And Now, A Depressing Story About Cruelty To A Dog Actor


Milo & Otis was one of my favorite movies ever until a dark-sided cloud of kitten blood covered it after I read about how that more than a dozen kittehs may have been killed during the making of it. That little cutesy movie turned into a terrifying horror show real fast. Now, as far as we know, no animals were killed during the making of the new movie A Dog’s Purpose, but one German shepherd was definitely left traumatized after the poor pooch was forced into rushing water. Who knew that Michael Vick was now working as an animal stunt coordinator on movies?

Yesterday, TMZ posted behind-the-scenes footage on the Canadian set of A Dog’s Purpose, and in the clip, a trainer is trying to get a German shepherd named Hercules into churning water while shooting an action scene. That churning water is to Hercules as a bottle of shampoo is to Kristen Stewart. Hercules wants nothing to do with that scary water. It looks like Hercules would rather shoot a threesome love scene with two ultra difficult cats than get into that man-made river of doom. Hercules seems terrified and it’s as if he just heard the words, “Justin Bieber is adopting you.

Based on the clip TMZ posted, it doesn’t look like anybody on that set pressed the stop button on that mess and Hercules is eventually put into the water. But when it looks like Hercules is completely under, someone yells “cut” as the crew tries to get to him. What really tops this ugly scene is a crew dude saying, “Eh, he ain’t gonna calm down until he goes in the water. Just gotta throw him in.” Stupid ass bitch, it’s not a jacuzzi and I doubt someone was going to hand Hercules a glass of rosé and serenade him with some Kenny G after he got in. It’s not a Calgon bath for fuck’s sake! Although it does look like Hercules wants to be taken away, far away from that churning water.

Warning: You may need a palate cleanser after seeing this clip, so here’s a link to one in the form of the friendship between a German Shepherd and some kitten friends.

Hollywood loves CGI and that scene just had to be the one scene where they didn’t CGI the dog.

Everybody has something to say about what went down with Hercules. The movie’s director Lasse Hallström said on Twitter that he was disturbed by the footage and claims he wasn’t there at the time (TMZ says he was on set at the time). Josh Gad, who does the voice of one of the dogs, tweeted that he was also disturbed by the clip. PETA is calling for a boycott and doesn’t want anyone to see A Dog’s Purpose when it’s released on January 27.

The American Humane Society, who works to make sure animals are treated right on sets, had a rep on the set of A Dog’s Purpose in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They have put that rep on suspension and say they’re bringing in a third-party to investigate the incident.

The movie’s production company, Amblin Entertainment, and distributor, Universal Pictures, issued a joint statement saying they too are going to investigate, but they think that Hercules was treated well:

“While we continue to review the circumstances shown in the edited footage, Amblin is confident that great care and concern was shown for the German Shepherd Hercules, as well as for all of the other dogs featured throughout the production of the film. [Hercules] is happy and healthy.”

Why do I have a feeling that once the “investigation” is done, they’ll all declare that Hercules was not harmed at all. And they’ll do more damage control by putting Hercules (aka an actor in a German Shepherd costume) on The Tonight Show where he’ll tell Jimmy Fallon that he wasn’t scared. He just didn’t want to mess up the flawless blow-out job that the hair people did on him in the trailer before shooting. You know how vain actors are!

Pic: Universal Pictures


Kanye West Isn’t “Traditionally American” Enough To Perform At The Inauguration


When the piss-haired egomaniac met the piss-haired egomaniac at Trump Tower in December, many of us guessed that Donald Trump was either going to offer Kanye West a cabinet position (Secretary of the Interior, because Kanye is into interior design and shit) or ask him to perform at the inauguration. Neither happened. I figured that Kanye wasn’t ask to perform at Trump’s inauguration, because he’s just not a big enough star to join the A-list extravaganza that includes an America’s Got Talent runner-up, Tony Orlando and 3 Doors Down. But it turns out that Kanye wasn’t asked to perform because he just doesn’t fit the “traditionally American” vibe that organizers are going for.

CNN’s Erin Burnett was talking to Tom Barrack, the head of the Presidential Inauguration Committee, and asked if Kanye is performing since he has farted up words of praise about Trump before (but in Kanye’s defense, he was reportedly in a bad way mentally at the time). Tom Barrack said that they didn’t even ask Kanye and not because they’ll already have their hands full with one unpredictable bag of messiness. The inauguration is going to be “traditionally American” and that’s why they didn’t ask him. Yeah, that’s not code for anything.

