Andy Cohen and Jeremy Jauncey Snap Selfies at Samsung Summer Bash

If you were witness to as many thrown drinks as Andy Cohen, you would have a water-resistant smartphone, too – like the one he was touting last night at Samsung’s Made for Summer party for the Galaxy S8, which boasts a panoramic waterproof screen. “I’ve had mine for a while.” said Cohen. “It’s the phone of the summer!“

When asked about the latest wine-fueled fight on this week’s RHONY, sparked by Bethenny and Sonja’s competing alcohol brands, the Bravo host demurred. “There are things that they all can do to make me question them. They’re all very unique. And sometimes you just have to understand what their motives are.” 

Thankfully, the only ones getting wet last night were the phones being dunked in water by Samsung staffers. Partygoers sampled summery bites like watermelon and feta skewers and sipped rosé, while a giant beach chair overlooking the High Line provided the perfect photo opp for Cohen and “King of Instragram” Jeremy Jauncey

The sweat-proof device comes in handy with Cohen’s busy workout schedule, which he regularly documents on Instagram. “I use a couple trainers. The one you’ve probably on my Instagram story is a big blonde Equinox trainer named Stanislav. He’s very handsome. I also do muay thai with Mike Medrano, who I call the Ninj. He’s built like a brick shithouse.”

After a discussion with Cohen, the high-tech evening ended with some good old country music courtesy of song-of-the-summer contender Sam Hunt. 

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Pajiba 10 For Your Consideration: Logan Browning

I’ve really enjoyed the FYC posts for Pajiba 10 this season, but I’ve never written one myself.

Until now.

For your consideration, fellow Pajibans, I offer the talented Logan Browning.


Logan Browning plays the lead role of Sam White in Justin Seimen’s Netflix show Dear White People and while the cast is full of talent, this show works spectacularly well because of Logan Browning.

I didn’t know of her before the show, which is something I really enjoy, and so as much as I’d like to post a litany of her prior achievements, I don’t know them.


Not only have I never seen any of the shows before Dear White People, but I’ve never heard of them. Fuck, I’m getting old. Actually, I have heard of Bratz. I didn’t know it was a show, I thought it was a line of ungodly base-faced dolls from hell, which I know from various toy stores where I’ve said to my reaching children «absolutely not.»


Here she is in Bratz.



Logan Browning. Dear White People to me, was an amazing, amazing show. I loved it. I watched it in like two sittings with longing and frustration during the in-between time until I could get back to it. It’s great.


And she really shines. In the time since then, I’ve watched interviews and read articles about her and she just seems so down to earth, her head is screwed on right. When people ask her why she got into acting, she says it’s because she wanted to be famous. That just feels refreshing to me. She adds that, now, that’s not at all interesting to her, because she sees the fallout from it, but she thinks that lots of little kids just want to be «a star.»

She has that star quality in Dear White People. She has that captivating, eats-the-screen kind of ability. But, in interview after interview, this native Atlantan comes across as just wonderful. Over and over again. Someone that you can really root for.

Logan Browning is a world-class beauty, a talented actress, a dancer, and a person we can, and should get behind.

Does she need a best friend who can spell?


Yes. Yes she does. But I’ll admit, I can’t fucking breath either in Trump’s fucked up dystopian nightmare.

Spelling aside, as you mull over your Pajiba 10 list this year, think about sneaking in a timeless beauty who can literally make any hairstyle work for her. Any hairstyle. That’s basically a superpower in and of itself.

Logan Browning, fellow Pajibans. Logan Browning.












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loganbrowning (1).jpg









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Drink DuJour: All American

Typically, Fourth of July is all about finding the best place to look up at the fireworks. But if you really want to celebrate America’s birthday in a big way, you’ve got to aim a little higher.

One World Observatory at the top of One World Trade Center in New York City is hosting a Fourth of July party where guests will not only be able to see the fireworks across all five boroughs, but will actually be watching from above the booms.

Making the event all the more festive are specialty cocktails made with Heroes American Vodka, a brand founded in 2009 by U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Travis McVey. Heroes donates a portion of all proceeds to AMVETS, Operation StandDown and more organizations dedicated to helping veterans, and what could be more patriotic than that?

