appearing on stage to perform at a concert that you paid money for.

(And to those of you who are still paying money to see Lauryn Hill in concert when all you’re doing is paying money to wait for four hours until she decides to come out on stage and do a half-assed job … stop it. Just stop it. If you want to set your money on fire, you can easily do that at home)

Where was I? Oh, right. Writing only to be compensated with exposure (a.k.a. «nothing») and companies that think this is a business practice that still deserves to exist usually gets the same response, best exemplified in this GIF that I use every time this topic comes up:


Clearly, no one told any of this to Ebony magazine, and if they did, they were most likely blocked. Recently, the hashtag #EbonyOwes was created on Twitter because many freelancers who have worked on behalf of Ebony magazine have not been paid for any of their services, and their numerous attempts to get their deserved compensation from them has been met with nothing but silence. You’d think that with a magazine as prestigious and well-known as Ebony that something like this is a rarity and that they’d never let behavior like this be tolerated. Unfortunately, many of the tweets posted under the #EbonyOwes hashtag say differently.

When your primary (and only) source of income is writing freelance, there are many things that have to be taken into consideration on a regular basis. You have to come up with ideas to pitch to your editor(s). You have to pitch those ideas to editors and find out of said ideas are to their liking. You have to sit down and stare at the blank page for however long it takes until you put pen to paper and express your ideas in the best way you know how. You have to listen to the feedback of your editor(s). You have to do this over and over again as often as possible with every idea you can think of that can be made into a story or article that is worth writing. And depending on who you’re working for, you also have to deal with being told that your invoice has been collecting dust under Rorschach’s journal for the last couple of weeks and that you won’t actually be paid on time. Or that you won’t even be paid at all. And then you’re left having to figure out how your rent will be paid on time, and whether your landlord is about to make your life difficult. And having to figure out how to pay the rest of your bills. And having to wonder whether you can or will continue to work for a publication/website that regularly makes you have to worry about such things. And also having to wonder whether it’s worth the time or energy or money (that you most likely don’t have) to look into legal representation so that you can get what you rightfully deserve. And whether you can find a side job to help you keep your head above water financially, while also making sure that you have enough time left in the day to focus on your writing because sleeping is something you can do when you’re dead.

The fact that Ebony, a magazine that has been around since 1945 and is supposed to be focused on uplifting and informing the African-American community, would behave like this towards its contributors, and then stick their heads in the sand and act as if nothing is wrong by Blocking them on Twitter when being called out … it’s absolutely shameful and I hope more than anything that these complaints about Ebony grow louder and louder to the point where they can’t and won’t be ignored, and that even their profits and their reputation takes a severe hit as a result. The people who make their magazine into required reading with the work they do shouldn’t have to worry as to whether or not they’ll ever be paid, and if this is how they continue to do business, then Ebony (and any other publication/website that behaves in a similar manner) should simply close its doors and disappear.


14 Celebrities You’d Be Surprised to Know Got Their Start on Broadway

When it comes to talent, these celebrities are triple threats. While stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Meryl Streep are known for their groundbreaking TV and movie roles, you’d be surprised to know that they got their start singing and dancing on the stage. In fact, many of them still raise their incredible voices from time to time (looking at you, Anna Kendrick). Whether or not you’re a theater nerd, you’ll definitely appreciate some of these stars’s humble beginnings on Broadway.

POPSUGAR Celebrity

Brandy Had A Scary Moment Of Unconsciousness On A Plane Today


TMZ says that some in-flight drama happened on a Delta flight early this morning involving Brandy Norwood. 38-year-old Brandy was on a flight from LAX to JFK when she fell unconscious before the plane even pulled out of the gate. Oh no-to-the, e-to-the. Law enforcement sources say that Brandy’s fellow passengers and flight attendants rushed to her aid. The paramedics got her off the plane, and she regained full consciousness while being treated on the jetway.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department told People that units responded sometime after 6am to an “unspecified medical complaint,” and that an unknown number of passengers were transported to the hospital.

Last week Brandy was denying she was pregnant, which adds another layer of drama to all of this. KABC Los Angeles says that Brandy was taken to the Marina Del Rey Hospital.

The only real silver lining I can find in all of this, if I can even call it that, is that I had totally forgotten Brandy’s first cousin is Snoop Dogg. I feel like a visit from Snoop would make any hospital stay just a tiny bit better.

Pic: Instagram


You Know What? F*ck That Guy: ‘Wonder Woman’ Edition

I don’t think we have done a «f*ck that guy» since Vivian started writing for The Mary Sue full-time, but then again, much of 2017 has been one long post of f*ck that guy» directed at our President. However, today, we have a few people who aren’t in politics that we’d like to ask to go f*ck themselves. So, without further ado, let’s get to f*cking:

— Fuck that guy: David Edelstein (who I admit, I used to dig when he was at Slate) who decided to review Wonder Woman with his penis.

