8 of the Most OMG Moments From The Defenders

Marvel’s The Defenders burst onto the TV scene this weekend, gathering everyone’s favorite NYC crime fighters together in one place for an eight-episode roller coaster ride. On top of all the crazy fight scenes and the return of a key character, the Netflix series leaves off on a huge cliffhanger that sets up Daredevil season three. Although it was hard to narrow them down, here are our favorite most shocking moments from The Defenders‘ first season (because of course there is going to be a season two), but be warned of spoilers ahead.

1. Elektra Isn’t Dead Anymore

After dying in Daredevil season two, Elektra (Elodie Yung) is resurrected by Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver), the leader of big-bad group the Hand. Elektra is now «Black Sky,» a nearly unbeatable fighter with crazy ninja skills. She proves to be a worthy adversary to the Defenders, but Alexandra gets more than she bargained for, because . . .

2. Elektra Kills Alexandra

Nothing like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster turning on him, huh? Elektra starts to realize that she’s so powerful that she doesn’t need to answer to Alexandra anymore, so she kills her «mother» and takes over as leader of the Hand. We’ll confess, we did not see this one coming at all because Weaver is such a presence in the season up to that point. It makes total sense that Elektra turns on her, but at the time it still feels really shocking.

3. Elektra Also Kills Stick

Speaking of shocking, it’s a huge bummer when Elektra turns on her former master, Stick (Scott Glenn), killing him with a sword through the chest. It’s in the name of saving Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist (Finn Jones), because the Hand needs him (and also the show can’t kill off one of its title characters), but that doesn’t make it any less sad.

4. Stick’s Big Escape

Before Elektra kills him, Alexandra kidnaps Stick to learn more about Iron Fist, but Alexandra vastly underestimates his self-preservation instincts. He escapes Alexandra’s clutches by cutting off his own hand with a sword and crawling out through a vent. It might be the most badass thing in the whole season.

5. Heads Up

Oh, and Stick also decapitates Hand member Sowande (Babs Olusanmokun) with a sword and then sends his head to the rest of the Hand in a box. You’re the best, Stick. RIP.

6. That Subway Scene

Amid all the fighting and drama is an amazing little scene where Luke Cage (Mike Colter), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), and Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) have to take the subway like normies. The icing on the cake is Jessica stealing a beer from a passed-out dude and chugging it, deadpanning, «It’s been a long week.»

7. Misty Loses an Arm

NYPD’s Det. Misty Knight (Simone Missick) plays a pretty big part in the season, wanting to work with the Defenders to bring down the Hand, but also hesitating to trust these vigilantes because they’re working (way, way) outside of the law. She eventually fights alongside them at the Midland Circle Financial building, but ends up losing an arm for her trouble. It’s OK, though, because this means big things are coming for her. In the comics, Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) replaces Misty’s arm with a bionic one, and she goes on to start a PI firm with Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick). How great would that be as another MCU Netflix series?

8. The Cliffhanger

The final scene features a comatose Matt waking up under the care of some nuns, one of whom can be heard saying, «Get Maggie, tell her he’s awake.» This Maggie is actually Maggie Murdock, Matt’s mother. She left Matt and his father, Jack, when Matt was just a baby to become a nun. Judging by this cliffhanger, Maggie is going to play a big role in Daredevil season three.

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McKayla Maroney Looking Different, Lindsey Vonn Is Furious & Florida Man Causes Brawl At Hospital

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It’s a WNBA doubleheader night for all the snowflakes out there. That’s over on NBA TV. You’ll also get Little League World Series action. And then late night Rangers-Angels action for all the nerds out there who need some 10:30 MLB action to put them to bed. We’re so close to college football action. Now is the time to get your patios ready. Get the TV mounted. Get things squared away before the weekend benders begin.

McKayla Maroney had a little work done?

Lindsey Vonn IS PISSED (obviously) over leaked pics

This guy voted Notre Dame #3 in the AP poll

Kareem Hunt’s going to be a stud…been saying it…draft steal…don’t tell anybody

South Carolina weather guy cries over eclipse (about 1:20 mark)

Male feminist spent 15 years cheating on his wife…LOLOLOLOLOL

Florida Man jerkin it at hospital starts brawl with cops

Here’s Meaghan from Arizona

Shot to the Knee Tackle of the Week

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Here’s Why It’s No Surprise That Viserion Turned

Game of Thrones fans are in mourning after Sunday’s episode, «Beyond the Wall,» because Viserion, one of Daenerys’s mighty dragons, is dead, brought down by an ice spear shot like a bullet by the Night King. Not only that, but the epic beast has now been dragged up from the bottom of an icy lake and reanimated to be a killer beast for the army of the undead.

But it is perhaps not a huge surprise that Dany lost one of her dragons to the Night King this season, nor is it a surprise that it is Viserion who is dead. Here’s why.

Book readers have been teased with the possibility of an «ice dragon» for a while now, as it is mentioned in George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series several times. In the books, Ice Dragon is both a constellation that multiple characters use as a navigation point and also a mythical creature in stories.