“We haven’t asked him. He’s been great, he considers himself a friend of the President-elect, but it’s not the venue. The venue we have for entertainment is filled out and it’s perfect. It’s going to be typically and traditionally American. Kanye is a great guy, we just haven’t asked him to perform. And we move on with our agenda.”

Reach for the popcorn emojis, because Tom’s words could lead to an all-out Twitter war between Kanye and Trump.

If they’re going for “traditionally American,” then the main act better be two crazed suburban moms punching each other over a 25% off Black Friday flat-screen TV as a chorus of competitive eaters gobble down dozens of Krispy Kreme Double Downs behind them. There’s nothing more traditionally American than that. But really, that explains why the inauguration committee hired Michael Flatley to do the traditionally American dance known as Irish stepdancing!

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Ciara And Future Have Finally Settled Their Custody Battle

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals at the Barclays Center

Almost two weeks ago, Ciara decided she was done fighting with her ex-fiancé Future and dropped her $ 15 million defamation lawsuit against him. As much as Ciara would love for Future to disappear from her life for good, that’s not going to happen. Ciara and Future share a two-year-old son Future Zahir. They’ve been fighting over who gets custody of Baby Future, but that fight is over now too.

Ciara and Future originally agreed to joint custody back when they first split up, but then he got mad at her for letting Baby Future spend time with Russell Wilson, which turned into a defamation lawsuit, which prompted Ciara to attempt to get sole custody as a “fuck you” to her ex. Sources tell TMZ that Ciara and Future have recently agreed on joint custody. However, Baby Future will spend most of the time with his mommy. So Ciara sort of gets that sole custody that she wanted before, but in a far less dirty way.

The reason Ciara will haev so much time with Baby Future is because Daddy Future is on the road a lot. The source states that when Future is back home in Atlanta, he’ll have “reasonable access” to Baby Future. Seeing the words “reasonable” made me nervous, because if there’s one word I would never use to describe Ciara and Future’s relationship with each other, it’s “reasonable.” But TMZ’s source seems to think this situation won’t turn ugly again. Apparently Ciara and Future just want to close this chapter and move on with their lives. I hope so! Ciara is about to be a mom again, and I’m sure the last thing she wants to do is deal with both a screaming baby and a screaming baby daddy.



Barack Obama’s Going Home: A Presidential Pajiba Love, One Last Time

First, the business-as-usual news:

DEAR GOD. And not in a good way. Sebastian Stan in a Jeff Gillooly mustache. (Lainey Gossip)

When JCoppercorn sat down with Benjamin Alire Sáenz’ Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, she was drawn into the friendship between two teen boys. "It is such a wonderful moment where you know this is your life’s purpose for the next few hours, and you can measure your next bit of existing by the number of pages the author has handed to you." What books have become your life’s purpose? (Cannonball Read 9)

Jennifer Lopez seen here in a modified version of Isabella Rossellini’s outfit from Death Becomes Her. (GFY)

The Lisa Frank movie will win all the Oscars I can personally deliver from my private awards show held in my Trapper Keeper circa 1993. (Dlisted)

Donald Trump freaked out about Tom Ford saying he declined to dress Melania several years ago. Because Donald Trump’s priorities are sound and stable. (Celebitchy)

But enough about that clownshoe. This is the final PLove of the Obama administration. So let’s celebrate him.

Like with these photos of Barack and Michelle being goals. Guh. (Revelist)

We’ll miss a lot about our precious POTUS. Like what a nerd he is. (UPROXX)

Finally, we finish by playing this, crying and drinking for the rest of the day. Thanks, Obama.


Behind the Exhibit: Museum of Sex

The Museum of Sex in New York City offers visitors a unique perspective on sex and the role it plays in art, culture, science and history. Sexual expression seen through art does not have to be pigeonholed into being deliberately provocative or political, with the hopes of attracting and getting a reaction from a certain audience, it can be unfiltered and honest. The newest exhibit at the Museum, Known/Unknown: Private Obsessions and Hidden Desire in Outsider Art, explores just that. 

“The exhibitions on display in the past have focused on sexual expression through art. In this upcoming show, we’ve set out to explore what could be learned when art was made purely out of a desire to create, rather than out of a desire for this work seen by others,” the Director of Exhibitions at Museum of Sex, Mark Snyder said. 

During the creation process, Snyder worked with the exhibition’s curator Frank Maresca to develop a point of view and overall theme for the show.

