A “Will & Grace” Revival Is Officially Happening


About a month after Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen reunited in a video about the presidential election, NBC started talking about the possibility of bringing them all back for a one-off season consisting of 10 episodes. Entertainment Weekly reports today that NBC made it happen and a Will & Grace revival is coming.

NBC announced the news that they swiped “approved” on a Will & Grace revival at the Television Critics Association’s press tour earlier today. Most of the information we got back in October is correct. It will be 10 episodes and will be a limited series. NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt said this about Will & Grace 2.0:

“We’re thrilled that one of the smartest, funniest, and most defining comedies in NBC history is coming back. This groundbreaking series for everything from gay rights to social and political commentary – all disguised as a high-speed train of witty pop culture – is coming back where it belongs.”

We also have some new information. The Will & Grace revival will air sometime in the 2017-2018 television season, and pretty much everyone will be involved. Will & Grace creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan will act as showrunners and executive producers. James Burrows, who directed every episode of the show, will be back to direct the revival episodes as well as produce. Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, and Sean Hayes all confirmed on Twitter that they’re in.

I’m guessing Megan Mullally hasn’t tweeted about it yet because she’s too busy pulling all of Karen Walker’s body shapers and cleavage-popping power bitch suit jackets out of storage. The only bummer part of this news is that Debbie Reynolds left us before she could come back and play Grace’s mom Bobbi Adler. We’ll just have to assume she’s making Grace neurotic from up in Heaven.

Will & Grace is the latest TV show to be brought back from the grave, which means I am once again filled with hope that any show can be brought back with enough fan interest. If Hollywood needs any ideas, I hear there’s a whole bunch of fans who would really love a 10-episode Lush Life revival. I don’t think I’m – I mean, they – are asking for too much.

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The Details About Princess Diana’s Untimely Death Are Still Shocking, Almost 20 Years Later

Image Source: Getty / Anwar Hussein

Princess Diana passed away in a tragic car accident in August 1997, and it’s hard to believe that she’s been gone for almost 20 years. The fascinating royal, whose beautiful legacy is constantly carried out by her two children, Prince William and Prince Harry, was only 36 years old when she died. After vacationing with her partner, Dodi Fayed, on his father’s yacht on the French and Italian Riviera, the couple stopped in Paris on their way back to London. They had only planned on staying for one night, but everything changed shortly after midnight on Aug. 31, 1997. Diana and Dodi left the Hôtel Ritz and were being driven to Dodi’s father’s nearby apartment by Henri Paul, the hotel’s deputy head of security. In order to avoid the paparazzi, Diana, who was one of the most photographed people in the world at the time, had a decoy vehicle leave from the hotel’s main entrance while the black 1994 Mercedes-Benz S280 she was in left from the back of the hotel. Diana and Dodi sat in the back, while Trevor Rees-Jones, Dodi’s bodyguard, was in the front passenger seat.

Just three minutes after leaving the hotel, Henri entered the Alma underpass, the embankment road along the River Seine, to avoid approaching paparazzi. He then lost control of the car, which was reportedly traveling at 65 mph (the speed limit inside the tunnel is 30 mph), and smashed into the 13th pillar of the tunnel. None of the passengers were wearing seat belts. Dodi and Henri were killed instantly, Trevor suffered serious facial injuries from the air bags (he is the sole survivor of the crash), and Diana was extracted from the car and treated at the scene before being transported to a nearby hospital. After undergoing surgery, doctors discovered massive internal injuries, including a large tear in her superior pulmonary vein where it enters the heart. She was pronounced dead less than two hours later. It was later revealed that Henri, the driver of the car, had a blood-alcohol level three times the French legal limit at the time of the crash.

Image Source: Getty / Anwar Hussein

Since Diana’s tragic death, the public’s love for her hasn’t wavered. In the years after 2.5 billion people tuned in to watch her funeral, Prince William and Prince Harry have continued their mother’s charity work. In addition to opening up about how «angry» they were after her death, the two royals have made sure that her policy of caring for those who need it most is still met. Prince Harry has also said that he hopes his mother is proud of the work they’re doing, and we’re sure she is.

