Justin Bieber Thinks Selena Gomez Is Using The Weeknd


The 8th grade love triangle drama between Selena Gomez, The Weeknd and Bella Hadid just got a huge injection of used douche water. Troublemaking 5th grader Justin Bieber has shoved himself into the drama. Oooooh, the hall monitor is totally going to report the Biebs when he gets caught trying to sneak into the upper grades side to tussle with his ex and her new dude.

When TMZ’s cameraman first asked the Biebs about Selena getting with auto-spell’s enemy The Weeknd, he didn’t have anything to say. But why should he strain his precious mouth muscles by speaking when he can have “sources” speak for him? TMZ’s “Bieber sources” say that the Biebs is rolling his eyes at SeeKnd, because Selena is just doing what Selena does, which is fuck for promo. In the Biebs underdeveloped mind, he believes that Selena humps on dudes she makes new music with. Selena did it with him, Nick Jonas and Zedd. And now she’s doing it with The Weeknd. Selena and The Weeknd are reportedly working on a song together.

A hot second after those totally natural and not-at-all staged pap pictures of Selena and The Weeknd came out, he released his video for Party Monster, which has the lyric “ass shaped like Selena” in it. Selena was also recently papped listening to The Weeknd’s album Starboy. So it hurts the flesh on my fingers to type this, but the Biebs may have a point. But then again, don’t all of those pop tricks get together to boost their fame? I mean, if Justin Bieber was just a regular 1st grader (that’s the grade he was in when he first got famous, right?) who had a side job delivering PennySavers, Selena would not have dated him. And if Selena was a nobody, Justin Bieber would not have… Okay, he still would’ve, because he was at the age where he’d get pink hearts in his eyes for any girl that smiled at him. You know how hard toddlers crush.

And here’s pics from Sunday night of Justin Bieber leaving current fame whore ground zero, Catch in L.A., while still looking like a Terry Richardson doll made by Tyco.

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Actor Dominic Adams’s Guide to Bristol, England

The last time you saw Dominic Adams on television, he probably had his shirt off. His run as the sexy and dangerous Tony Bishara on Lifetime’s Devious Maids cemented him as an actor worth watching, in more ways than one. Adams’s next major TV role—in History’s Harvey Weinstein-produced military drama, Six, which debuts Jan. 18—finds him fully clothed, but far more emotionally vulnerable. In the new series, which is ripped from real headlines, Navy SEALs are confronted with a complex mission when they discover an American citizen is working with the Taliban. Adams plays Michael, the defector, who struggles with how to reconcile identity and allegiance as an Arab-American in post-9/11 America.

“It was a lot of research in understanding how people can get their heads swayed, how people can tune into this way of life. And into the thinking that the only option they have in making themselves heard, and having a voice, is to go towards terrorism,” Adams says of his preparation for the role.

In a time when countries worldwide are watching their citizens trade national pride for the doctrines of extremist organizations, Six explores how individuals end up on such a path. It also depicts how, for those in the U.S. military, the line between other and comrade can become blurred when an American aligns himself with an enemy.  

“Michael grew up a very proud American boy who loved American sports, went to Michigan State University, was a successful and popular student,” Adams says of his character. “His parents happened to be Lebanese, so he was a first generation American. That was what his identity: an American who is Muslim.”

While Adams has not felt the same degree of pressure in reconciling his identity, as a Brit born and raised by a Persian-Iranian father, he understands the experience of having a diverse cultural and ethnic background.

“I actually don’t follow any particular organized religion, but there are different sides and identities to me as a man,” Adams says. “I feel very, very English, but my roots and my bloodline—which link back to the Trojan empire and a truly amazing culture in Iran—are also something I am very proud of.”

Perhaps it is this diversity that makes Adams adept at playing such a complex and challenging character. According to the actor, it has certainly provided him with insight on human discord. Adams hopes Michael does not serve solely as an incitement on defecting, but also as a lens through which to question how to prevent this growing phenomenon.

“I don’t condone any kind of senseless violence or killing in anybody’s name. I think it’s really important right now that we start to close those gaps and narrow those chasms in terms of “Oh, this person is different from us, or these people over here, they follow this religion, there is no similarity, we can’t communicate or resonate with them,’” Adams says. “I think it’s very important to understand, well actually, we can, because we are all the same.”

One would think approaching such internal and societal isolation would have given Adams trepidation, but he insists the darkness is what he is drawn to as a performer.

“I’ve always naturally gravitated towards deeper, psychologically driven, complex characters and stories. I remember doing Romeo and Juliet as a young boy of maybe 14 or 15 and being drawn toward Mercutio, the darker, more complex role. Six has really afforded me the opportunity to deal with a very rich character.”