«The wind was gusting, cold as the breath of the ice dragon in the tales Old Nan had told when Jon was a boy,» reads Jon in chapter VII in A Dance With Dragons, and this is just one of several references Jon makes to the supposedly fictional creature. Martin also writes of ice dragons in his companion app, A World of Ice and Fire:

«Of all the queer and fabulous denizens of the Shivering Sea, however, the greatest are the ice dragons. These colossal beasts, many times larger than the dragons of Valyria, are said to be made of living ice, with eyes of pale blue crystal and vast translucent wings through which the moon and stars can be glimpsed as they wheel across the sky. Whereas common dragons (if any dragon can truly be said to be common) breathe flame, ice dragons supposedly breathe cold, a chill so terrible that it can freeze a man solid in half a heartbeat.»

So based on these references, book readers have wondered for several seasons now if one of Dany’s dragons was going to be turned into an actual ice dragon by the Night King.

Here’s why it’s no surprise that Viserion is the dragon who dies: he is named after Daenerys’s second-oldest brother, Viserys. While it’s nice of her to honor her sibling that way, Viserys is easily the worst out of the three dragon namesakes. Viserys was a vile, evil little man, manhandling his sister before selling her to the Dothraki in exchange for an army to use to invade Westeros. Why she named a dragon for him has always been something of a mystery, to be honest. In season one, she stands by silently as Khal Drogo kills Viserys because she knows what an awful man he is.

Dany says in season two, episode seve, «A Man Without Honor,» «I only knew one [Targaryen], my brother, and he would have let a thousand men rape me if it had got him the crown.» Then, in season seven, when Dany is talking with Varys about the role he has played in various kings’ times on the throne, she says, «Before I came to power, you favored my brother. All your spies, your little birds, did they tell you Viserys was cruel, stupid, and weak? Would those qualities have made for a good king, in your learned opinion?»

So obviously Dany knows Viserys was not a good person. Like, at all. And yet she names a dragon after him, perhaps to never let herself forget the type of ruler she doesn’t want to be?

Either way, Viserion is dead now, resurrected as a wight to fight on the side of the Night King, which is kind of a fitting ending for the one named after her cruel older brother.

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Twitter Shuts Down a WashPo Reporter Who Tried to Normalize Trump After Last Night’s Speech

I don’t know who came up with «The Ratio,» but it is fool-proof in determining whether a tweet has gone bad. The Ratio, as GQ says, is «if the number of replies to a tweet vastly outpaces its engagement in terms of likes and retweets, then something has gone horribly wrong.» It makes total sense — likes and retweets express approval or agreement. Replies are generally people yelling at you.

Check out The Ratio on this tweet. As of publication, it has 432 retweets and 14,000 replies.

That’s a bad tweet. This would have been a bad tweet after the convention, when it was apparent that Trump would never pivot. This was a bad tweet after the election, when it became apparent that Trump would never be «presidential.» This is a terrible tweet the week after the man drew a moral equivalency between Nazis and those protesting Nazis.

Twitter wasn’t having it.


Bilzerian’s Girlfriend Surfs, Wild Ohio 69 Plate & Old Johnny Manziel Looking Really Sad

How do I know Texas will finish at .500? The media is licking their balls

Nick Saban went 7-6 at Bama in 2007. And I’m supposed to believe that Texas should be ranked 23 in the AP poll? They haven’t been above .500 since 2013. I’ll give the Longhorns two extra wins this season. That puts them at 7-5 with a chance to lose a bowl game and finish 7-6. They’re at USC, Baylor, TCU and West Virginia. And they’re losing to Oklahoma. Time to pump the brakes on the Longhorns if you want to be considered a real football genius on Twitter or in the AP poll.

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The Defenders: A Spoiler-Filled Guide to Season 1

After waiting through five stand-alone seasons of Netflix’s take on Marvel superheroes (because Daredevil had two), The Defenders is finally here. If you’re anything like us, you binge-watched the eight-episode season immediately — and it does not disappoint. There’s unexpected teamwork, quips, an intriguing new baddie played by the inimitable Sigourney Weaver, and more awesomely choreographed fight scenes than you can shake a samurai sword at.

If you want to catch up on (or just relive) all of the season one highlights (and we say «season one» because we’re 99 percent certain there will be a season two), join us as we go through each and every stand-out moment from The Defenders. But be warned: there are TONS of spoilers ahead.

Getting the Band Together

What’s kind of cool about The Defenders is that it takes its time getting the four main characters together, something the show could have easily rushed since the season is only eight episodes. But instead, the show nicely builds things up by establishing each individual character (and getting us caught up on their current storylines) before bringing them together. Plus, when they do get together, not everyone is immediately on board with this whole «team» thing (we’re looking at you, Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock). It’s an excellent pacing choice.

It’s Elektra! (Boogie Woogie, Woogie)

After Daredevil‘s second season, we all thought Elektra (Elodie Yung) was dead and gone, but Alexandra (Weaver) resurrects her as Black Sky, a nearly unbeatable ninja who proves to be quite the thorn in the Defenders’ sides — and eventually, quite the thorn in Alexandra’s side as well.