“The bar at One World Observatory provides a stunning view of New York City, and our drinks are designed to celebrate aspects of the area’s unique culture and history,” said Richard Porteus, General Manager of Hospitality at One World Observatory. “For July 4, our signature drink—the All-American—features a blend of delicious ingredients that are as patriotic as the name suggests.”

Tickets to this Fourth of July soirée can be purchased here

2 oz. Heroes American Vodka
1 ½ oz. Coconut water
1 ½ oz. Fresh lemon juice
½ oz. Lavender simple syrup
½ oz. Blue curaçao

Combine ingredients, shake and strain over ice in a glass. Partially muddle the strawberries, pour into a wine glass, top with ice. Combine. Float blue curaçao over drink.


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Are These the Names of Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s Twins?

Beyoncé and JAY-Z have reportedly picked out names for their new twins, a baby girl and boy who were born on June 12. According to TMZ, the couple has named their two newborns Rumi and Sir Carter; the company run by Beyoncé and JAY owns the trademarks to their names and reportedly just filed legal documents to secure the rights to the names Rumi Carter and Sir Carter. The trademarks are for «fragrances, cosmetics, key chains, baby teething rings, strollers, mugs, water bottles, hair ribbons, playing cards, tote bags, sports balls and rattles and novelty items.» The couple famously did the same thing with Blue Ivy’s name after her birth in 2012.

Beyoncé and JAY were finally able to take their babies home this week after they had to stay in the hospital «under the lights» after their birth. It was reported that the babies were born prematurely and being treated for jaundice due to elevated bilirubin levels (the lights are designed to lower those levels). What do you think of the baby names?

POPSUGAR Celebrity

Johnny Depp Will Be Fine. They Always Are

Johnny Depp recently attracted a great deal of negative press for a very dumb joke wherein he posited that perhaps it is time for an actor to once again assassinate a president. A quick breakdown of all the dumb surrounding this exact moment in this cultural avalanche we’re all currently existing within: 1) you shouldn’t talk about assassinating a president, ever, at all; 2) favorably comparing oneself to John Wilkes Booth with the implication that in this present scenario the Wilkes Booth is the hero is a bad idea, generally; 3) people cared far more about this than the fact that he routinely abused his wife.

Now, of course, we as humans are capable of caring about more than one thing. You can be horrified by Depp’s statements, his abuse of Amber Heard and what I am sure is a powerful stench that emanates from his scarf collection, all at once. But it is deeply irritating that a joke—however terrible—is more inducing of outrage than actual physical violence. And, yes, I chose the word irritating. Because it’s so common it’s impossible to be fully horrified by this, though it is obviously horrific. Just like it’s horrific that news outlets discussed Depp’s former manager corroborating Heard’s abuse allegations as though this was the confirmation that something had happened rather than Heard’s videos and statements.

Despite all of this, Depp will be fine. They always are.

As opposed to Kathy Griffin, who is now blacklisted from all major engagements, his employment news occupied the same news cycle as his «joke.» Just days later, it was announced that he’s working on a new series based on James Renner’s memoir True Crime Addict. His biggest legal woe is still that dumb Australia thing with his dogs. His latest Google News item is that he wore a leather jacket and the Daily Mail is INTO IT. In a few more cycles, his bad press will fade, only brought up by people with #MAGA in their Twitter bios, forgotten by everyone else. This will be forgotten. The abuse, on the other hand, never stuck at all.

Something cannot be forgotten when it never mattered to most people in the first place. When its average impact ranged from disbelief to «she asked for it.»

We exist in a time where Donald Trump is considered more of a victim than an abused wife. And because of that, Depp will be fine.

Because abuse and harassment allegations against powerful men are essentially minor dandruff. Easily brushed off and eliminated after a couple shampoo treatments. Maybe a couple flakes remain but only noticed by those of us who cared, who ache at the idea that we are the only ones who can see it, who remember. And maybe we don’t care as much about Depp these days, but what about Louis CK? Michael Fassbender? Why is it harder to believe when it’s powerful men we actually like? And even if more of us believed these women, would it matter? Or would they be fine too?