To understand Adams’s diplomatic view of the world as a citizen and an artist, one might begin by looking at where he came from: Bristol, Southern England’s second most populous city after London. The port city is known for being a cultural hotbed; its other native sons include Banksy, Wallace and Gromit, and Massive Attack, among others.  

“Bristol is a special place. It has a myriad of influences. This is so evident in the arts and cultures the city provides on a worldwide stage,” Adams says of his home. “It produces art that has a perspective, a very interesting outlook on life, and is political—especially Massive Attack and Banksy. It has something to say. And this is born out of the city feeling very alive. There are a lot of opinions, and a lot of vitality and vibrancy.”

For the best way to experience the creative hub that Adams calls home, look no further than his below guide to the best Bristol has to offer.

Cup of Joe: Having been spoilt for good coffee in Los Angeles the last few years (Andante Coffee Roasters I’m looking at you), it can be challenging [to find] when back home. Brew Coffee Co., a cute little space with a friendly staff, is my go to for a great almond cappuccino.

Power Lunch: Located in Clock Tower Yard, just beside the historic Temple Meads Train Station, is Yurt Lush, a [café] inside a Mongolian yurt. Try the delicious lamb kofta served with severn project leaf, baba ganoush, tzatziki and flatbread—all the ingredients are sourced locally.  

Retail Therapy: Whether you are after antiques, art, special jewelry or clothing, head to Clifton Village, a gorgeous suburb of Bristol that’s full of interesting and unique shopping. It’s a most enjoyable way of whiling away an afternoon and causing your credit card to catch fire. 

Field Trip: Head to the Bristol Old Vic to see whatever happens to be on. [The theater, which produces] consistently high-level pieces that range from Shakespeare to contemporary works, was built between 1764-66 and has been described by Daniel Day Lewis as ‘the most beautiful in England.’

Cocktail Hour: After feasting your eyes on pieces by local luminaries like Banksy at the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, pop around the corner to Hyde & Co, a low-lit speakeasy with a plethora of homemade syrups, bitters and tinctures. You tell them what flavors you fancy and they whip up something delicious. 

Date Night: Fifteen minutes outside Bristol, toward the beautiful Roman city of Bath, lies The Pig. The quintessentially English country house boasts beautiful views and surrounding grounds showcasing the West Country at its best. Gorgeous food is [prepared] with a multitude of vegetables and meats sourced from the property. Disappear into a wonderful bottle of red and, with 29 bedrooms available, make a romantic night of it.

Don’t Miss: A walk across the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The structure, which opened in 1864, is based on designs by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, one of the most prolific and ingenious figures in engineering. It’s a lovely piece of history above the River Avon and a true Bristolian landmark.

Hidden Gem: My father’s kitchen! A trip home is never complete without delicious, home-cooked Persian food. Sorry to say this to y’all wanting to visit: No, it’s not open to the public. 

Image Credit: Katya Tsyganova

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Jensen Ackles’s Newborn Looks So Much Like Him in This Sweet Snap

A photo posted by @danneelackles512 on

We just can’t get enough of Jensen Ackles‘s sweet family. After giving us a glimpse of his newborn twins, Zeppelin and Arrow, earlier this month, his wife, Danneel Harris, followed suit by posting an adorable snap of the Supernatural actor on Instagram on Monday. Even though she doesn’t specify whether it’s their daughter or son in the photo, one thing is for sure: the resemblance between Jensen and his little one is uncanny. Here’s hoping the two, who are also parents to daughter Justice, 3, will share even more family moments like this on social media in the coming months.

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Jamie Dornan Confirms That Christian Grey Is the Worst

Ever since Jamie Dornan signed up to play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, rumors began flying that he wasn’t exactly thrilled with his new role. Unlike costar Dakota Johnson, who recently sang the film’s praises, the 34-year-old Irish actor was refreshingly candid about the ups and downs to signing on to play such a divisive character for GQ Australia‘s February issue. From S&M to whether or not fame has turned him into «a prick,» check out all of his best quotes below.