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Model Ebonee Davis on Speaking Up in Hollywood

Ebonee Davis has covered a lot of ground since becoming a rookie for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Not much has changed in terms of her continued success, but what has changed for her,  or rather, what has finally captivated the attention of the masses,  is fashion’s role in the issue of racial inequality and how Davis plans to play a part towards the solution. Upon learning of Alton Sterling’s tragic death in the summer of 2016, Davis penned an open letter for Harper’s Bazaar in which she detailed how fashion has not only contributed to how black people have been misrepresented and perceived in culture, but why the industry has an even bigger responsibility to be a part of the solution. This same letter caught the eye of University of Nevada Professor Bret L. Simmons, which eventually led to her booking her most exciting job yet: a presentation for the prestigious TEDxUofNevada program.

With a topic this dense, Davis decided that to successfully zero-in on her point she had to make things personal. Specifically, to share moments like a simple trip to the beauty store with her grandmother. Back then, ‘90s beauty options lacked the even mediocre diversity that they do today. Upon seeing the store’s shelves lined with products that were meant to represent her (models with silky straight hair), Davis remembers her first feelings of not belonging.

“It made me feel like I couldn’t wear my hair [naturally],” she recalled, “Like it’s not beautiful.” Instances like these gave way to an equally exclusive experience breaking into the industry as a black woman and facing obstacles not uncommon to all models of color had to experience. She was intimidated to suggest that a shade of makeup wasn’t quite right or that her hair shouldn’t be damaged beyond repair.

“There’s the stereotype of the angry black woman that you’re trying to compete with,” she said, “So any time you speak up, even if it’s in the most respectful way possible, it’s often seen as a threat and not just as a constructive comment.” 

Although now, at least whenever she can, that narrative is slowly starting to turn around. Continuing to use her platform and joining forces with fellow models like Cameron Russell who shares an equally large following, Davis looks to inspire other players in the fashion industry to act, or to at least speak up.

“To me silence is violent. However you feel, take a stance. It doesn’t have to be political,” she said. Although soon after saying this, Davis hit a roadblock familiar to most when trying to think of anything remotely affecting that doesn’t turn bipartisan.

As Davis mentioned, just a few weekends ago Meryl Streep took the stage of the 2017 Golden Globes to accept the lifetime achievement Cecil B. DeMille Award and gave a speech entirely dedicated to the current political climate. The ballroom at the Beverly Hills Hilton felt Streep’s message loud and clear, but without fail, the opposition to her speech pierced through from homes across the country. Amongst those who didn’t feel as moved by Streep’s message one questioned permeated the night’s social channels: Why should an actress, or anyone in Hollywood for that matter, have a say in politics at all? To that question Davis couldn’t help but chuckle, albeit incredulously. “Actually no one has ever really asked me that,” she continued, “but why not?” 

Ebonee Davis will indeed speak up because inequality still exists, and because she can tell you first hand how success doesn’t make one immune.

“I think it’s a cop out when people say ‘oh, I’m just a model.’” She continued, “You’re not just a model at this point, you’re not just an actor at this point, you’re an advocate. You’re sending a message to society. What we create is ultimately a reflection of the state of our democracy.”

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The Supreme Court May Side with The Washington R*dsk*ns™, and They May Be Right

The Supreme Court heard a trademark case today that does not involve the The Washington R*dsk*ns™ directly, but will almost certainly determine the team’s right to trademark their name. As some may recall, the Patent and Trademark Office ruled a while ago that The Washington R*dsk*ns™ couldn’t trademark their name under the argument that disparaging names could not be trademarked. Critics of the team name — otherwise known as people who aren’t racist — had hoped that by depriving team owner Daniel Snyder of the trademark, he’d be more inclined to change the team name because without trademark protection, anyone could sell The Washington R*dsk*ns™ merchandise.

Snyder didn’t balk, so attached he is to a racist team name. The case is currently on appeal.

Meanwhile, in a related case In Re Tam — which The Washington R*dsk*ns™ filed an amicus brief in support of — a similar issue is facing The Supreme Court. Specifically, the founder of an Asian American band called The Slants requested a trademark, but was denied because «The Slants» is disparaging to Asians.