Miroslav Tichy, Untitled. Mixed Media on Photography on Cardboard. Courtesy of Delmes & Zander, Berlin/ Cologne.

“We were drawn to the unfiltered expression of self-taught artists and those who, for a variety of reasons, found themselves making art outside of the mainstream. We were amazed what was revealed about human nature when private thoughts that are typically kept inside have no other option than to manifest into something tangible,” Snyder explained.

A presentation of works created by self-taught artists who are somewhat unknown has never been produced before now. Snyder and Maresca teamed up to illustrate a range of sexually themed works within the Folk, Self-Taught and Outsider Art arenas. The intent from the beginning was to differentiate this art from mainstream and commercial art. Beyond raising awareness to powerful works of art, Snyder hopes to reveal the stories of their creators.

“We hope to give visitors a diverse view of how sex, sexuality and gender can reveal itself through art and how an individual voice expressing their personal experience can sometimes offer us the best insight into history. By looking at these unique and personal works together in one exhibition, we hope to amplify these individual voices and let them speak universal truths.”

Steve Ashby, Untitled (Embracing Couple), Mixed Media. Collection of Robert A. Roth.

The Known/Unknown exhibition will feature over 100 works of art that span approximately 150 years and cover a diversity of sexual expression. According to Maresca, it was important to include works by anonymous artists because, even though their names are lost, their message still resonates with audiences in endlessly compelling ways.

A common misconception about sexuality in art is that it is going to be obscene or shocking. The art on display in this exhibit is honest and can be startling in its openness. Because they are coupled with the stories of how or why each of the artists created them, they become more poignant. “Each individual story reveals something new about human experience, and, interestingly, sometimes the most surprising is not the most explicit,” Snyder describes what exhibit-goers will be most surprised to see when exploring Known/Unknown. 

Robert Anderson, Standing Bathing Beauty Figurine, 1961, Wood, polychrome and mixed media.
Courtesy of The MARVILL Collection.

Exploring sexuality and gender in outsider art has been fascinating for Snyder and Maresca but the most rewarding aspect of their finished product is seeing the range of artists included. “Seeing this diversity of works in dialogue with one another offers a truly unique perspective on the subject of sexuality,” Maresca said, adding, “Bringing together works that have never been in the same space before; the visual and thematic conversations they will have with each other, and how a wider variety of viewers will engage with it all.”

Known/Unknown: Private Obsessions and Hidden Desire in Outsider Art opens at Museum of Sex, 233 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016,, January 19 – September 17, 2016. 

Top Image: Eugene von Bruenchenhein, Untitled (Portrait of the Artist’s Wife Marie), c. 1940s, Scan of 35 mm color slide. Courtesy Lewis and Jean Greenblatt, Chicago. 

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This Is Probably as Close as Johnny Depp Will Ever Come to Talking About His Divorce in Public

Last year was a long year for everyone, but particularly for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who went through a very public and ugly divorce. Just days after the divorce was finalized, Depp appeared at the People’s Choice Awards to accept the favorite movie icon award. While he doesn’t upright talk about his personal life, he thanks his fans for being by his side and trusting him, no matter what. Not only is the speech pretty long, it’s also somewhat bizarre. Depp rambles on but takes frequent breaks to listen to fans shouting praise at him, never quite seeming to get to his point. Take a look for yourself above.

POPSUGAR Celebrity

Holy Crap, You Guys, ‘The Mick’ Is Really Good

If you’re like me, you probably saw the previews for Fox’s new series The Mick, and thought «That’s basically The Gang Becomes Rich Children.» The difference is what you felt about that thought. If you decided, «not worth my time,» well, I’ve got nothing for you. You had a chance at happiness with more Sweet Dee, and you threw it away. If, however, you felt «I’d really like to see what Charlie Kelly would be like as a child,» you, my friend, have won at life.

I should add, The Mick is only on a very surface level «The Gang Becomes Rich Children.» And Mackenzie «Mickey» Murphy is only mostly like Sweet Dee. These are both very good things. Mickey is, in fact, a selfish, underachieving woman-child. Unlike Sweet Dee, though, she has a few redeeming qualities, and, god help her, she gets to win a few. Mickey is what Sweet Dee would become if only she could shed her unrealistic dreams of becoming famous, her pronounced sense of entitlement, and those dickbags she calls friends. With neither the Gang nor her own hopes and dreams holding her down, Mickey is relatively at peace with her mostly-shitty life, willing to cheat, steal and sometimes work in order to grind out a suitable life for herself. She’s not a movie star, but she’s got a roof over her head and no one is constantly crashing her car. She’s OK.