  • On visiting an S&M dungeon to help prepare for Fifty Shades: «It was like nothing I’d experienced before. I’d never seen any form of S&M before this, I had no interest in that world. It doesn’t float my boat. I’ve always been open-minded and liberal — I’d never judge anyone’s sexual preference. Whatever gets people off is entirely up to them and there’s a million different ways to please yourself, sexually.»
  • On how he really feels about Christian Grey: «He’s not the sort of bloke I’d get along with. All my mates are easy going and quick to laugh — I wouldn’t imagine myself sat in a pub with him. I don’t think he would be my type, when it comes to choosing mates.»
  • On his newfound relationship with fame: «It drives you mad because there’s so much scrutiny and f*cking craziness surrounding this series of films. But I always had a strong belief that it would be a success and make a lot of money. You don’t have to be a scientist to work out that 100 million readers of the book will translate into bums on seats in the cinema. But I didn’t expect it to be this big, to be honest.»
  • On the immense criticism the series has received: «You go in knowing it’s a divisive project and you just accept that — it doesn’t stand alone in that realm. But I don’t blame people. I’ve got plenty of opinions about things I don’t know a lot about, or that I don’t give a chance — it’s just the nature of the beast. I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.»
  • On sticking close to his roots: «I’ve had the same group of mates since I was a child and my wife and my kids and all that stuff doesn’t change, and none of those people will let me change, unless they’re not very good people. But you see plenty of that in this industry — the people around you f*cking lose the plot and you become a prick. I think I have great people around me.»

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Change Your Skin Care Routine for Good With 50% Off at Ole Henriksen

Ole Henriksen, in my opinion, is the gold standard of easy skin care. Out of all the non-drugstore brands, I own and use the most Ole Henriksen products (including their Truth Serum and Sheer Transformation). And with 50% off select products, plus free shipping with the code FREESHIPPING, you can stock up on your…

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Kim Kartrashian Shot Scenes For A Movie About A Jewel Robbery


And in a stunning development that may cause you to tip over with pure shock, Kim Kartrashian didn’t shoot reenactment scenes of her Paris robbery for an Unsolved Mysteries-style 12-part investigative event airing on E!. Pimp Mama Kris is saving for that sweeps.

Ocean’s Eight was turning out to be my kind of movie. It had everything: a dramatic heist, a random cast that summoned a million question marks, Cate Blanchett in “washed-up rocker lesbian turned owner of an art gallery” chic and a dog on a skateboard (just lie to me and tell me they gave that talented bitch a major role). But then the evil makers just had to taint it with a giant plastic splattering of fame whores. Kim Kartrashian and all-natural sliver of dehydrated celery Kendull Jenner will be in it. Well, I guess every movie needs a piss break and it’s pretty fitting to make Kim the star of a pee time scene.

The official plot of Ocean’s Eight hasn’t been spit up yet, but everyone is reporting that the big heist involves the gang stealing a valuable necklace off of the neck of a guest at the Met Gala. Kim has been to the past 4 Meth Galas, because the Kartrashians have some career-ruining shit on Anna Wintour (like a picture of her eating an actual human food item in between smiling a genuine smile while shopping at the Eddie Bauer outlet at Woodbury Common). So Kim and Kendall shot cameos in the big Meth Gala scene for Ocean’s Eight in NYC yesterday. Anna Wintour, Katie Holmes and Zac Posen are also in the scene.

The thing is, if Ocean Eight’s director Gary Ross really wanted Kim in the movie, he didn’t have to get the actual Kim. He could’ve just gotten a melting Morticia Addams wax figure and thrown grandma’s lace curtains and a jacket made of Yeti pubes on it, and boom. Instant Kim! It would’ve delivered a more charismatic performance too. And on a positive note, I have to slow clap for Pimp Mama Kris. I’m assuming PMK picked out Kim’s ensemble, because the lace on that dress looks like it’s pointing to her chocha. I’m sure that’s PMK’s way of reminding the world about how the koven got world-famous. PMK truly is a subtle master pimp.

Here’s more of Kim, Kim’s pantyhose doll crotch and Kendall going to the set of O8. 

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We Tried the Most Expensive Facial in NYC

I admit it—when Dr. Paul Jared Frank’s office called and offered to let me try their new BRP facial I wasn’t paying attention to the details.  So you can imagine my surprise when instead of being bathed in creamy lotions that I’ve come to expect from traditional facials, electrodes were attached to my back and Ria, a licensed laser technician and medical assistant, warned that I should let her know immediately if I started feeling too hot. “ We don’t want to burn your skin.”

Well, that was reassuring.

Dr. Frank, who, among other things, is co-creator with Madonna of the new MDNA skincare line, is renown for his cutting edge techniques. But could a facial that took only 30 minutes and combined three different non-invasive techniques really BRP—Build, Repair and Polish my skin? And would it really be worth $ 1500?