The only thing tethering Elektra to her former life is her love for Matt Murdock, which might be what saves them both in the end. It’s unclear exactly how Matt gets out of the collapsing Midland Circle building when the Defenders finally defeat the Hand, but we suspect Elektra has something to do with it. The only question now is where did she go?

Talk to the Hand

Alexandra is the leader of the Hand, an ancient organization that proclaims to fight for «life itself.» One of its goals in this particular fight is to decimate New York City in order to help cull the world’s population, which has grown far too large in their opinion. They don’t want to do this before the Hand members can excavate a dragon skeleton from underneath the Midland Circle Financial building, however. The Hand needs the dragon bones to help make the substance that keeps them immortal. Without it, they can be killed.

And as luck would have it, most of them are killed by the end of season one of The Defenders. The two seen alive at the end of the season are Madame Gao (Wai Ching Ho) and Murakami (Yutaka Takeuchi), though the latter doesn’t look so good. But Gao looks to be A-OK, which is actually kind of great. She has been such a strong presence throughout Netflix’s Marvel shows that it seems highly likely we’ll see this evil villainess again — something we can’t say we’re mad about.

Spin-Off, Anyone?

There is a small but awesome group of «sidekicks» waiting for their respective friends back at the Harlem precinct — Karen Page, Trish Walker, Foggy Nelson, and Malcolm Ducasse. Can you say spin-off?

It will likely never happen, because this is a show about superheroes, not their intrepid and highly overlooked BFFs. But how great would it be if there were a series of webisodes where the sidekicks meet up and do mundane things together — like, Foggy and Malcolm go bike riding, or Karen and Trish have coffee, or Karen and Malcolm take a pottery class. Why should superheroes have all the fun?

That Cliffhanger

Of course Matt Murdock isn’t dead — Daredevil has already been renewed for a third season. At the finale’s end, though, he is being cared for by nuns, one of whom says, «Get Maggie, tell her he’s awake.» So, who is this Maggie person?

She is nun (heh) other than Matt’s mother, Maggie Murdock — say that five times fast — and she is likely to be quite involved in Daredevil season three, judging by this cliffhanger. Matt Murdock has a lot of messy relationships with the women in his life, so what’s one more, right?

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John Cena’s Fans Thank Him For Changing Their Lives, and the Video Will Wreck You

Are you sitting down? OK, perfect. It’s no secret that John Cena loves his fans, but recently, a group of fans flipped the script on him and decided to surprise him for a change. During an interview with Cricket Wireless, the WWE superstar received a bunch of cards from people thanking him for changing their lives, and things definitely got emotional. One fan thanked John for being his «light in a decade of darkness,» while a little boy named Tyler Schweer recorded a special video, telling a story about how his mom was diagnosed with cancer and how John’s words taught him to never give up. But what John didn’t know was that all those fans were standing backstage listening to him read each and every note. Watch John’s emotional reaction in the video above, and get ready to turn into a complete wreck.

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You’ll Barely Recognize Game of Thrones’ Thoros Without His Signature Topknot

It’s pretty easy to spot Thoros of Myr (Paul Kaye) on Game of Thrones; the 52-year-old English actor is most recognized for his signature topknot, scruff, and brown dirty clothes. But when he’s not bringing the dead back to life on Game of Thrones, Paul actually looks like a completely normal guy, and to be honest, we’d have a pretty hard time recognizing him on the street.

Paul is just one of the many actors on Game of Thrones who look totally unrecognizable out of costume, and unlike his ballsy character, Paul struggled with moments of insecurity before his first day of filming. «When I first got the gig, I was pretty terrified and couldn’t sleep. I got to Belfast and I was being picked up at 4:30 a.m. for filming, and at 2 a.m. I was on Google typing in, ‘How to act’,» he told UK’s Express back in October 2016. «It was like the first day at school. I might be 51 but my confidence levels fluctuate and there was pressure. I’ve still got to pinch myself that I’m in it after six auditions. Every time I figured it had gone away.» Thoros may be long gone on Game of Thrones, but at least we’ll always have these photos to remember him by.

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Margot Robbie Looks a Hell of a Lot Like Winifred Sanderson on the Set of Her New Movie

Margot Robbie, is that you?! The internet did a collective double take on Monday when photos of the Australian actress on the set of her new movie surfaced online, because, I mean, what. the. hell. Margot looked practically unrecognizable when she recently stepped out in costume as Queen Elizabeth I while filming her new movie, Mary Queen of Scots, in London. The film follows the turbulent life of Mary Stuart (Saoirse Ronan), the former queen of France who, after becoming widowed, returns to her native Scotland to reclaim her rightful throne.

Dressed in traditional garb, Margot sported a frizzy red hairstyle similar to that of Hocus Pocus witch Winifred Sanderson (before she sucked the lives out of little children). In addition to a receding hairline, the recently married star‘s makeup appeared to feature a prosthetic nose and rough skin. Since Margot is ridiculously stunning in real life, these photos are all the more interesting to look at.

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