We already know the answer there. They’d be fine. They always are.


Everything Beyoncé, JAY-Z, and Solange Have Said About That Infamous Elevator Fight

JAY-Z dropped his 13th solo album, 4:44, in the wee hours of Friday morning, and naturally, people lost their damn minds. In addition to taking shots at former friends and apologizing to Beyoncé for his infidelities, the 47-year-old rapper resurfaced that infamous elevator incident with Solange Knowles at the 2014 Met Gala in his track «Kill Jay Z.» «You egged Solange on / Knowin’ all along, all you had to say you was wrong / You almost went Eric Benét / Let the baddest girl in the world get away / I don’t even know what else to say / N*gga, never go Eric Benét,» JAY raps. While we’ll probably never really know what happened, here is everything Beyoncé, JAY, and Solange have ever said about the notorious brawl.

May 15, 2014

Beyoncé and JAY broke their silence in a statement to the Associated Press. «As a result of the public release of the elevator security footage from Monday, May 5th, there has been a great deal of speculation about what triggered the unfortunate incident. But the most important thing is that our family has worked through it. Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility for what has occurred. They both acknowledge their role in this private matter that has played out in the public. They both have apologized to each other and we have moved forward as a united family. The reports of Solange being intoxicated or displaying erratic behavior throughout that evening are simply false. At the end of the day families have problems and we’re no different. We love each other and above all we are family. We’ve put this behind us and hope everyone else will do the same.»

July 7, 2014

Solange broke her silence in the August issue of Lucky magazine. The singer referred to the incident as «that thing» and briefly addressed the drama before changing the subject. «What’s important is that my family and I are all good,» she said, adding, «What we had to say collectively was in the statement that we put out, and we all feel at peace with that.»

Aug. 2, 2014

Beyoncé let us know how she really felt in a remix of her song «Flawless» with Nicki Minaj. «We escalate, up in this b*tch like elevators / Of course, sometimes sh*t go down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator,» she raps in the first verse. Bey also showed her appreciation for Solange and JAY in the original song, rapping, «My sister told me I should speak my mind / My man made me feel so God damn fine.»

June 30, 2017

JAY made a statement of his own on «Kill Jay Z» from his 4:44 album. «You egged Solange on / Knowin’ all along, all you had to say you was wrong,» he raps.

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The 11th Annual Pajiba 10 Voting Commences Now: Who Are Your Five Freebies?

Today begins voting for the 11th Annual Pajiba 10. For the few of you who may not be familiar, this is an incredibly fun exercise we do every year. Our readers vote for our version of the most beautiful person in the world, although our list tends to give equal weight to a person’s intelligence, wit, and general attractiveness.

Annually this is one of our most popular posts, and in past years, we’ve even occasionally had folks acknowledge their placement on the lists. It’s super fun.

Here’s how it works, and please pay attention to the instructions because it makes it much, much easier to tally the votes. You all will compile your own Five Freebies lists — the five people with whom your significant other would allow a free pass (if you don’t have a free pass, just pretend). Very early on, the readers began compiling two separate lists: One with those of his or her sex, and another with those of the opposite sex. That tradition is baked in now (although not a requirement), although we should add that if you fancy someone who is non-binary, they can go on either list. The people who are mentioned most frequently make up our Pajiba 10.


The staff has also put together a number of folks for your consideration (otherwise, our votes count the same as yours). They include Miguel Angel Silvestre, Misha Collins, Briga Heeland, Jason Momoa, Chris Evans, Donnie Yen, Shirley Manson, Barry Jenkins, Pablo Schreiber, Taika Waititi, Logan Browning, and Seth Meyers.

One caveat: Those who have been in the Pajiba 10 three times are no longer eligible. They’re in the Pajiba 10 Hall of Fame. You can still vote for them, but those votes will not count. We do not have any new additions to the Hall of Fame this year, though we do have a number of two-timers waiting to be added.