Ria explained that for the first step she’d be targeting the deep dermis to tighten and tone my skin using a radio frequency devise called Exilis. (The electrodes would help the radiofrequency energy stays focused within my body, allowing for greater depth of penetration.) After slathering on cold gel, she passed the device over my face paying careful attention to my forehead chin and around my mouth, calling them “particularly sensitive areas.”  The Exilis contains a thermometer folks, so really, there was no chance of burning (but I tend to emphasize the dramatic–just ask my husband). And I have to admit that the procedure felt kind of like a hot stone massage—okay a hot, hot stone massage— but it wasn’t uncomfortable.

Next, using the Laser Genisis, Ria attacked the superficial dermis (sandwiched between the dermis and the top layer epidermis—the facial also turned out to be a mini lesson in anatomy). This sonic device repairs sun damage, reduces red and brown spots and restores healthy blood flow—and the ten minute procedure was so relaxing that if not for the “popping” sound of the machine I might have fallen asleep.

Next, Ria prepped me with ice bags and a steroid pill for the final step in the BRP facial, the “polish,” which, using the Clear & Brillant laser, Dr. Frank would be performing himself.  

“The Clear & Brilliant acts like a vacuum hose, to exfoliate and get rid of excess pigmentation,” Dr. Frank explained as I nervously swallowed the pill and he moved the wand across my face. Surely this would be the part of the facial that hurt. But if you’ve ever had Fraxel or big gun ablative lasers which are much more intense, you’ll appreciate that the Clear & Brilliant induces not much more than an occasional tingle—and even that is offset by Dr. Frank’s witty banter.  

But onto the big question: Does it work?

Frankly I’m not a gusher, but I have to say a resounding YES. Afterwards, as predicted, my face was red for about 12 hours and it felt sandpapery to my touch for about 4 days. But the redness was easily covered by makeup, and even my husband (the only person to touch my face during the recovery period) didn’t notice the change in texture. So in other words, virtually no downtime. And I saw immediate results. Despite my skepticism, my forehead and jaw were tighter, some pesky brown spots had vanished and my skin glowed.  Dr Frank recommends one treatment for “special occasions,” or 2-4 for more permanent results with touch ups every year.  Dr. Frank is also working on a device which would combine all three machines into one, which he hopes to bring to market in the near future.

In the meantime, it’s a month later and my skin still looks better than ever.  My only regret is that I didn’t do my chest. Given all the plunging necklines I’m seeing at awards shows this season, that’s the next area I’ll be targeting for some TLC—I mean BRP.

Image Credit: PeopleImages / Getty Images

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Packers Gamblers Letting $300 Bet Ride, Could Win $150,000-$200,000


There it is, the winning moneyline ticket from Sunday when two gamblers won $ 28,213.60 betting – again – on the Packers to win. And the two gamblers who own that ticket will let all $ 28,213.60 ride on Sunday’s game in Atlanta, according to a fun story written today by Brett McMurphy for ESPN.

Brian Yankelevitz and Russ Axelrod threw down a total of $ 300 way back on November 25 and they haven’t lost yet. Haven’t pulled a penny off the table. They’re riding the Packers all the way to a Super Bowl title and they’re letting it all ride because they’re deranged lunatics just like you always hear about within gambling circles. You’ve heard the stories; these guys need a rush.

The payoff if the Packers win out will be pretty nice, but they say the ride is worth more than the money.

Now the friends are two Packers wins from splitting between $ 150,000 and $ 200,000, depending on the Super Bowl odds. Each one of their bets has been on the money line (Green Bay simply has to win), with the Packers being an underdog in three of their eight wins.

Both said they get mixed reactions from friends whether they should cash their ticket or let it ride.

“Brian and I are lifelong gamblers, the story is as good as winning the money,” Axelrod said. “We won’t pull a dime off the table, and there’s no hedging on Super Bowl.”

You can follow Brian@YankB53 even though he doesn’t tweet very often. Maybe he’ll go into emotional mode this weekend.

This helped win $ 28,000:

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This Brave Man Challenging Disney’s Gaston to a Push-Up Contest Will Never Get Old

Beauty and the Beast‘s Gaston might not be able to win the fight for Belle, but can he come out on top in an old-fashioned push-up contest? A rather muscular park-goer decided to find out when he saw Gaston at Walt Disney World in Florida back in 2015, and the viral video is once again making the rounds online. If this Gaston looks familiar, it’s probably because he’s the same one that was confronted by a passionate little girl at the theme park in 2014 over her love for the Beast. While we don’t think there will be any push-up scenes in the upcoming live-action remake of the Disney classic, Luke Evans, who plays Gaston, would probably crush his theme park counterpart.

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