Birthday Sluts


Carol Channing (96)
Joel Courtney (21)
Tyler Hubbard (30)
Marcus Mumford (30)
Justin Timberlake (36)
Tiffany Limos (37)
Bobby Moynihan (40)
Kerry Washington (40)
Kate Shindle (40)
Paul Scheer (41)
Jackie O (42)
Anna Silk (43)
Portia de Rossi (44)
Patricia Velasquez (46)
Minnie Driver (47)
Kelly Lynch (58)
Anthony LaPaglia (58)
Johnny Rotten (61)
Nolan Ryan (70)
Jessica Walter (76)
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (79)
Philip Glass (80)
Jean Simmons (1929-2010)
Jackie Robinson (1919-1972)
Tallulah Bankhead (1902-1968)

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Ellen DeGeneres Tapes Jamie Dornan to a Bed, Tries to Seduce Him With Office Supplies

Jamie Dornan is gearing up for the highly anticipated Valentine’s Day release of Fifty Shades Darker, and to get him in the mood, Ellen DeGeneres decided to test out her seducing skills in the bedroom. During the handsome star‘s appearance on her show on Tuesday, the two acted out a scene from the trilogy’s bonus movie, Fifty Shades Darkest. In the skit, Jamie and Ellen play Staples employees who share an instant attraction when they see each other in the store. Ellen then brings a bag of office supplies home with her to try and seduce Jamie. In addition to taping him to the bed, she also busts out a pencil sharpener that makes him freak out. Honestly, you just have to watch the whole thing for any of it to make sense.

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Rob Lowe Needs a New Personal Assistant, and the Job Listing He Allegedly Posted Is Truly Bonkers

If I got a job as Rob Lowe’s personal assistant, I would expect certain things from day one. Things like occasionally being splattered with self-tanner, weekly scoldings for buying the wrong brand of almond milk, and late-night phone calls from Winona Ryder. (He’d be like, “TELL HER I’M DEAD,” then I’d tell her he’s…

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Did Grayson Allen Trip Somebody Again?


I think I’m starting to come around on Grayson Allen. I’ve always hated him, just like most people hate the white Duke superstar, but I think I’m fully on board the Grayson train now. Dude just loves to be the villain, loves to get mixed up in shit on the court, and more than anything loves to trip people.

It happened again last night against Notre Dame. Granted, this one was a little less obvious. Nobody caught it and he didn’t get called for a foul. But cameras are everywhere and cameras are ALWAYS watching Grayson.

If he keeps embracing this villain role then I have no choice but to root for the guy. There’s nothing better than the asshole Duke player and there’s really nothing better than the asshole Duke player who knows it and embraces it.

Previous Grayson Allen Incidents

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The Real Scandal Is How Amazing Kerry Washington Has Always Looked

Kerry Washington has been on our radar since the early 2000s, when she graced the screen as single mom Chenille in Save the Last Dance (such a classic). Since then, she’s starred in critically acclaimed films like Ray, For Colored Girls, and Django Unchained and has us completely captivated with her role as Olivia Pope on the ABC hit show Scandal, for which she’s received Golden Globe and Emmy nominations. Off screen, Kerry’s life has been pretty golden as well; she and husband Nnamdi Asomugha welcomed their daughter Isabelle in April 2014, and became parents again when their son Caleb was born in October 2016.

Like the rest of us, Kerry fell victim to some of the more unfortunate fashion trends in the 2000s — like denim maxi skirts, woven belts, and skinny scarves — but she’s clearly come out on the other side. In addition to her fashion prowess, Kerry has a megawatt smile, a killer sense of humor, and an inspiring dedication to politics and the arts. Read through for photos of Kerry’s Hollywood evolution.

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Brooklyn Decker Evolution, Florio vs. Cowherd & Mike Vick’s Retirement Party Is Set



ESPN brings out the big guns tonight with a Maryland-Ohio State game at 7. I’m an Ohio State fan and I could not care less about seeing the Buckeyes play. Then comes the game we’ve all been dreading, but it’s not a final farewell from Brent Musburger. He’ll call the Georgia-Kentucky game. It’ll be his last. Then he’ll jet off to Vegas where he has a HUGE weekend planned as a new radio voice at South Point Casino. Can’t wait to see what Brent has planned at

The Evolution of Brooklyn Decker

Mike Vick holding his official retirement party Sat. night in Houston

Meet your new Miss Universe

Cubs selling 2016 Wrigley Field seats…just $ 900

Florio goes in on Cowherd…S.B. media week feud!

Wichita TV station turns anchor’s baby birth into contest

This Florida Man dressed as Sponge Bob, went on peep spree

Meet Lauren from USC

Broken Ankles….Here Come The Broken Ankles…Broke of the Day

Sandwich of the Day

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Ed Sheeran Is a Boxer Seeking a Boxer In His Video For ‘Shape of You’

Ed Sheeran, a 25-year-old English teddy bear manufactured by Swift Industries Ltd., released a new comedy short/music video entitled “Shape of You” Monday morning. In it, the singer unconvincingly portrays a boxer who begins holding hands with, kissing, and perhaps even fucking a woman who is considerably more…

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