Justin Bieber Trolled Ronda Rousey For Losing A Match Again


Irritating shithead Justin Bieber is probably in a pissy mood from looking like this in public, and allegedly decided to take it out on UFC celebrity Ronda Rousey, according to Complex. Ronda lost a match on Friday night and Canada’s Least Wanted apparently took to his Fisher-Price smartphone to tug at her jillstrap, again.

This isn’t the first time that Justin has dragged Ronda for losing. When she was knocked out in that now legendary bout with fellow killing machine Holly Holm in 2015, he adjusted his Hasbro’s My First Shading Crown on his fool head and went in on her during an interview with ET (via Complex).

“Did you see Ronda Rousey?” he said. “She got knocked out cold! Oh my God, she got knocked out so bad. Yeah, no, she got pummeled.”

Some of the Biebs fans (oh, you poor, wretched creatures) found his “pissing on someone when they’re down” (literally) to be amusing.

Others didn’t.

I’d have to go with those last two. That little toddler better pray Ronda doesn’t pick herself up, dust herself off, and drive her assuredly beefy mobile over to his house to flick his head off with her pinky while humming the melody to “Sorry.”

It should and shall be noted that the Biebs has something in common with another famous irritating shithead. Figures.



Some Parents Think Hatchimals Are Vocally Horny


Imagine you were one of the lucky parents who were able to get their mitts on a Hatchimal this past Christmas season. You get it home, put it under the tree, the kid wakes up, thinks he or she is Santa’s very special snowflake, and puts the Hatchimal to work. “Hatch for us!” the children cry. “FUCK ME“, the Hatchimal responds.

At least this seems to be the case for Victoria, Canada’s Sarah and Nick Galego.

USWeekly reports that the couple probably had to beg, borrow, and murder to get one of these noisy furries in an egg for their 6-year-old son. They were shocked when they discovered that their new Hatchimal was horny and not afraid to express it!

“I’m pretty sure it says ‘F–k me’” the Victoria, Canada–based dad told CTV Vancouver Island News on Wednesday, December 28, just days after his son, Fred, opened the interactive egg that hatches into a furry animal. Added Sarah: “We’re not going to return it … it’s pretty funny!”

The Galego family aren’t the only people thinking their Hatchimals are aching for action.

Other parents have been uploading videos in which the bird-like creatures appear to have an X-rated vocabulary. “My grandson got this Hatchimal for Christmas! We set it aside but then heard it make obscene noises!!!” wrote one YouTube user. “We all looked at each other in astonishment. What is your take on it!!?”

Spin Master (the company that makes these things), assures us that there’s not some horny ho in the manufacturing department slipping sex requests into the egg furries’ programming.

“Hatchimals communicate by speaking their own unique language, which is made up of random sounds, and by making other noises, including shivering when they’re cold and snoring while they sleep,” Spin Master’s spokesperson Tara Tucker tells Us Weekly.

Well, at least the Galego family and the other parents seem to be chill about it. I’m sure the little kids are wondering just why their mom and dad start cracking up every time the Hatchimal…snores? It kind of sounds like “fuck me?” Maybe? It’s not like the creature is busting out of its egg with its legs akimbo and clutching a bottle of lube.

And let me tell you, if I could have managed to get my hands on one of those goddamn stupid Nintendo NES Classic consoles for the other Mr. Harvey this holiday season, I would have totally given it the “D” if it had asked that of me.

Decide for yourself if Hatchimals are looking to get laid by watching the video below. You can watch more dirty Hatchimal videos here and here. Ok, that last sentence was an unsettling thing to type.

Pic: Walmart


‘WWYD?’ Is Your Television Guilty Pleasure for the New Year

We all have our guilty pleasure tv shows (I won’t come for y’all today, it’s the holidays and it’s been a tough year).

My personal guilty pleasure? ABC’s hidden camera social experiment reality show What Would You Do?. WWYD?, as the hip kids call it, is hosted by the always-smiling to the point of unnerving pleasantness John Quiñones. Quiñones has traveled the US of A on a shame reign of terror for nearly ten years, always ready to shame and question people when they ignore or agree with bad people. It’s Candid Camera on speed.

The gist is simple: Quiñones and company watches as a hot topic social experiment takes place — anything from an interracial couple being harassed to a crying baby locked in a car to a poor mother struggling to buy a toy for her child — and films what unsuspecting and hella nosy bystanders do, or don’t do, when placed in that situation. Sometimes they go full-on hilarious, with people forced to deal with general rudeness, like a random person asking for tastes of their food at a diner, to someone losing out on a big cash prize to the person who skipped ahead of them in line. That’s it, that has been the premise since 2008. It’s a good formula, viewers love it. The show is so popular, when Quiñones pops out to surprise his unknowing victims, they immediately scream or act like they’re on Punk’d, embarrassed they allowed themselves to get caught up in the gag.

I admit, when WWYD does a race-centric experiment (such as a theft individually by a white man or woman, and a black man, with bystanders inevitably and immediately treating the black man with suspicion while going as far as to help the white person), my internal Kill Bill alarm immediately goes parking meter …

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 2.02.51 PM.jpg

…as people tend to disappoint with their unconscious biases. However, these instances are often outweighed by the amount of people in other circumstances outraged by discrimination, injustice, or harm being threatened upon others, and stepping in to help. As exploitive as the show tends to be (tears of relief are often shed by unknowing participants, and sometimes even the actors cry as fake situations hit far too close to home), WWYD tends to, more often than not, show that there are still good people out there, willing to fight for what’s right. It hits right in the feels, man.