«The only grace note in the generally clunky Wonder Woman is its star, the five-foot-ten-inch Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot, who is somehow the perfect blend of superbabe-in-the-woods innocence and mouthiness … She’s a treat here with her raspy accented voice and driving delivery. (Israeli women are a breed unto themselves, which I say with both admiration and trepidation.) … She looks fabulous in her suffragette outfit with little specs, but it’s not until she strips down to her superheroine bodice and shorts, pulls out her sword, and leaps into the fray, that she comes into her own.»

— How about Jeremy Morgan, a Pistons fan and terrible human being. F*ck that guy in the eardrum, preferably with a steel dildo.

— Look: It’s OK if you don’t like Wonder Woman. Not everyone will! But there’s a way to write about it, and a way not to write about it. Steve Rogers, from The Guardian, doesn’t seem to get it.

Confusingly, Diana later explains that «men are essential for procreation but when it comes to pleasure, unnecessary»

I’m not sure what’s confusing about that? SHE’S SAYING THAT WOMEN CAN GET OFF ALL BY THEMSELVES, STEVE.

I’d like to ask Steve to go f*ck himself, but I’m guessing he doesn’t have a choice in the matter.

— Oh, fuck that gal, in this case, specifically Maureen Callahan at the NYPost, who took issue with Wonder Woman because it wasn’t «American» enough:

This new Wonder Woman, however, has almost nothing to do with America. The film is set during World War I, in London. Steve Trevor, the pilot Wonder Woman rescues and falls for, is American in name only — here, he’s working for British intelligence.

Most tellingly, Wonder Woman’s iconic costume has been leached of all color. The bald eagle on her chest, the white stars on her blue bottom, the red-and-white striped boots — all have disappeared. She’s no longer vibrant and strong; she’s sad, a pacifist whose armor resembles mourning attire.

That is one shitty take, and the fact that she’s a «pacifist» was actually the thing my 9-year-old loved most about Wonder Woman. «It was violent, but it was all about creating peace. That’s what I loved most about it,» the kid said after the movie last night, so go fuck yourself, Maureen Callahan.


Kathy Griffin Says She’s Gotten Serious Death Threats And Accused The Trumps Of Bullying Her


Just a few days after Kathy Griffin and Tyler Shields released a picture of her working a pussy bow blouse while holding “Trump’s head” (aka a Party City mask covered with raspberry syrup), she hired a team of lawyers to help her fight against the Trump family and their supporters who she says have sent her detailed death threats. One of Kathy’s lawyers is Lisa Bloom, daughter of Gloria Allred. If Gloria Allred is the Legal Queen of Press Conferences, then Lisa Bloom is the Legal Princess of Press Conferences. So in the conference room of her L.A. office this morning, Lisa held a presser with Kathy. Kathy brought the raw emotion while talking about how her career is probably in the shit can for real and how never history has a sitting U.S. president gone after a comedian and tried to ruin them.

Kathy’s stunt has cost her jobs and fucked with her money. CNN dumped her. Squatty Potty dumped her. And several venues have canceled her shows. Lisa Bloom cried sexism when talking about the backlash against Kathy. Lisa said that dude artistes, like Marilyn Manson, have killed “Donald Trump” in videos or shows, and none of them have lost jobs or gotten as much shit as Kathy. Kathy then took to the mic. Since no Gloria Allred or Lisa Bloom press conference is complete without serious emotion and tears, I set the stopwatch on my iPhone and waited for Kathy to go there. She did a few times.

Kathy said that she knows she did a wrong and regrets it, but that she did something Trump is allergic to (apologized) and is still getting death threats and is the focus of a Secret Service investigation. Jabba the Trump, Jabba the Trump Jr. and Melania Trump all tweeted out against Kathy, and she says that they have also rounded up their “bots” to destroy her. Kathy also said she gets how Trump is using her as a distraction from the real issues like the Russia investigation. One reporter asked Kathy if she talked to Anderson Cooper, who spoke out against the picture, and she shook her head no while crying. The Gay Card Society just brought up Anderson’s Cooper’s name on their system, and immediately voided his membership for that!

Here’s a bit of the press conference:

While I do agree that the backlash against Kathy has been ridiculous, I have to say that the entire press conference was weird and shouldn’t have happened. It didn’t help her. Kathy says that she has been used as a distraction but then added to that distraction with this press conference. Kathy needs new people. What she should’ve done is laid low for a while and then spoke out in a new Bravo series called: My Life On The FBI Watch List! 

And at the end of the press conference, one reporter managed to be the biggest attention whore in the room by holding up a picture of Kathy holding “Lisa Bloom’s head” and asking her if she’s okay with it.