This year, we’re also going to throw in something extra: As a site, we’re going to choose the Best Chris: Pine, Pratt, Evans, or Hemsworth. At the end of your Freebies list, please add one of those names (either of the four Chrisses are also eligible for the Pajiba 10, as well, so if you have Chris Pine on your Freebies list, for instances, include him in both places).

Finally, and please note this format, because it makes it much easier for me to count votes. Write your lists, and then add your Chris. PLEASE USE A COLON SEPARATING ‘CHRIS’ AND THE LAST NAME. It will be super helpful in counting it separately. If you want to continue your comment or justify your decisions, please do so UNDER the lists.

So, here is my list, and yours should be formatted similarly (bolding is not necessary):

Opposite Sex
Briga Heeland
Melanie Lynskey
Kathryn Hahn
Kamala Harris
Carrie Coon

Same Sex
Ira Glass
Jon Lovett
Ryan Reynolds
Justin Theroux
Stanley Tucci

Chris: Pine


The Weekender: Bermuda

My very first trip to Bermuda was a pretty unforgettable one. I was in town during the final weekend of the 2017 America’s Cup, as Emirates Team New Zealand and Oracle Team USA faced off in a gripping race for the oldest trophy in sporting history, and all eyes were certainly on the water. Spectators poured in en masse to the America’s Cup Village at the Royal Naval Dockyard, watching the action from front-row seats at the Gosling’s Island Bar and several other focal points. In the gripping final round of the 35th iteration of the biggest regatta in the world, New Zealand prevailed over team USA.

Beneath the buzzing energy of the weekend’s main event, though, was the undeniable beauty of Bermuda itself— a 21 square mile cluster of 181 islands of varying sizes, together home to approximately 60,000 residents. Today, it’s a country aglow with the economic boost brought on by several years of preparation for the 35th America’s Cup, which has amplified the existing support system of thriving native Bermudian businesses like Gosling’s rum, a humble family operation dating back to 1806. It’s the pride of Bermuda, the thread that weaves many elements of everyday Bermudian life together for both locals and visitors, and it’s something special that no visit here is complete without. In short, to travel to Bermuda is to drink entirely too many Dark ‘n Stormies and Rum Swizzles while taking in the island in all its laid-back glory, so without further ado, here’s my ultimate rum-soaked guide to making the most of a weekend filled with pink sand beaches and beyond.

South Beaches
Credit: Forever Bermuda

Friday morning and afternoon: Fly into L.F. Wade International Airport and breeze your way through customs before hopping in a cab bound for the Fairmont Southampton (just a 35 minute ride, give or take). This’ll serve as your home base for the weekend, its main draws being spacious guest rooms, a prime location, excellent dining options. an absolutely stunning beach club atop sparkling pink sand and quite possibly one of the best breakfast spreads in the Caribbean. Check in, get settled, throw on a swimsuit (and some sunscreen), and then head down to the bubblegum-pink beach club shuttle that awaits in front of the lobby. There’s a chaise lounge and an inaugural Dark ‘n Stormy from the Cabana Bar with your name on it.

Friday evening: Once you’ve had a healthy dose of sun, head back to the hotel via shuttle (or enjoy the 10 minute scenic walk up the hill). It’s time to freshen up for dinner and a night on the town in the capital city of Hamilton. After a quick change, the door attendants will be happy to hail you a cab, and you’ll be on your way to the Barracuda Grill for haute takes on Caribbean fare (and a Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta-Jones sighting if you’re lucky). If you fancy a nightcap on the way back to the hotel, stop at The Swizzle Inn, a Bermudian classic, for (you guessed it) a round of swizzles.

Saturday morning: A good dive or boat outing is essential to any Bermuda itinerary. For those who wish to acquaint themselves with the vast marine life that surrounds the islands (or the 300+ shipwrecks that punctuate it), you’ll want to schedule a morning wreck dive, with which your concierge at the Fairmont will be happy to assist. Of note is the Mary Celeste, one of the most famous shipwrecks in the Caribbean, its celebrity due in part to the 2011 discovery of five bottles of perfectly preserved wine along with one bottle of wholly intact perfume from its 1864 sinking. The perfume was studied and replicated by the Bermuda Perfumery, where divers and history lovers alike can purchase a bottle of their own.