OK, but …? That doesn’t sound right, does it? Shouldn’t an Asian-American band be able to trademark The Slants?

Maybe. But if we allowed that, then Snyder would be able to trademark the Washington R*dsk*ns, right?

The ACLU, oddly, is on the side of The R*dsk*ns. The ACLU argues that the Lanham Act — which controls this issue — is unconstitutionally vague in its wording. The Lanham Act states that trademarks will not be granted if they «disparage . . . persons living or dead, institutions, beliefs, or national symbols, or bring them into contempt, or disrepute.»

The Supreme Court hasn’t decided on the issue, but according to the Post, the majority of the Court — on both sides of the political spectrum — seems to be leaning toward allowing The Slants to have their trademark, arguing that to do otherwise would mean allowing the government to engage in viewpoint discrimination.

They’re not wrong, but it’s tricky. As it stands, there’s nothing stopping The Slants or the R*dsk*ns from using their names; they just aren’t afforded trademark protection. Should the government be in the business of deciding what is disparaging and what is not? Maybe not, but then, people could trademark some truly vile names or logos — like «Grab America by the P*ssy,» — in effect receiving the government’s endorsement.

This gets into free speech territory, and it’s a dicey issue. However, if we allow an Asian-American band to trademark The Slants, or Tina Fey (hypothetically) to trademark the term, «Bitches Get Sh*t Done,» then we’d necessarily have to allow Daniel Snyder to trademark The Washington R*dsk*ns™. Ultimately, I side with the ACLU. It shouldn’t be up to the trademark office to decide what is and is not disparaging; it should be left to consumers, who ought to have sense enough to reject offensive or vile names.

I did love this, from the SCOTUS hearing, however.

Breyer asked about a hypothetical «Joe Jones is a jerk» registration; Sotomayor wondered about a trademark «Trump is a thief.»

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Ask A Wedding Expert: Winter Wedding Tips

With engagement season coming to a close, it’s time to set a date for the big day. While warm summer days seem to always get preference for the festivities, choosing a winter date affords its own unique opportunities. We spoke with Anne Chertoff, trend expert at WeddingWire, who argues the case for a cold weather date. At WeddingWire, Chertoff is the go-to for wedding style, etiquette and decor and engagement trends. The website and app connects brides with the perfect vendors and venues in their city and provides helpful tools for planning, like customizeable wedding checklists and curated inspiration from the site’s editors. Here, Chertoff reveals why a winter wedding date might be the ideal choice.

What are the challenges of a winter wedding?
The main challenge for a winter wedding is the weather. Inclement weather can block roads and cause accidents, which can prevent people from arriving at the wedding venue on time or at all. It can wreak havoc on travel plans when guests are flying in for the wedding. Airports closing and flight delays and cancellations can prevent guests or certain details from arriving, specifically flowers that are being flown in. 

Couples have to be aware that the weather can prevent their wedding from happening, or prohibit some guests from attending. They should keep an open mind and be flexible if they have to kick in Plan B.

What are the best reasons to get married during the winter? 
There are plenty of perks for couples that choose to wed in the winter. Many vendors and venues offer specials in the winter, so couples may be able to score a great deal – and lots of savings – to get married in the winter months. A couple’s venue might already be decked out for the holidays as well, so there is the potential to save some money on decor. There’s also less competition to book vendors for those coveted Saturday dates in the winter. Quite often, family and friends have more free time in the winter – couples won’t have to compete with summer vacations! 

Family and friends will also already be in the thankful, celebratory, family-oriented spirit during this time of the year – plus a wedding gives your guests another opportunity to get dolled up in their holiday finest.

Also, if winter is your favorite season because of the snow and picturesque scenery, couples may be in luck and get a gorgeous snowy backdrop for their wedding photos!


What are the best winter wedding venues?

For many planning winter weddings, indoor venues are generally the best bet, unless a couple lives in an area that’s warm year-round. For grander affairs, consider hotel ballrooms, country clubs and banquet halls. For something more intimate, historic estates or winery tasting rooms are fun and unique options.