Or she’s mostly OK until her sister and brother-in-law flee the country to avoid tax evasion leaving Mickey responsible for their three children: the eldest Sabrina is the self-absorbed brains of the operation (Dennis), Chip is the middle, entitled asshole whose worldview he relentlessly adheres to (Mac), and Ben, the youngest, most innocent, and, frankly, super weird one (Charlie). Speaking of frankly, Frank is only mostly represented by Mickey’s «guy» Jimmy, who she refuses to acknowledge is her boyfriend despite the fact they’ve been plowing for ten years. So not exactly Frank, but there was that one episode where Frank and Dee pretended to be dating to swindle money from Dee and Dennis’ real dad, who was played by Stephen Collins and will therefore never be spoken of again. So mostly Frank. There’s also the long-suffering nanny/maid Alba who isn’t in a lot of scenes, but makes them all better. We’ll say she’s Rickety Cricket.

Olson’s comedic style and the group dynamic is really the extent of the comparison though. In all the ways in which Always Sunny cuts itself off from reality, The Mick enforces in order to enhance the comedy. What happens when the Gang kidnaps a local restaurant critic, and forces him to rewrite his review of Paddy’s Pub? Nothing. Nothing happens to anyone. What happens when a five year-old-boy begins taking birth control pills because he mistakenly believes they are «magic pills»? He loses his fucking mind. And the results are hilarious.

Of course, a lot of your mileage is going to come from your fondness for Olson’s acting, comedic skills, and, mostly importantly, her reaction shots. If Dee’s face here doesn’t make you at least chuckle


you’re probably not going to love The Mick. If, however, you’ve ever purposely sought out a super cut of Sweet Dee shouting «goddamnit,» you have found your show. The plots and writing are all designed to showcase Olson’s abrasive and shrill style while still letting her be the person you root for. Basically, someone finally gave Sweet Dee a break, and everybody’s better off for it.

The Mick airs Tuesdays on Fox at 8:30/7:30C. Emily Chambers has absolutely no plans to try to meet and friend young Jack Stanton despite the fact he’s the coolest kid she’s ever seen.


Room Request! Sri Panwa

What do Snoop Dogg, Gordon Ramsay, Avicii, Flo Rida and Kofi Annan have in common? They’re just a handful of the bold-faced names that have checked in to Sri Panwa, a luxe tropical escape on Phuket’s Panwa Cape. The hotel’s wide-ranging list of celebrity guests is exactly what makes Sri Panwa so unique—it’s the kind of place where, on any given day, you might rub elbows with a Nobel Peace Prize-winning diplomat, a world-renowned house music DJ or a multi-Michelin starred chef.

Perched on a hillside in Cape Panwa, the southernmost tip of Phuket, Sri Panwa’s sprawling 40-acre property encompasses lush rainforest, a white sand beach and breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea—which are perhaps best experienced from Baba Nest, the hotel’s open-air rooftop lounge that boasts 360-degree views (and an infinite number of photos on Instagram.) Many guests who come to Sri Panwa have a hard time leaving the grounds, and quite frankly, there’s no need to: you’ll find eight dining options on property (including traditional Thai cuisine, Chinese fare, barbeque, Japanese and more), two pools, a spa, tennis courts and a gym equipped with its own authentic Thai boxing ring. Plus, the service is among the best in all of Southeast Asia—staffers greet you by name throughout the resort and always manage to anticipate your every need.

The private villas are perhaps what discerning guests find most impressive about the resort—and a number of them have even served as the backdrop for chart-topping music videos. Below, Sri Panwa’s managing director Wan Issara shares insight into which room ranks among the hotel’s most requested.

The most requested room:

Luxury Private Pool Villa.

Phuket Grand Hotel One Bedroom Luxury Pool Villa

What make it so special:

Each villa has its own infinity swimming pool with a jet stream Jacuzzi system, large master bedroom with the finest linens, an outdoor bathing area with a separate rain shower, steam room and a private ocean view pavilion. It also has a sun deck that spans the bedroom and living room, giving the villa extra privacy. Designed in a tropical contemporary style, both the exterior and interiors have been crafted to follow the natural contours of the Panwa cape on which the hotel resides.

