‘Showgirls’ Director Thanks Brie Larson for Getting Salty with Rob Lowe

Oh, hey, a bunch of anonymous folks collected the numbers for White House staff where you can actually call and maybe leave a message with Kellyanne Conway or Jared Kushner now, since the official White House public comments line doesn’t seem to exist any longer, oddly starting this year… (Gothamist)

Azealia Banks causing draaaaahmmmma. Shocking. *yawn* — (Lainey)

When I was 20, I was a nanny for triplets, so this news makes me really happppyyy. Pharrell Williams and his wife Helen had triplets! — (DListed)

These Trump regret tweets are both delicious and sad. (Tumblr)

Word is Trump will throw a big ol’ titty baby fit if he has to meet with Prince Charles. Supreme Ruler Stubby Fingers only wants to meet with William, Kate, and Harry. I think the whole damn family should just put a sign on Buckingham Palace that says, «Gone Fishin'» and be mysteriously absent that day. (Celebitchy)

I have no segue for this, but look at this great dress Bryce Dallas Howard wore to the SAG Awards. Off the rack. Like, that dress cost less than my purse. I need to go shopping with her. I need to learn her ways. (Go Fug Yourself)

Here’s a look at the TV shows we may be seeing on our screens come this fall. Good news: There’s a show in the works about Alex Blumberg — always the no in the «Yes Yes No» segment on the «Reply All» podcast. The bad news: Zach Braff would be playing him. (But other goods news: Mindy Kaling and Tina Fey shows). (Uproxx)

I’m in a «FUCK EVERYONE» kind of mood today, so this trailer really appealed to me, because, man, I really want everyone to not be assholes too. Just, yeah, don’t be assholes, ok? — (oohlo)

A quick follow up to Rob Lowe’s insensitive remarks about the airport protests this weekend, which cast members of the West Wing and Brie Larson made fun of. Paul Verhoeven also weighed in, because Rob Lowe’s dickishness is the gift that keeps giving.

But this beautiful video from Danish TV is a bit of a healing balm. It’s worth three minutes of your time. You’re welcome!

And finally, how every afternoon should go — (The Daily Otter)

Lainey is filling in for Courtney today, so some links may go nowhere and some blurbs may have been reported before. You’ll live. Lainey is not THAT Lainey, but she is *that* Lainey.


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