Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban Sows Danger and Discord Throughout the World

On Friday night, President Donald Trump issued a heartbreaking, intensely xenophobic executive order that indefinitely blocks immigration of Syrian refugees to the United States, and bans all immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries (Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen) for 90 days. The…

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Philly Mayor Responds to Trump’s Claim That City’s Murder Rate Is Growing: Actually, It’s Not

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has joined the chorus of voices serving as fact checker to President (shudder) Donald Trump, following inaccurate comments Trump made about the city’s murder rates at the annual policy retreat for .Congressional Republicans.

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Dwayne Johnson Remembers the Late John Hurt: «A Real Honor to Act and Learn From This Man»

John Hurt passed away on Friday after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015. In the wake of his death, Dwayne Johnson — who costarred alongside John in 2014’s Hercules — shared a shot of the two shooting the film on Instagram on Saturday. Along with the photo, Dwayne penned a touching tribute that reads as follows:

«RIP my friend. Legend John Hurt.
For months, we spent very long days and nights together in Budapest, while shooting Hercules — very tough shoot. A real honor to act and learn from this man and even better than that, become buds.
There’s nothing that invaluable OG insight, and I’ll always be grateful for the wisdom he shared w/ me. One time in London, we had an epic convo over lunch. John broke it down to me, on what my responsibilities are in Hollywood now after becoming, in his words, ‘the boss’. I’m laughing right now as I type this, because I can still hear him and his iconic British accent just droppin’ those OG pearls. Legend.
Prayers, love, strength and light to the Hurt family during this time of loss.
Thank you, brother. For everything.»

John was an Oscar-nominated British actor, who was best known for his role as wandmaker Garrick Ollivander in the Harry Potter films. He also starred in 1984 and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and was even knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2014.

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Get Ready For Katherine Heigl’s Son to Melt Your Heart in 3, 2, 1 . . .

A photo posted by Josh Kelley (@joshbkelley) on

Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley welcomed their third child, son Joshua Bishop Kelley Jr., a little over a month ago, and the tiny tot is already a pro at melting hearts. On Friday, Josh gave his Instagram followers a peek at his little bundle of joy, posting a precious black and white shot of Joshua snuggling up to his dad’s shoulder. «Little buddy!!! @katherineheigl took this photo !! She gets angles😍,» he captioned it. Earlier this month, Katherine revealed her initial reaction to realizing she was pregnant to People magazine, saying, «I’ll be totally honest, my first reaction was ‘Oh sh*t.’ But now we have a new normal, and I have to give myself a break in order to get used to it.» From the looks of it, Katherine is doing just fine.

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Drew Barrymore Reveals She’s «Still in Shock» From Her Divorce to Will Kopelman

It’s been nearly a year since Drew Barrymore announced her divorce from Will Kopelman, but she’s not jumping back into the dating pool just yet. On Friday, the Santa Clarita Diet star stopped by Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM radio show, where she revealed she’s definitely not ready to date. «No, I’m not ready. I’m not open to it. I’m just still in shock about everything. It’s going to take awhile.» Even though Drew isn’t ready to play the field, she certainly knows a thing or two about the best online dating apps. «I’ve never been on a dating app and I now know that’s the current thing. My girlfriends are on it, so it is fun for me to look over their shoulder while they’re going through it. By the way, if you want to date an actor or musician, they’re all on Raya. It’s like looking through a SAG portfolio and going, ‘I want to date him.'»

Still, Drew admits that when she does start dating, she prefers to do it the old-school way, adding, «I remember when you were just waiting for that phone to ring, and then you were worried, ’cause you would miss their call. There’s a part of me that still dates from that kind of perspective and I can’t stand when people want to talk on the phone all the time or text or email.» Drew and Will tied the knot back in June 2012 and have two kids together, daughters Olive and Frankie.

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Everything Trump Fucked Up in Science and Technology This Week

It’s amazing to think that we’ve all been alive for a thousand years, our bodies swept by a burning wind into nothing but dust and a lingering scream. Except we haven’t—it’s just the end of the first week of the Trump administration, and a disconcertingly large number of horrible things have already happened.

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Let David Tennant Calm Your Fears With A Message Of Hope And Rebellion

Things are scary and terrible. At times like this, we need someone we trust to tell us things may not be okay now, but they will be. Enter, David Tennant, actor, Doctor, surprising lust-inspiration, and Pajiba 10 member.

On the British talk show The Last Leg, the Scottish wonder took a moment to calm our collective fears, giving an inspiring speech that sounds like something suitably out of Doctor Who.

«It’s all going to be okay. Trust me, I’m a Doctor,» Tennant began. «But it’s up to us to make it okay. It’s time to be positively rebellious and rebelliously positive. As long as we stand up for what we believe in, don’t give in to anger or violence, look out for the little guy, keep an eye on the big guys, refuse to keep our mouths shut, and just generally try not to be dicks, every little thing is gonna be alright.»

Trust in The Doctor.


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