Buy This 1938 Oregon Ducks Truck


Are you looking for a tailgating ride that’s out of the ordinary and unlike all the other RVs you see tailgating outside Autzen before Ducks games? Here it is, look at this beast. Real American muscle. $ 12,500 and you can’t just go out and find these very often. This is the first time we’ve ever seen a flat bed International painted up and ready to go.

Tell me sorority chicks won’t be going nuts when that thing rolls into the tailgating lot. Tell me the Oregon cheerleaders won’t want to do some cheers from that flat bed. YOU CAN’T.

Now’s your chance, Ducks fan.

Buy the 1938 Ducks International truck:

1938 international flat bed 2wd, original flat head 6 cylinder motor and the truck has been converted to 12 volt 2 speed rear end and the flat bed is turfed for tailgating runs like a champ and looks good too so here is you one of a kind tailgating rig be the envy of all duck fans.

I’m not sure if it’s the time of year or what, but we also found this 1949 Chevy Badgers truck for sale this week. Seems like it’s clean out the garage week on Craigslist.

oregon-ducks-truck-3 oregon-ducks-truck-2 oregon-ducks-truck-4 oregon-ducks-truck-5

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Sebastian Roché Is a Villain and a Man of God

At the moment, actor Sebastian Roché’s two roles could not be more different: In The Man in the High Castle, he plays Reichsminister Martin Heusmann, a high-ranking Nazi serving Hitler in an alternate universe where the United States lost WWII. In The Young Pope, he’s a pious man of the cloth, Cardinal Michel Marivaux. Despite the stark and obvious contrast between these characters, the two shows share something in common (besides intricate costumes, which Roché says make it much easier to get into character). Neither depicts the world as it really is, but both television universes are plausible and powerful enough to spawn a slew of think pieces pondering faith, bad vs. good, and of course, the recent presidential election.

One look at Roché’s Twitter makes it clear why he was drawn to such thought-provoking shows. He does not hold back his opinions on much. Here, he elaborated a bit on his roles and the state of the world.

Who is your character on The Young Pope?

I play the head of the Congregation of Saints, Cardinal Michel Marivaux. I will appear in the last four episodes. You can see me in episode one and two, but it’s just amongst hundreds of cardinals. But then you’ll see that [Pope Pius XIII] starts having a closer relationship with the cardinal who he meets. He tends to surround himself with people who he finds are honest and earnest and true believers in the church. In the faith. I approach him about canonizing this saint who I’d been researching because that’s my job as the leader of the Congregation of Saints, and he gets very inspired by my story. 

Could you imagine life as a priest or cardinal?

I can understand. I think it comes from a deep faith and passion. Myself, I was bitten by the acting bug. The dedication I have to acting and the passion that I have for it, I think I can truly make a correlation with having faith. I think it’s a very subjective and personal thing when you find that faith, that passion. I can totally understand being completely dedicated to one’s faith and the Catholic church.

Sebastian Roché

How realistic is The Young Pope?

I mean, I think it’s very close. Paolo [Sorrentino’s] approach is somewhat different because he introduces a whole new world of images that are sort of philosophical images that I think he feels illustrate what is going on at the same time. There’s an extraordinary amount of poetry. I think no one has ever seen something like The Young Pope as a miniseries because of the incredible personality and poetry that Paolo infuses in the work. In the reality of it, I think it could be close to the politics that go on within the vatican. Men are men, after all. They are fallible creatures, as we can see right now in the government that God knows why they elected.

Has the Catholic church given a reaction to this show?

They’re usually very silent on this sort of thing unless it’s a huge attack on the Catholic church, and I think judging by the huge number that they got in Italy, I wouldn’t be surprised if [Pope] Francis watched it.

Your character on The Man in the High Castle is pretty much the opposite of a priest—he’s a high ranking Nazi officer. With that show, has there been any controversy or backlash? 

It’s very strange actually, playing a high ranking Nazi who, I in a way become the fuhrer, without divulging too much. I understand the controversy, it’s very difficult for certain people to see such a symbol. With our election, I think, with the rhetoric that’s being spewed, which is a little scary, there’s a timely element to the series. So I understand why there was controversy [when season one came out]. This time, when the series came out it was not really a controversy, but more like people equating the show with reality. 

You’ve been very vocal on Twitter about the election. Why is that so important? 

I was reading quotes from Martin Luther King, I’m sort of paraphrasing but I think he said there’s nothing more criminal than to be silent. That’s my take on it. I was born in France, my father was not a political figure, but he was a mayor and he was very engaged into what he was doing and what the political party was doing. I’ve always believed that it is important to have an opinion. I’ve found that a lot of people would rather “not talk about politics” and would rather be quiet. I believe that it is our right as citizens, and if you look at the constitution it is our right to voice our opinion. Especially in this day and age when you have an administration that is on the verge of repealing health care to 30 million people, which is, in the rest of the civilized world, literally an unconscionable thought. It’s important to voice your opposition to that if you’re against it and to voice your opinion. When you have a buffoon of a president-elect who is showing himself to be a buffoon by tweeting in the most unconscionable way every single day about things that are of no consequence, I think it’s time to denounce it.