So congratulations to that guy!

Pics: TMZ


It May Not Be ‘Prestige’ TV, But ‘Wynonna Earp’ Is ‘Important’ Television

Real talk: I hate the phrase «prestige TV.» I honestly don’t know what it means. I have an idea about what OTHER people think it means, but it’s a perplexing phrase for yours truly. It’s perplexing because it’s so limiting: «prestige» usually has something to do with a certain type of show (usually centered on a white male antihero, even in 2017) filmed in a certain type of way (ie, dimly-lit AF) with a long-form narrative that unfolds in a certain type of manner (ie, slow AF) in a certain type of tone (ie, dour AF).

There’s nothing WRONG with a lot of the shows most in the TV critic world would dub «prestige,» and I certainly like a lot of them myself. But there’s another entire world of not just entertaining, but important, shows that don’t fall neatly or overtly into the «prestige» category. I use «important» because talking about prestige TV is often about talking about the show itself as this hermetically sealed document that exists up to the edge of the screen. These types of shows are often a curiosity to be analyzed, not a living entity to be embraced. There’s something mathematical about the way these shows proceed: They do all of the «right» things, but still leave me cold.

I favor «important TV» over «prestige TV.» They may sound like the same thing said two different ways, but importance here is defined by how much a show means to the person watching it. This brings things to a personal, subjective level rather than some larger, objective level. (After all, let’s be honest: there’s literally nothing objective about criticism. I can’t believe I have to keep saying this, but enough people seem to not understand this that I have to keep stating it.) There’s enough TV at this point to stop watching what critics tell you you’re supposed to watch and get on with the fun of curating a solid lineup of programs that make you feel…anything.

The shows I tend to favor, as a 40+ year-old guy who’s been writing about TV for a decade, center on shows that portray people in ways that move me to laughter, tears, or both. I need to be invested enough in them to forget I’m watching a TV show altogether. That’s literally the only thing a show needs to do for me to be its fan.

Now, of course, creating compelling characters is the backbone of any show. So how come so many are so terrible at it?

Wynonna Earp, which returns for its second season on SyFy on June 9, does not have this problem. What it lacks in crane shots and CGI dragons, it more than makes up for in countless characters who react to extraordinarily weird situations in extraordinarily relatable ways. It has a roster of relatable people, is utterly and totally sex-positive, and is light on its feet without sacrificing emotion. It doesn’t have a globally-spanning narrative, because it knows the closer you are to home, the more dangerous life is and the more vulnerable you are.

The show wisely expands its universe in the second season (of which I’ve seen four of the planned twelve episodes) without losing any of the DIY charms of its first season. Without spoiling anything, showrunner Emily Andras wisely focuses on Wynnona and her sister Waverley as the heart of what unfolds after the climactic actions of the season one finale. (I won’t spoil that either, in case you haven’t caught up on the first season on Netflix, but if you haven’t caught up, why on earth are you reading this?) Melanie Scrofano is once again great as Wynonna, who wears sarcasm on her sleeve to cover up the emotional wounds she constantly fights. But the early part of season two belongs almost entirely to Dominique Provost-Chalkley, who is given incredibly fun and varied things to do within single scenes, nevermind entire episodes. Andras gives her the wheel in these early installments, and Provost-Chalkley nearly drives off with the entire show. Her interactions with Wynonna are great, but the ones with Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) are even better. (Haught gets a lot of added depth in the early proceedings, and is often the smartest person in the room despite being perpetually kept at arm’s distance from the main action.)

That’s saying something with Tim Rozon’s Doc Holliday still in the picture. Holliday is one of those aspects of Wynonna Earp that sounds absolutely ridiculous if you try to explain his presence to someone who’s never seen the show. But it’s never ridiculous while you’re watching it, and that’s one of the greatest aspects of Wynonna in general: Even the characters themselves have a hard time believing the things that happen to them, but roll with them because there’s little other choice. These aren’t people for whom mobility (either physical or social) is an option, and the second season plays around a lot with the idea that Purgatory itself is much more aware of its supernatural shenanigans than it lets on. Just as Buffy The Vampire Slayer used monsters as a metaphor for how hellish high school can be, so too does Wynonna Earp use genre conventions to suggest leaving one’s childhood home is sometimes impossible.

The residents of Sunnydale and Purgatory may not generally seek out danger, but they also don’t board up their homes and avoid it, either. Where Wynonna shines is in its ability to embrace life in the face of death. This takes the form of really funny quips (including one of the best Siri-centric jokes I’ve ever heard), or people boning a lot and with great vigor. Sex is a huge part of this show, and it occurs between all combinations of races, genders, and sexual orientations. The one common thread: it’s almost depicted as something celebratory rather than punitive. One of the ways to make flesh-and-blood people come alive onscreen is to show them craving flesh without it consuming their every waking moment. Again, it’s a really simple thing, but it’s utterly refreshing because so few shows do it! It’s not that sex is meaningless in Wynonna Earp. What’s often fun about the sex on this show is that it’s as surprising to the characters as it is the audience, which happens as often as the traditional, slow-burn, near-miss type of relationship also depicts. The mix of the two feels realistic, even if its set in a revenant-filled triangle.