Celebrity guests:

Snoop Dogg, Rita Ora, Flo Rida, Chef Gordon Ramsay, Kofi Anan, Kenny G, Jeremy Renner, DJ’s Avicii, Diplo and Skrillex.

Phuket Grand Hotel One Bedroom Luxury Pool Villa

Your personal favorite:

Approximately $ 1,186 per night.

Your personal favorite:

It is always hard to pick a favorite because each area has its own unique charm, however, our new addition, The Habita (which has pool suites and penthouses) is one of my current favorites.


I love the design, but mainly because it is the latest addition to the property featuring our two newest restaurants, Baba Chino Chinese and Baba Hot Box grill.

Baba Nest at Sri Panwa Phuket

Fun fact:

We have been the location for music videos and TV shows, and our bar Baba Nest was ranked among the top 3 in the world. When I started the hotel, I set out to prove to my family that it would be a successful venture. I ran everything myself—from washing dishes to making up with guest bedrooms. Luckily we were right about our concept and many people loved it as we did. 

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A Spray Tan Expert Reveals Her Secrets

Beach season may be months away, but tropical vacation season is in full swing. Before you jet to Miami, St. Barths, or Palm Beach, consider adding a glow to your sun-starved pallor. We asked our top questions to  St. Tropez Skin Finishing Expert Sophie Evans, and she shared her expert tips to getting the ultimate faux tan.

How far in advance should one get a spray tan before an event or vacation?

Anytime is a great time to get a spray tan! If you have the time we would always recommend to do it two days before the big event. So if your event is on a Saturday we would normally self-tan on the Thursday, this will give the tan time to settle and look its natural best. You can sleep with the spray tan on for full development and then have the next day for the tan to settle or to retouch any areas if needed. This time frame sometimes never happens and I can end up tanning clients on the actual day…. St Tropez Express Mousse is great for this situation as you can tan in the morning and shower two to three hours later, and you will be bronzed by the afternoon.

Are there different tanning products that make sense for specific occasions or needs?

It all depends on your skin type and lifestyle. If you have very dry skin you will love an oil self-tanner. Gels are great if you have a lot of body hair. Lotions are good for dry skin and a long-lasting tan. Express development solutions (where you can shower in one to three hours) are great if you are a gym junkie. Mousses are great for most skin types and are very easy to apply but will not last quite as long as a lotion or oil. Choose based off your lifestyle and skin type. I personally use a lotion because I only have to apply every 10 days, but people who want to tan and go straight to work or on a date are happy with a mousse. They will just need to apply more frequently. Sprays are great for hard-to-reach areas and for the person who does not like rubbing at their skin. There is a product out there to suit everyone!

If you are in a pinch and need to apply the day of with no time to shower in between, use instant tanner or cosmetic bronzer, like the St. Tropez One Night Only is the product for the job. A non-commitment cosmetic bronzer which is sweat, touch and rub proof from the start. Apply with the Applicator Mitt and simply smooth and blend. If you find the color is too dark, simply dilute with moisturizer or you can dilute with an oil for a dewy finish.

Any tips for extending the life of a spray tan?

The better the condition your skin, the better a tan will look and last. Exfoliate well and if you have the time, start exfoliating a few days before. Make sure all waxing is completed 24 hours before self-tan application, this will ensure the hair follicles have settled and ensures a perfect finish. Prior to self tan application remove all products like deodorant, body makeup etc. and apply an oil-free body moisturizer to dry areas which can go extra dark when self-tanned like elbows, knees, hands, and feet.

Do you have recommendations for tanning with sensitive skin?

Choose your products right! Always patch test a new self-tanner to see how it reacts to your skin. When you patch test a self-tan it’s normally better to do an area of about three centimeters by three centimeters or more, doing a very tiny patch can appear darker than it would normally appear.

Are there new products or tanning technology you’re excited about?

I love the St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion.  It is the first ever product that uses water to promote a gradual tan.  It is truly one of the most convenient ways to tan- simply apply in the shower, leave on for 3 minutes and rinse.

Image Credit: Jonathan Storey / Getty Images

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A Dog’s Purpose Star and Director Denounce On-Set Treatment of Dog in Leaked Footage

Josh Gad has a voice of a dog and a heart of gold, apparently. The actor, who provided the voice of “Dog” in the upcoming tear-jerker A Dog’s Purpose posted a lengthy, outraged response to the footage leaked to TMZ on his movie’s set that showed a German shepherd struggling in vain against being pushed into moving…

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