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Milk Chocolate is Pointless and Samantha Bee Agrees

What a week. This week has been rougher than that first week back after the holidays. Let’s finish it with pretty things, shall we?

Prince Harry went for a run for charity. And a run through my dreams, hey-oh! (You know what, it’s been a hard week, ok? SHUT UP!) — (Lainey)

Michelle Williams has some kind of magical pixie dust that she rolls around in, right? I mean, how is she so adorable? LOOK AT HER! — (Go Fug Yourself)

The upcoming MCU’s Black Panther synopsis has been released. But let’s attend to the important stuff first, like that damn fine-looking cast! (Side note: I *know* Michael B. Jordan is an adult. I know it. But I still see him as young Wallace from The Wire and it freaks me out to find him so attractive!) — (oohlo)

If I could be in a plural marriage with anyone, it would probably be Samantha Bee and Jason Jones (Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman are a very close second) I think Jason is very handsome and funny, and dear lord, Sam Bee is perfection personified. Now that I know she ALSO only eats dark chocolate and thinks milk chocolate is a waste of time? *sigh* — (Celebitchy)

Um, Cap Ass might have some competition from Mr. Clean. Who knew? — (dlisted)

Do well written sex scenes outweigh a total lack of plot? After reading Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Bastard, Ellepkay has to say no. No plot, just lots of public sex. But, she couldn’t stop reading it, so maybe? Should she be shamed? (Cannonball Read 9)

We’ll get through the coming weeks and months, y’all. We’ll do it together. Hug your family. Hug your friends. Hug your co-workers (in a non-sexual harassmenty way). Hug your pets. Hug an otter. — (The Daily Otter)

If you can’t find an otter to hug (ok, but if you DO find one, can you send one to me? I’ll pay you in cash money! Or cookies. Your choice.) and you just need to pull the covers over your head this weekend, I get it. Dustin has some good suggestions of original series you can just binge while jammies-clad and subsisting on potato chips and boxed wine. — (Uproxx)

Lainey is filling in for Courtney today, so some links may go nowhere and some blurbs may have been reported before. You’ll live. Lainey is not THAT Lainey, but she is *that* Lainey.


The Weekender: St. Bart’s

The Caribbean’s most famously posh destination, once described as “summer camp for wealthy, well-known New Yorkers,” has never been more accessible—or more appealing. Tradewind Aviation’s multiple daily flights from San Juan make getting to St. Bart’s easier than ever, with private charter service for the cost of a single seat, free drinks and snacks in a comfy airport lounge, and zero interaction with TSA. 

A few things to know before you go: St. Bart’s is unapologetically French, and you will see kitten heels teetering down the cobblestoned streets of Gustavia, the capital, not to mention bottles of rosé drunk by the caseload. But there’s plenty of opportunity to go the laid-back route, too. Here’s our guide for where to stay, eat, drink, and visit in a single, rosé-soaked weekend.


St. Bart’s is just 8 square miles, largely connected by a single, albeit corkscrewy, road and best accessed on your own (taxis can get pricey, and who wants to wait around?). Rent a car at the airport—pretty much your choice of Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper convertible. (Maybe a Jeep.) Just two miles from the airport, but a world away, check in to the new Villa Marie, a collection of 22 bungalows and villas perched high on a hill overlooking Flamands Bay. Hotelier Jocelyne Sibuet, the famed French interior designer and Maisons et Hotels Sibuet group family matriarch, spent years collecting pieces to create a colonial-style, understated chic retreat where guests can feel as at home in Dior as they can in a cotton caftan and bare feet. 

Photo courtesy of: Villa Marie

Celebrate your arrival on island with a cocktail at Villa Marie’s cozy, dark wood-filled Rum Bar—tucked away in a corner of in-house restaurant Francois Plantation, one of the buzziest new additions to the St. Bart’s dining scene. Here, vintage leather seats original to the building mingle with pineapple printed rattan chairs, the perfect perch for dusting off the day’s travel with a glass (or two) of something tropical. For dinner, head to Bonito for French-Latin food and views of Gustavia harbor in a beach house-chic setting. Order of choice: Any of the varieties of ceviche and the Bubbling Bonito, a champagne cocktail with cucumber, basil, lemon, and watermelon.