WWYD’s recent Christmas episode found people buying trees for less-fortunate buyers, or putting innocent civilians directly in the headline-making tale of Minnesota’s Mall of America’s decision to hire a black Santa. As we all know, news comments everywhere expressed joy and encouragement over this more diverse development during Christmas time (actually, they didn’t. People reacted horribly. It was bad). However, WWYD? is quick to show us that this mentality, no matter how vocal, is certainly not the majority.

A visit to a New Jersey diner had two children, one black and one white, encountering a black Santa. The white child is skeptical, noting in every experiment «Santa is white.» Several patrons’ smiles visibly fade at the child’s proclamation, and one white woman even produces a photo of her husband, a black man, dressed as Santa. One patron even tells the children «real Santa is love, real Santa has no color.» When Quiñones asks a woman how to fix the focus on race with Santa, she appears at a loss for words, shaking her head before saying we all need to respect each other. It’s hard to argue she — and we — aren’t thinking about the current environment surrounding us.

Honestly, I went into this ready to snark away and talk about how messy the show sometimes is (and it really is, Quiñones orchestrates and riles up situations with the expertise of a puppetmaster, it’s a gift), but this show actually warmed my cold heart at times. WWYD? is at times a bizarre, enraging mess, but there’s also instances which renew my hope that society isn’t all that bad. There’s a lot of good people out there, and this program shows people are still willing to speak up and speak out. It’s a good reminder of the good in this world. We’re going to need that. Also, surprise shame bombs that will having you yelling «why DIDN’T you help, Larry from Wichita, Kansas?! I SAW YOU. WE ALL DID.»

Happy holidays, everyone! Watch a marathon of WWYD? for me and hit your loved one’s arm as you tell them just what you would have done in that situation, unlike LARRY FROM WICHITA, KANSAS.

What Would You Do? airs on ABC and Hulu.


John Stamos Visits a Young Fan in the Hospital, Leaves an Epic Voicemail For Her Ex-Boyfriend

John Stamos may be a big star in Hollywood with roles in Scream Queens and Fuller House, but one thing he always makes time for is giving back to his fans. The actor visited Long Beach Memorial Hospital with his Grandfathered costar Josh Peck on Tuesday, where he encountered a very special young girl named Amanda. After chatting with Amanda for a few minutes, she revealed that she was recently dumped by her boyfriend. In an exclusive video from People, John decides to take matters into his own hands and call up Amanda’s ex to get revenge. «Jorge, this is John Stamos,» he said while leaving a voicemail on the boy’s phone. «I’m with Amanda, my new girlfriend. Apparently you guys broke up and I swooped right in. So, your loss, Jorge — your loss, because Amanda is a great gal.» Jorge then answers the phone mid-voicemail, and John proceeds to tell him, «I think you made a big mistake.» Watch the video above to hear Jorge’s reaction!

A photo posted by John Stamos (@johnstamos) on

POPSUGAR Celebrity

Miami Johnny Still Going Strong, Toothless Tennessee Fan & Genie Bouchard Checking In

It’s CFB Playoff Saturday…

It’s pretty crazy how fast this season has gone by. I may say that every football season, but it’s true. Nothing flies by faster than college football. One minute it’s the first Saturday of the season and we’re all excited and next thing you know, we have a final four on our hands. The early game is Bama-Washington and everybody under the sun has Roll Tide cruising, but one thing they forget is Washington’s coach is Chris Petersen. Anybody remember the ’07 Fiesta Bowl? All I’m saying is it might not be the blowout we all expect. Or Saban does what he does and blows them straight out of the Georgia Dome. Who knows? The better game looks to be is Clemson-Ohio State, which is essentially a toss up. Wouldn’t be surprised either way it goes. If we’re being honest here, I just want two great games to set up an even better National Championship. I think we can all agree on that.

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Ohio High School Basketball Fans Brawl In The Stands Post-Game


Earlier this week when the Kentucky-Lousiville basketball fan fight video emerged, I tweeted over on @BustedCollege that I wanted to see more of these brawls at basketball games. We all know how the passion buckets get filled to the brim at big college basketball programs, I figured it was prime territory for some fight videos. Little did I know that a high school crowd would swoop in and steal the spotlight with this brawl last night.

This comes from Ohio, where a little shoving between two guys in the stands after a game leads to a full out brawl in the visitor’s stands.

This second angle is even better. You get the whole perspective of how wild this fight is. Parents involved, students involved, kids in the mix. Just a good old fashioned melee.

I never thought of Ohio as a big time high school basketball state, but this video alone bumps them right up under Indiana in terms of passion.



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Here Is Your Ronda Rousey-Amanda Nunes Meme Roundup

By now you’ve heard and saw the highlights from UFC 207 last night. Ronda Rousey made her triumphant return after over a year of not fighting and 48 seconds later, her career is most likely over. Amanda Nunes showed up with a purse 30 times less than Rousey and blasted her faced into oblivion.

As always after these big fights or a big knockouts the memes are abundant, so this is a collection of some of the best ones I saw. Even Nunes got into the action herself:


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Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Request a Location Change for Upcoming Trial 

Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial isn’t set to start until June but on Friday, Cosby’s lawyers filed a request to change either the location or the jury pool, claiming that the publicity surrounding the case has “tainted” the minds of any jury in the county where the trial is set to take place.

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