Fairmont Southampton
Credit: Bermuda Tourism

If you’d prefer to stay above water, you can either charter a boat or some jet skis, head out on a guided fishing excursion, or take a mini-cruise around a few select islands—these can each be arranged by your hotel concierge as well.

Saturday afternoon: You’ll likely be thirsty after a morning on the water, so grab a cab to the Gosling’s bottling plant on Dundonald Street in Hamilton, where you can buy a few bottles from the source at the wine and spirits shop. We’d recommend at least one bottle of the classic Black Seal along with the lighter (and newer) Gold Seal expression. You can also find Gosling’s brand ginger beer to make your own Dark ‘n Stormy cocktails; otherwise, there are also ready-to-go versions of the cocktail in a can, which make for lovely souvenirs for the island rum aficionados in your life. From there, if you’re still in a shopping mood, head over to Front Street for a stroll along the strip of boutiques; don’t miss out on Thirty Two° 64°, home of Coral Coast Clothing, a Bermudian-born and American-made collection of refined-yet-relaxed dress shirts, Bermuda shorts and accessories.

Saturday evening: Take the evening to continue exploring the area around Front Street; the restaurants along the harbor are not to be missed. Request an al fresco seat overlooking the water and enjoy the day’s fresh catch alongside a few more rum cocktails before calling it a night and heading back to the hotel via cab.

Sunday morning: As your Bermuda weekend comes to a close (and your suitcase fills up with souvenirs), there’s hopefully still time for one more activity: a spa treatment at Willow Stream right in the comfort of the Fairmont Southampton. There is, after all, no better way to end a beach vacation than with one last exercise in R&R, particularly where a 21,000 square foot wellness playground is concerned. You’ll be ready to take on the flight home with a clear mind and a fresh tan, plotting your next trip back along the way.


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Mika Brzezinski And Joe Scarborough Said That Trump Used The National Enquirer As A Weapon Against Them


Morning Joe co-hosts, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, were supposed to have today off for the long Fourth of July weekend, but they put their vacation off after the Overlord of the United States did what many respectable presidents have done before him: he dragged the looks of a news anchor on Twitter. I mean, we all learned in U.S. history class about the moment when George Washington took to the town square (the Twitter of its time) to talk about how the town crier got a shit face-lift. In an op-ed piece for the Washington Post and on Morning JoeMika and Joe responded to Trump saying that they’re both crazy and that he saw her at his New Year’s party and “she was she was bleeding badly from a face-lift.”

Mika and Joe didn’t really write or say anything that the people haven’t known for a while. Joe said that he’s called Trump racist and has hit at Trump about the Muslim ban, but yet it’s Mika who gets attacked personally. Joe went on to say that Trump is obviously scared of women which is why he gets personal when he attacks one. Mika and Joe said that Trump is losing it emotionally and mentally in the White House and is getting worse and worse and worse. They have heard stories from the inside about how his skin is thinner than a newborn ladybug’s wing and how any little thing makes his flame broiled b-hole shoot out steam.

Mika also told their side of the Mar-a-Lago story. Trump tweeted that they practically begged to join him at his New Year’s party and he turned them down after seeing Mika’s bloody face. Mika said that Trump got it twisted all the way around. Trump was the one who begged them to come to Mar-a-Lago and they finally gave in and went for around 20 minutes. Mika also said that she had a little chin work around that time. via Jezebel

“It was amazing how many lies he packed into two tweets. We did not want to go to Mar-a-Lago. Donald kept calling Joe. Joe went and he stayed for about 30 minutes. And then [Trump’s] like, ‘Where’s Mika? Where’s Mika?’ He seemed to want me to go—I didn’t want to go. And so the next night, we went. I think I was in jeans. We walked through this—we thought, okay, let’s try it again. Try to get an interview, talk to Melania—who I like very much—and we were like shuffled into a side room. It was actually a bedroom. Talked for 20 minutes, and we left through this party of people dressed to the nines. Talk about face-lifts, whoa! Palm Beach, ok, hello! It was amazing. And speaking of my face…I had my chin tweaked. The skin under my chin, I believed I FaceTimed you [motions to anchor]. We talked about it. Called Nicole, called all my friends. Had a lot of fun with it. I’m pretty transparent about what I do and I think it looks awesome.”