Gustavia Harbor
Photo courtesy of: Alyssa Giacobbe

Saturday morning:

Pull on your swimsuit and lace up your sneakers for a hike down to Colombier Beach. Dotted with cactus, turtles, and the occasional friendly goat, the 20-minute path begins about 10 minutes from Villa Marie. Staffers will meet you down below, if you’d like, with chairs and towels, or send you with a borrowed backpack. Work up a small sweat and then clear it away in crystal blue water, then earn your lunch with a rigorous hike back up. 

Colombier trail
Photo courtesy of: Alyssa Giacobbe

Saturday afternoon:

Keep it casual. For the island’s best fresh fish tartare and local rum, no shoes required, lunch at O’Corail, an unpretentious, no-reservations-required beach hut at Grand Cul de Sac Beach. Or try the Wishing Well Chez Rolande at Flamands Beach, where locals go for Guadeloupe native Rolande’s famous accras de morue, ragouts, and Creole-spicy fresh fish. Power-swim in the choppy waters of Flamands, or rest up for what’s next: a power-shop through the streets of Gustavia, the island, and fashion, capital. You’ve got Cartier, Dior, and Calypso St. Barth (the original), but your best bets are in the one-offs. Try Clic St. Barth for French wrap sandals and locally-made beach wear and Baya for pottery, pillows, candles and more from Ethiopia, Portugal, Bolivia, and beyond. Power down and review your purchases over a Carib at Le Select, a local’s spot whose outdoor patio offers some of the island’s best people-watching, including the occasional Jimmy Buffett sighting. (Also, yes, that’s Ron Perelman’s yacht you see there in the harbor). 

Photo courtesy of: @BayaStBarth

Saturday evening:

Pack a bottle of rosé to catch the sunset and the calm evening surf at Shell Beach, every islander’s favorite spot for catching the sundown. Villa Marie will gladly send you off with some Domaine de Marie, the Sibuet house rosé, and a few glasses. Or get a bit more social at Eden Rock, in the village of St. Jean, which offers one of the island’s starriest scenes. Stop by the hotel’s On the Rocks for a cocktail and DJ-spun music before moving on to dinner back in Gustavia at Orega, a new-ish French-Japanese fusion spot.

Sunday morning:

Book brunch at Tamarin, where grande salades leave plenty of room for the restaurant’s legendary cheese plate, then head to Saline Beach, one of the island’s most secluded beaches. Pack a picnic of pre-flight snacks from Maya’s To-Go and what else? More rosé! You’re still on St. Bart’s, after all. 

Photo courtesy of: Tamarin St. Barth

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Meet Viola From Austin

Those of you who’ve been around over the years know that we’ve featured models for photographers as part of our foundation. That’s the old BC way. Consider it a public service to you the reader, the photographer and the model. I received an old school DM this week from a photographer who had a model that he thought you guys would appreciate.

Her name is Viola and she’s from Austin, Texas.

Who am I to say “no” to a photographer and model who worked their asses off to make these photos a reality. I know you guys are out there busting your ass and you appreciate a model like the old days on the internet. Google tries to hold us down by telling us we’re not allowed to feature hot models. Will I comply? Zero chance. We’ll keep rolling on.

Thanks, Viola!

More from the Viola bio:

Occupation: Student – Real Estate School

Interests: working out, tanning, her pet chihuahuas, shopping, modeling, dancing

Instagram: @violamayyy

Snapchat: violafitchickxo

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27 Adele Reaction GIFs That Are Realer Than Real

Adele jumped back in the spotlight after a three-year hiatus, and she quickly brought the world right back into the palm of her hand. In addition to blindsiding fans with the song «Hello» and sending other musicians into self-imposed exile, the British songstress reminded us just how goofy, down-to-earth, and real she is — and gave us even more reasons to be glad she’s back.

In case you forgot, Adele is pretty hilarious; she’s sarcastic and self-aware, and she knows how to laugh at herself. Her British sense of humor is on point, which is why we’ve rounded up 27 of her reactions that can be used in your own everyday life.

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‘Gold’ Review: How Long Can You Stomach Matthew McGrossaughey

In Gold, Matthew McConaughey sports a paunch, a misshapen tooth, oily skin, unkempt facial hair, a terrible hairline, and really bad suits. He looks gross. Honestly, he’s hard to look at for two hours, and I needed to remind myself every once in a while that McConaughey actually looks like this:


Here’s the irony: There’s almost no reason for McConaughey to look like this. While Gold is very, very loosely based on a true story (one that didn’t involve gold, but penny stocks — see below), the character of Kenny Wells is entirely fictitious. He could have looked like anyone. He could have looked like this:


The other irony, however, is this: McConaughey’s slovenliness is the only thing that gives Gold the patina of prestige. The movie itself is not much better than Fool’s Gold (the lousy rom-com from which the above photo comes), but it wants to trick us into thinking it’s better by asking McConaughey to gain 40 pounds, tear out his hair, and appear shirtless (or pantsless) periodically. In fact, for pure entertainment’s sake, Fool’s Gold is probably better; Gold is more akin to a seedier, duller, more lackluster version of Wolf of Wall Street.