If you live in an area where snow or inclement weather is a possibility, look for venues that offer valet parking or at least on-site parking so guests don’t have difficulty finding a parking spot and don’t have to walk in their evening clothes in ice, snow or slush. 

You can also choose a venue or destination that is super fun to visit in the winter, such as a ski resort or mountain lodge. Take advantage of the winter weather and you can have picturesque portraits with snow-capped mountains in the background. And guests can enjoy skiing, sledding and other winter sports over the weekend.

What color palettes work for a winter wedding?

Using white as a neutral or backdrop color allows for pretty much any color combination for a winter wedding. WeddingWire research shows that last year, the number one most popular color combo for winter weddings was white and gold, followed by white and black. There was a tie for third between white and silver and blue and gold. Festive jewel tones (amber yellow, plum, and cobalt blue) paired with metallic details create seasonal flair to the decor that really pops. If your wedding falls near a winter holiday, pick its colors for your palette, for example: Christmas (shades of red and green), New Year’s Eve (black and a metallic – gold or silver), Valentine’s Day (hues of red and pink – maybe blush). WeddingWire’s Color Palette Generator also provides lots of great ideas for couples looking to nail down their signature colors.

What are the best dishes to serve at a winter wedding? 

For a winter wedding, choose hearty comfort foods. During cocktails, you can serve small portions of mac ’n cheese, mini meatballs and bite-sized grilled cheese sandwiches. For the first course, offer guests a cup of soup, such as butternut squash or potato leek. For mains, you can serve steak and potatoes or salmon with a side of roasted vegetables. And for dessert, you can add warm chocolate molten cakes in addition to wedding cake. Or pass frozen hot chocolates on the dance floor! As guests leave at the end of the night, have a coffee station with to-go cups near the exit for guests to enjoy with a warm doughnut on the ride home.

Are there any winter wedding trends you’re seeing?

Many designers are showing wedding gowns with long sleeves for 2017, which are beautiful and weather appropriate for a winter wedding. Brides can accessorize with a fur or faux-fur stole or jacket, which can be lovely for taking photos outdoors.

Sequins and shimmer are a great winter wedding detail, especially when the wedding is inspired by the snow and ice of the season. Bridesmaid dresses can be found in sequins from neckline to hemline, tablecloths can be encrusted in sequins, invitations can have crystal or glitter embellishments, and even a wedding cake can have edible glitter details! 

Jeweled tones can add richness to a winter wedding color palette, and in rich velvets – as upholstery on lounge furniture, the bride’s shoes or even the groom’s jacket – can add warmth and texture to a wedding’s details.  You can also find jewel colored flowers and have bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces made in deep purples, dark maroons and rich reds.

Winter weddings allow couples to bring the outdoors in. Incorporating accents like birch tree branches, pinecones, and faux fur pillows bring a wintry, cozy twist to the big day. Buffalo check patterns, used in the invitation suite, as a table runner, or even as an accent to favors, are a great way to acknowledge the holidays in a bit more subtle way. 

Baristas can be hired to serve various coffee drinks toward the end of the reception and as guests leave.  Couples can create their very own coffee house with custom cups, cup covers, stirrers and napkins, as well as a complete menu of Americanos, cappuccinos, espressos and mochaccinos! 



What are a few unexpected touches for a winter wedding that you’d suggest or that you’ve seen?

For areas that usually get a lot of snow, the newlyweds can make their getaway on a horse drawn sleigh!  Have it decorated with balloons, streamers and a just married sign, and make sure there’s a warm blanket and maybe a thermos of cocoa or coffee for the couple to enjoy as they make their way to the hotel.

Start a fire pit if one is available at your venue, or the hotel everyone is staying at, and give everyone a s’mores kit so they can enjoy a late night snack around the fire. 

I’ve seen fun photos of couples out in the snow taking photos and they’re wearing galoshes or snow boots with their wedding dress and suit. Since you can’t beat Mother Nature, you’re better off joining her and enjoy yourselves in the snow for a bit. Your wedding-day shoes can be kept clean for you to change into before the ceremony.

What would you say to someone who is hesitant to get married during the winter?