At one point in these early episodes, one character chides another for being too hasty in their approach to a particular problem. «It’s called the long game,» this character says. «I’ve been playing one for a while.» Andras and company are technically playing a long game here with the show’s mythology, but there’s also a freshness to the speed at which it dispatches story while also being keen to develop and deploy solid monster-of-the-week episodes. Again, without getting into spoilers, the end of season one opens up the show’s monster palette quite a bit, which is a good thing. Just as in season one, there isn’t one single narrative arc but rather several smaller ones that organically lead into the next one. The fourth episode feels like the end of season two’s first act, and I can’t wait to see what the hell Wynonna Earp does with that doozy of a cliffhanger.

How long can Andras play the Wynonna Earp game? It’s unclear. The show’s ratings were not huge, and its timeslot doesn’t help. But it has hugely devoted (and hugely vocal) fans. The show’s central conceit (especially with Black Badge’s shady reach) is malleable enough to go on for years, but Wynonna narratively pushes itself as if it’s not taking any additional seasons for granted. My advice, if you haven’t sampled it yet, is to check it out on Netflix ahead of its season two premiere. There’s an emotional richness and an utter lack of pretension that will most likely win you over. It’s a show that doesn’t know how not to wear its heart on its sleeve, and it will sneak up on you fast if you let it in.

If that’s not the mark of an important show, then I guess I don’t know what is.


Now For More On Taylor Swift’s New Relationship With Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift and new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston enjoy a romantic walk on the beach near Lowestoft in Suffolk

That’s a picture of Taylor Swift strolling along the beach with her former British actor boyfriend Tom Hiddleston, because there really aren’t any good pics of Taylor and her new British actor boyfriend Joe Alwyn yet. Yesterday Taylor and Joe were seen boarding her private jet. The pics are blurry, and both of them were all covered up in black hoodies like two kids about to egg their math teacher’s house. According to E! News, you shouldn’t count on seeing anything better pics anytime soon, because Taylor and Joey are doing everything in their power not to be seen.

E!’s sources say that Taylor is still traveling back and forth from the US to England, where she’s renting a place in London close to Joe’s parents. Once source says Joe has flown to the US twice, including once this week. Taylor had reportedly spent the past couple weeks in London and she was seen traveling with Joe yesterday. The Daily Mail has pictures of Taylor and Joe boarding her private jet.

Another source says Joe is more of a “romantic friend,” and that it’s still “really light.” She also hasn’t told many of her friends about Joe. That same source goes on to say that Taylor has worked hard with her management and security team to keep this romantic friendship whatever with Joe a secret, because she doesn’t want the media to come after her like they did during her embarrassingly public relationship with Tom.

“When she’s ready, she’ll talk about it. Don’t expect this to play out like her other relationships. She’s taking it seriously and keeping her private life separate.”

E!’s first source says that Taylor has also been editing her friend collection by “cutting a lot of negative friends out of her life,” as well as distancing herself from her staff. You can’t tell me she cut out her friends simply by withholding ‘likes‘ on their Instagram posts. I want to believe her squad was called to her house for a Bachelorette-style rose ceremony where the lucky few were rewarded with a flower and a ballot to enter their name draw for the chance to be present in the background during Taylor and Joe’s very special first public pap outing.



Hot Slut Of The Day!


Lace shorts for dudes!

For years and years, chicks have been working the lace-over-chonies look, so it’s about time that looks becomes mainstream for dudes. Who cares about the RompHim (which has been around for centuries and no, that’s not me admitting to having one or two in my closet… yes, it is)? The rest of 2017 is all about lace shorts for men finally becoming a thing! Rapper and homo-hop artiste Cazwell posted a picture on Instagram of himself and his video hos wearing neck-to-knee lace ensembles from Hologram City on the set of his new video. If Prince did a capsule collection for International Male in the 80s, this would be his collection’s best-selling leisure wear outfit. This is “if the Care Bears morphed into humans and started a boy band” hotness.

Somebody better slide an air mattress behind man shorts hater Fran Lebowitz before she sees this pic and passes out.

May this lead to the year of man lace shorts! And as dudes everyone frantically search their panties drawer for a pair of skidmark-free undies to wear with lace shorts, Hologram City better be sending several free pairs to known Going Commando team member Jon Hamm.

Pic: Hologram City 


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