McConaughey plays Wells, a struggling 1980s prospector who has bottomed out. One night, he has a dream in which he discovers gold in Indonesia with the help of a geologist, Michael Acosta (Edgar Ramirez), who is also in a downswing. Buoyed by the dream, Wells pawns his girlfriend’s (Bryce Dallas Howard, mostly wasted) jewelry and catches a flight to Indonesia, where he convinces Acosta to help him dig for gold.

While exploring, Wells nearly runs out of money, contracts malaria, and basically passes out for two weeks. When he wakes up, Acosta has found gold, or so he tells Wells. The earth samples with flecks of gold are enough to attract the attention of an investor who backs the dig, and as more gold is discovered, the mining company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and everyone gets rich based on the prospect of even more gold. There are a few complications along the way. The Indonesian government, for instance, shuts down the mine, which necessitates that Wells pet a tiger to reopen it (don’t ask). Meanwhile, the money goes to Wells’ head, the investors try to take advantage of him, and his girlfriend leaves him.

The movie, however, is bookended by an FBI investigation, so we know there’s something afoot, and those familiar with McConaughey’s oeuvre (see the above photo) won’t have much difficulty figuring it out. The plot, however, is not really the point of Gold, because the story — written by Patrick Massett and John Zinman — is not very good, nor is Stephen Gaghan’s unenthusiastic direction. The movie is almost entirely about McConaughey’s performance, and he is fantastic, if you can get over your revulsion.

What’s truly remarkable about McConaughey — and what makes the character work, even if the movie doesn’t — is his confidence. Even when he looks like he does in this movie, he never lacks for brashness or tenacity. It’s not hard to believe that dozens of people are willing to back a whim based on a dream because McConaughey sells it. What he can’t sell, unfortunately, is a script that drags on for two hours before fizzling out. Ultimately, Gold is not a good movie, but it’s a perfect example of a great performance in a terrible film.

Major Spoilers

I would add, however, that the «based on a true story» business is fairly misleading here. The real story didn’t involve a gold prospector but a Canadian businessman named David Walsh. He bought a plot of land in Indonesia and his geologist — who later killed himself in the same manner as depicted in the film (by taking a header from a helicopter) — salted the mine with gold flakes, purportedly without Walsh’s knowledge. The promise of gold drove up the price of the penny stock, but when the fraud was uncovered, millions of dollars were lost, lawsuits were filed, and Walsh’s company went bankrupt. It’s one of the biggest stock scandals in Canadian history. For those wondering what happened to Kenny Wells after the events of the film — well, there is no Kenny Wells. But David Walsh died of a brain aneurysm a year after the fraud was uncovered (there is no suggestion that he ever profited — even secretly — off the gold mine, so that final scene with the check was total bullsh*t, and the Bryce Dallas Howard character appears to be a fictitious invention.) For those who want to know more, here’s the lowdown on the Bre-X scandal from Wikipedia.


Buy This 1949 Chevy Wisconsin Truck, Crush It On Tinder Dates


You guys are out there struggling with Wisconsin Tinder dates. You’re driving the same 2009 Civic that’s not getting the job done. You’re not hitting the lottery and getting a Lambo so let’s start thinking next-level shiit here to get you some action. I need you to go out and take out a loan on this 1949 Wisconsin truck.

Now you have the truck. This is when you take a new Tinder profile pic next to your tricked out Badgers truck. There’s nothing more intriguing to a woman than test driving something intriguing. She’s swiping on your ass and you’re getting a date.

You pick her up and the truck is an instant ice breaker. You gun that shiit outta her driveway. She’ll be moist. She’s looking for a bad boy who is dangerous but not jail dangerous. After dinner you offer her the chance to drive the ’49.

She’s going to go nuts. Panty Dropper City.

Buy the ’49 Wisconsin truck:


Trust me on this one.

wisconsin-truck-2 wisconsin-truck-3 wisconsin-truck-4 wisconsin-truck-5

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Selena Gomez and The Weeknd Hold Hands During a Low-Key Outing in Hollywood

If you thought Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were just a passing fling, their latest outing will definitely prove you wrong. On Wednesday, the «Hands to Myself» singer flashed a slight smile when they were photographed leaving Dave & Buster’s in LA together at 3 a.m. Selena and The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye), who first sparked dating rumors in early January when they were spotted kissing, held hands as they made their way to their car. Selena looked happy and carefree in an all-denim outfit (with a little flash of abs), while The Weeknd kept things casual in jeans and a jacket. Shortly after news of their romance broke, the «Starboy» singer’s ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid unfollowed Selena on Instagram. Since things appear to be heating up between these two, more drama could potentially be brewing (just ask Selena’s ex Justin Bieber).

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