While you can’t guarantee the weather will be ideal, a snowy backdrop can make for beautiful wedding photos.  Also, with a good Plan B and wedding insurance, you should be secure in your choice to wed in a winter month.

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Matt LeBlanc’s Daughter «Could Not Care Less» About Joey Tribbiani

While anyone who’s seen Friends might have a minor panic attack if they ever run into Matt LeBlanc on the street, there’s one person who’s always there to bring him back to earth: his daughter, Marina. According to the Man With a Plan star, his 12-year-old only cares about one person these days, and it’s not Joey Tribbiani. While sitting down with Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday, Matt revealed that when he recently attended a Bruce Springsteen concert in the UK with Marina and his stepdaughter, Jacqueline, they ran into Prince Harry backstage. The highly crushable royal gave Jacqueline and Marina a goodnight kiss on the cheek as he left, which is so much better than a gold «best buds» bracelet, you know? Let’s just hope Marina never finds out about Meghan Markle . . .

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Ben Affleck Finally Reacts to That Heartbreaking and Hilarious «Sad Affleck» Video

Ben Affleck stopped by BBC Radio 1 recently to promote his new film, Live by Night, but he actually opened up a few old wounds about his other recent movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After the reporter asked the actor what he learned from making such an action-packed blockbuster, Ben instantly brought up the hilarious «Sad Affleck» video from one of his press interviews. «It taught me not to do interviews with Henry Cavill where I don’t say anything and they can lay Simon & Garfunkel tracks over it,» he said with a laugh. Too funny!

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Dear Donald Trump and the GOP: Payback Is a Bitch

Two days before the inauguration of Donald Trump, he’s going in as the most unpopular President-elect of the modern age. Sixty-percent of the country hates him. President Obama (and Obamacare) has never been more popular. Two-hundred thousand women are going to descend upon D.C. this weekend to protest Trump. Hundreds of thousands more will be protesting around the country. Congressman are having to sneak out of the back of their own town-hall meetings because the crowds are too large. Congressional reps have received more phone calls in the last two weeks than in their entire careers. Voicemail boxes are being filled. Some of them are shutting down their phone lines. Paul Ryan is refusing to accept phone calls or petitions to his office. Amy Brenneman gave out his home address, so that we can voice our complaints there. He won’t be the last.

It’s working, too. The Obamacare repeal is shaky. Trump’s popularity continues to fall. Large swaths of this country have never been more united as they are right now: All in opposition to one man. Against taking healthcare away from 30 million people. Against building a wall. Against a Muslim registry. Against sexism and racism and homophobia. Against ignorance. Against hate.

When Donald Trump gets into office, and middle America finds out that those jobs still aren’t coming back. When robots replace fast-food workers. When millions of poor people lose their healthcare. When local newscasts across the country show people dying because they don’t have health insurance, or being deported, separated from their families. When the price of our smart phones double because of some lunatic trade policy. And when Donald Trump can offer little more than ill-informed narcissistic gibberish, even the most ardent Trump supporters are going to turn. They’re going to become disillusioned. They’re going to swear off politics. They’re going to turn off Fox News, because nothing Steve Doocy can say will change their lives. Some of them will retreat. Some of them will join the rest of us and fight back.

Meanwhile, we’re going to rain hell down on these motherfuckers. We’re going to show up. We’re going to bring our signs. We’re going to chant and sing and love, and we’re going to protect and support the marginalized. We’re going to fill the coffers of Planned Parenthood and the ACLU and the Anti-Defamation league. We’re going to continue to make those phone calls, show up at town halls, stalk our Congressional representatives, hang rainbow flags outside our doors.

We’re going to slow shit down as much as possible. Stall his legislation. Sew discord among the GOP and the White House. Air their dirty laundry. Uncover their scandals. Hold them accountable.

In two years when the mid-terms come back around, we’re going to make them bleed politically. We’re going to save Trump supporters from themselves, and we’re going to make the GOP pay.

Watch your assess, McConnell and Ryan. And even if you survive, there will be nothing left of your party but rubble. We got lazy. We got content, but now you’ve awoken a sleeping dragon. We will rise up, and we’re going to breathe fire on your motherfucking agenda.

You fucked with the wrong social justice warriors.


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