Joe added that the Trump of today is not the Trump they knew two years ago. “Is that so, girl?” said everyone who remembers the Obama birth certificate fuckery and more.

As for The National Enquirer shit. Mika and Joe, who are engaged now, said that they heard from higher-ups in the White House that The National Enquirer was going to run an ESCANDALO story about them. They alleged that highers-up promised the story would go away and not see the light of public eyes if they simply called Trump, sucked his ass and apologized for their coverage of him. Trump is friends with David Pecker, the owner of The National Enquirer, UsWeekly, Star and Radar.

The National Enquirer said in a statement that their story about Mika and Joe cheating with each other was true, but they didn’t threaten their children and know nothing about Trump allegedly blackmailing them.

“At the beginning of June, we accurately reported a story that recounted the relationship between Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the truth of which is not in dispute.  At no time did we threaten either Joe or Mika or their children in connection with our reporting on the story.  We have no knowledge of any discussions between the White House and Joe and Mika about our story, and absolutely no involvement in those discussions.”

Trump responded by calling Joe a liar:

And Joe responded to that by saying he’s got receipts:

While doing research for this sad wreck of a saga, I learned that David Pecker (lol Pecker) used to own The Weekly World News. He doesn’t anymore and I’m farting out a cloud of relief over that. If Pecker still owned the WWN, I wouldn’t be able to read a well-researched expose about Bat Boy without thinking that maybe Trump ordered that story after he heard Bat Boy talking shit about him. Thankfully there’s publications I can still trust!

Screenshot: National Enquirer


Hot Social Justice Warrior College Chick Gets ‘Red Headed Slut’ Drink Removed From Indy Howl At The Moon Chalkboard

Here we go again with the stupidity that is 2016-2017 in human history. Now we have a hot college chick turned feminist named Hannah Carter who wants us to believe that she never heard of a ‘red headed slut’ drink before recently walking into an Indianapolis Howl At The Moon location and saw a promotion for the drink behind the bar.

That was this past Saturday. Here we are on Friday and Howl At The Moon has removed promotion of ‘red headed slut’ drinks because Hannah went on a crusade this week and the guy running HATM crumbled.

From the Indy Star:

“I saw the word ‘slut’ and I thought, ‘Oh, no, that can’t be right,’ ” Carter said this week. “This was the first time I had ever seen such a term so degrading to women advertised in a bar on their drink menu. I was so taken off guard.”

And now ‘redheaded slut’ is now considered offensive at the HATM. Don’t believe me?

Sounds like it was on a chalkboard. A CHALKBOARD! AT A BAR!

It’s a goddamn shot. This isn’t church. You’re at the bar to get fuccked up. You’re there to get lit and take a bunch of dirty photos for Snap and your IG Story. Do we now get rid of Slippery Nipples because some woman might get offended because nipples implies Baileys being poured over boobs and some sort of sloppy sex act?

Might as well shut down the whole damn industry then.

And don’t even get me started on Hannah playing dumb as if she didn’t know there was a red headed slut shot. I get the feeling this wasn’t her first rodeo in a bar. It’s clear what’s happening here is that she needs feminist street cred and this was a perfect way to get it.

I mean, look at this line from the Indy Star.

Carter is admittedly new to the bar scene, but she felt so offended, she was compelled to write to Howl at the Moon’s corporate headquarters in Chicago. In her email, she vowed not to return and asked that the drink’s name — and others with derogatory or hidden meanings — be changed or taken off the menu.

Oh ok. Whatever. Yeah, clearly new to the bar scene. SHE WENT TO INDIANA…AT BLOOMINGTON!! AND WAS IN A SORORITY!!! GTFOH.

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